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Big fan but Natasha does not bring out your best.

On the up side, the increased weight in Divinia's legs make her look much, much better, and the heels compound the benefit of that, making her legs look even sexier.

On the down side, there were very few pics worth hittting the DOWNLOAD link for. Not real crazy about the hair being up either; it looks better down.

Yes, Met-Art, so what are you going to do about it? Divina should not be wasted like this. The photos are terrible, the setting boring, the shots out of focus and overexposed. I am about to cancel my subscription if you don't up your game.

Natasha Schon can't shoot a clean picture & absolutely sucks! Find a new job because you sure don't know how to focus! Beautiful girl like Divina and you are 90% out of Focus & then have the nerve to post this Crappy set? Really?

Suberp selection of clothing color and design. Nice to see our model's face and neck with hair up.

Truly amazing accentuation of our model's hips.

Focus is sometimes peculiar. I was not inspired to rip up down pillows or open cans of tar, however.

I think the photographer needs glasses

shallow DoF, still almost always at least one part of the model was in crisp focus.

I appreciate that this Models beautiful face is in each and every shot, even if it isn't always in focus.

I will DL even though poor photo quality and no beaver pics simply because of that spectacular ass!

YUMMY! I don't see ANYTHING wrong with THIS! It's...historic!! ;o)

Terrible picture quality, out of focus! Such an injustice to Divina.

Frankly,I don't see the problem here,but then I am used to Ms. Schon playing with focus,directional light, and so on, I've been a member since 2000 under various names, due to being off-line for long periods. but as CptJim, Kptjim,KptJim300. and now days 5seadog I remember Ms. Schon from long ago,and my only problem was that sometimes I wanted to yell "Natasha-Get A Roon "when she was practicly drooling on the lens. This is a beautiful set of Divina, and ment for a specific picture size and no of pixls,as much of her work is.Hint-you have to play with the resolution sometimes.And my dyslexia is showing. I gave Divina a 10+++ and the same to Ms. Shon

Divina is like Divine or something!! Such a beautiful face, nice tan. Very natural no implants or excessive tatoos. Wonderful ass and nicely spread open. Great smile . Maybe in 200 years they will have sex robots this good. For my life I will be happy with the hi resolution pictures. Either that or if they can hypnotize me so all women look like Divina or kaylani.

My favorite all-time model. Even with the poor focus Divina is so exquisite in every image.

These have to be fairly old- this is from when she was cute, and her body wasn't so hard that you could crack a tooth on her......

No need to beat a dead horse, but I will anyway. Beautiful girl, very poor job with the photography. It's a pity.

Davina looks divine with her hair up, the pictures SUCK, did he put a sock over the lens, WTF, totally out of focus!!!!

I agree with Ingoodtaste. Image quality is poor, and unacceptable on a site like this.

I agree with most everyone else....I love Divina but the picture quality is poor.

I have to disagree with many of the earlier commentators. I really like this sophisticated and elegant offering from Divina. There are many different approaches to erotic art and Divina has the beauty and poise to respond exquisitely to this photographer's stylish approach.

We are not talking about her and poses, THE PICTURES ARE OUT OF FOCUS!

  • 2 years ago:

Gorgeous girl, totally crappy photography. Met-Art, please use professionals.

I know next to nothing about photography & even I agree.

Shame on you Met-Art, you can't release such a technical bad quality photo set. It's happening too often.

I agree Ricxxx, this one is on both the photographer AND the editors at Met! Why purchase and publish such poor quality work?

Lame set. Almost put me to sleep.

Not worse than the other sets of Natasha Schon.

It's funny how different she looks with her hair pulled back. I almost didn't recognize her.

Most girls are like that. I love girls with their hair up. The little wispy bits around her face , and the beautiful exposed back of the neck . Lovely!

This girl is very sexy. I like her outfit ( and the fact she's got no panties on ) and I love her Oriental hairstyle . The shots look ok in low res , but in hi res , I would not say out of focus , but grainy.
I remember in the old film days , sometimes I used 400 speed film in my Canon AE1 . If I loused the shutter speed up and / or F stops ( depth of field ), grainy shots like these were the result . Most of my old shots were of racing motorcycles , not young ladies. I presume that a digital camera is used in this shoot. I'm no technician , but obviously the settings were wrong somewhere.

At least the pictures are not dim and with an annoying yellow hue, as were many of those from this photog in the old days. I see that as an improvement. I don't know how old this set is, but I am certain it was not shot recently.

Love this girl, but hate these photos, and not just the focus. boooooring

Couldn't agree with you more, Severin.

These photos are just awful.

I thought I needed to get my eyes checked because the photos were so out of focus until I started reading the other comments.

You might be able to get away with this with a less popular model but not Divina.

So disappointed with this session.

WOW ! Hot, sexy, real good .

I wish other people would have my same opinion on this topic. The woman is perfect. The poses were perfect. The outfit was perfect. The quality of the photos were crap! Are you looking at the photos full size, because they are not focused. They are crap! Do love her though!

I totally agree, I came back to check why there were none of this set in my collection of the fabulously beautiful Divina. Why MA even bothered to present this set is puzzling, surely they check the quality of what they present.

Totally agree! Just about every picture of this Divine Angel is out of focus!

Agreed. Divina is one of my very favorites, and I want to see every detail of her perfect body. I suspect these may all have been razzed up from files normally too small for Met-Art. That's my guess, anyway.


Ingoodtaste, I agree with you completely
This out of focus spoiled the whole thing for me - what a pity because it could have been a vey sexy set.

I think a lot of people have the same opinion as you. Beautiful everything except the photos themselves. There was another example over on SexArt today. Focus Focus Focus and make sure the 'Center Of Attention' in the photo is focused!

@ ingoodtaste: Mike Myers and I agree with you.

Good heavens, I just about fainted when I clicked on the first thumbnail... Divina sure knows how to pose!

I totally agree! That first image took my breath away. Divina is simply the best-that face, that body, those exquisitely slender legs! Stunning!

Divina A is a very beautiful girl, I always enjoy her photos! She is one of my favorites!
Why is this latest set "Manzana by Natasha Schon" so out of focus? Did Ms. Schon lose her glasses when she took these photos?

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