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those dark brown eyes... and that cute dark line stretching downward from the belly button. So sexy.

My best buddy has always called that the "Treasure Trail." ( :

Actually called the "linea alba" (white line) and, in some, although not all (as in Divina's case) women, it is marked by a slight lightening of the skin tone marking the underlying division of muscle in the abdominal wall.

Longest, and nicest legs of any 5'4" woman on the planet.

A woman with a well-toned hardbody such as Divina is certainly one to wear this provocative string outfit. Very interesting outfit today, very sexy and something different that set this one apart from her other sets.

I love this model. I cannot say the same for the "soft" effect of the images.

the costume was cute, but Divina was much better naked. A beautiful young woman.

Great set!
The outfit reminds me of the skimpy one Milla Jovovich was flaunting in Luc Besson's excellent "The Fifth Element."

Yes, but this one's even better. It would probably look good on Milla, too. Might have changed the movie's rating. Can you say Multi-pass?

This was a great set with one of the fittest hard-bodies on the net. Two frames disturb me though, #84 & #95. Why would you even take these shots, let alone publish them?

Unfortunately this is a habit of many of the photographers here... They seem to like chopping the girl's heads off.

Taken in isolation, I would agree, stipulating however that it is an artists' license to emphasize which features he wishes on his model.
However, these photos are not in isolation, they are part of an erotic photoset. Really, that fact speaks for itself, IMO.
Not everyone's erotic sensibilities match up with everyone else's...

There is something about a hard bodied, sexy girl in lacey white thigh highs. . .and NOTHING else.


Awesome set of one of met's finest. LOVE the dress! What a great start. This is the first time I have seen her so elegantly dressed and she wears it well. The geometric pattern of the string garment is quite spectacular but for me it was beginning to get old well before it came off. I was longing to see the magnificent torso free and unencumbered. She is so perfectly formed that trying to enhance that form is almost sinful. My only regret is that she didn't seem to be her normal happy self.

Best abs on website?

Kika also has wicked abs...see her 8 Aug set...

I agree!

Divina looks very beautiful in an all white gown and undies. The posing is perfect. I gave Peter Guzman and divine a 10+++


Elegant, erotic, and simply yummy.

Nice to get her off the beaches and out of the woods. Elegant and alluring may be her niche !!

Oh, any niche she wishes is hers. ( :

Divini is an all time great. I love her and all of her sets and movies as Divini and of course as Sati on EA. She is a spectactular beauty. Love her beautiful pussy and petite breasts.

That tight little six-pack does something for me too.

I was quickly losing interest in the entire day until I opened this little gem. Great outfit! Very creative and well shot set of a delicious little cream puff! Thank you Divina and Peter for saving the day!

Warm and spicy sensations!
She is "clothed" and totally naked at the same time ...
The strings of the "garment" stress the lines of the body.
Simply wonderful!! 10 +

Divina always looks lovely, but this set, with the straighter hair, really stands out. Great job!

Divina makes the minimal/string lingerie look great. And I love the white stockings as well. It would sure be nice to encounter her in that white gown and have her reveal what was underneath... ( ; A boy can daydream, right?

Really wonderful, adorable woman in a R E A L L Y uncomfortable looking outfit. I do however like several aspects of it, not the least of which is Divina adjusting it (or herself) so that the "top/bra" part precisely frames her adorable nipples. The crotch part however makes me squirm a bit (maybe it makes HER squirm a bit - and maybe that's what it's supposed to do.)

Divina has this (trying like heck not to use the word "divine" here) marvelous body that just kind of "grabs" you when you look at her.

Would have like to have seen more shots of her in the gown though - came off a bit too fast ( if THAT'S at all possible).

Oh, yes it is... I know exactly what you mean, arkie. Of course I'm not a contributing photographer, but if I were, I would think that 120 photos ~ the "standard" set size here on MA ~ would be more than enough to fully explore the model both clothed, nude, and at every stage in between. To do so it wouldn't even be necessary to devote the majority of the photos to the clothed state... 10 - 20 would be quite adequate, I would think, which would leave more than enough time to fully explore the nude state. After all, plenty of photographers submit sets of around 100 photos already where the model is fully nude.


this is a new Divinia,boy she is fantastic,love the lingerie,love the shoot.Still the same smoking hot body in a new light,incredible. Well done Peter who ever you are!

Can I suggest that you ought to know who he is, as he presented Divina and this is his sixteenth set of her. Totally agree with your comments, though.

LOL Way to set 'im straight...;o)

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