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There is literally NOTHING that I would change about Divina. At 5'4" she's petite without being tiny. Her entire body is so exquisitely proportioned to her 5'4" frame - her derriere is neither too large nor so small as to be unremarkable. Divina's breasts appear to be equally sized as are her areolas and her breasts bear the remarkable essence of her youth. She is almost always smiling in her sets as if she's actually having a good time instead of doing this as a kind of justifiable work. As a matter of fact, the one single attribute about Divina that I find most stimulating is her very fine blonde arm hair - always a turn-on for me.

No matter who shoots her, she always appears as though it's fun - not working. I could do with weekly set updates of her and still never be tired of looking at this marvelous young woman.

There is little I could say about Divina that has not already been said many times. She really rocks this old dude. IMHO she has one of the most outstanding bodies on Metart and anywhere else for that matter. Her sets are always open and download for me then I look through the photos. I don't know what her body fat ratio is but I'll be it is to low to measure. This little dream is as carved as a greek goddess!

Usually I'm turned off by a "hard body" but Divina is a big exception.

Devina is Divine.

This is one of the best beach sets I have ever seen.

Divina is just so damn sexy.

She absolutely drives me wild !

What I wouldn't give to be rolling around on the beach with her.

Outstanding !!!

...just in time to save the day, the delightful Divina comes in to pinch-hit for Mia, who suffered some technical difficulties.
There was joy in Mudville today!

....errrr it was ANITA who suffered the technical difficulties! ...as well as my memory. LOL My bad!

LOL Yeah you did!!! ;o)

yea fer, what was the deal with that? A duplicated set from what I gather.

Divina can pinch-hit anytime and I'll take it.

Yep, a duplicate set from 2011.
Everybody has an off day now and again, but as far as I can remember, this is the first time K accidentally posted a duplicate set.
She's got a great track record in my book.

Dtvtna is divinely blasting the sanity of all the boys and girls who swing that way, of which I am a happy memner I give a 10++++ to divina and Mr. Guzman

P.S. Divina is known as Sati in other parts of the Met universe

Well this is a nice replacement!! :o) Even though I despise beach sets...lol But I love Divina! One of my original favorites, and still sweeter than honey!! Muuuuah!!

You bet! Not crazy about (most) beach sets, but am crazy about Divina. What a hardbody, so nicely shown in #64. I'd love to watch her work out.

I'd love to 'assist' with that workout!!

And she looks so tasty here, I'll just have to have the rare "beach set". Divina's so gorgeous in every way, including her original "Aza" butt that everyone raves about like it's something "new"...LOL Or maybe the recent raving about Aza's butt is just because it's "as" gorgeous....;o) anyhooo... Thanks K...very acceptable replacement, although I was fine with the repeat lol Anita always looks good to me. People acted like they never go back and look at older sets again...on occasion ;o) I sure do.

Yo, Rach --

I despise beach sets as well -- but better that than paying for the same set twice.

If you "take the hill" -- keep the hill. But never pay for the same real estate twice.

Just an afterthought... The only way we would be paying for that set twice is if we paid "daily for the four updates"... Now THAT would be an issue...lol

Yo... Dreads...

We're paying for total access to the site which includes thousands of sets. I have to agree with what Rylsky pointed out the other day... There are so many sets on the site, that the "cost of each" to us is literally next to nothing...pennies at most.

I didn't feel at all like I was "paying" to see the same set twice. And as I commented to K about the repeat of Anita, she ALWAYS looks good to me! I hadn't seen that set in quite some time... I like to keep things in their proper perspective...;o)

love the sea foam on her anus

I don't like ANYTHING on her anus but my eyes!! ;o)

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