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Is this Post A Comment or Post A Whine ? :)

If unbeknown, there is more detailed information about Dominika at Hegre-Art. She's half-italian and has a son for example. Don't miss to have a look at her videos and galleries there (if it isn't already done).

Dominika: lovely lovely lovely

I sometimes think I'm the only person visiting Met-Art who pays attention to arms. Perhaps that's one of my fetishes. But Dominika has the most beautiful arms! Athletic and toned without being at all manly.

And of course, she has one of the most alluring faces on all of Met-Art. Exquisite!

Great Deep Anal, The Biggest Labia ever, Edible Labia-Clit, Chewy Labia, Yummy Labia-Clit, Dark Hard Nipples, Firm Small Breasts, Killer tight Ass, Small Petite Hard Body, Pretty Face, Pretty Eyes, Pretty Mouth, Amazing Amazing Labia-Clit. Incredible Package, Perfect 10+, Best small Body ever. Best Pussy Award hands Down. 10+ Pussy, Killer Hard Petite Body.

Just once, a butterfly, Please.

altea b has the best lips...this girl runner up!

Both have great flaps, no doubting what you say! Antea / Altea is much more attractive facially and drives me crazy with her puffies, she too has a sweet butt. In the absence of a flaps to flaps competition I think a tie is warranted. Can either of these ladies tie their flaps in a knot? I remember seeing at least two ladies who can / could.

Dominika doesn't have the best complexion. She does have the best flaps, a nice smile, nice butt, and great nipples.

Dominika has the most beautiful big lipped pussy on Met. This shoot did NOT do her justice.

I do think Dominika should consider opening the petals on her flower at least a bit. A flower in full bloom is even more lovely, otherwise, nice set.

Love this lady. Please a sexart shot with those huge lips being played with and pussy hole opened to see some juice.

I only noticed Dominika, missed all the minute issues mentioned. Stunning Woman!! Fascinating !!

Dominika is able to show us the most winning smile in the Net. Hard to see here. For want of encouragement or uneasiness or was it simply to cold?

Wow!!! Sunlight, shadows? I dont care, I luv it!!! Gorgeous Dominika in and out of those hot little shorts makes my day!!!

She was hot in those shorts! i loved watching her slowly slip them off to reveal that beautiful treasure between her legs. Dominika's pussy is out of this world amazing!

You better believe it. The photos of Dominika in her hot shorts are sexy as hell.


And this set is soooo bad!! "Sunshine And Shadows"! Decent location though...nice backdrop, and apparently someone saw moles out there running around...(?) ;o) Cloudy day, or inside, for you, Luca Helios...sorry..

Ok...there's a few decent shots, but overall, too much glare.
And although she manages to flash those pearly whites often enough, she was definately not in her 'comfort zone'. Dom was my first love here and I hold her sets to a higher standard than is displayed here.

Dominika outshines the glare.

I'm not sure where your photo gallaries are but I'd sure like to see them. Sunlight has its challenges for sure, but this set is not bad at all. The model is stunning, and Luca seems to do a fairly good job with the light available. If you can do better than I am betting Met-Art will sign you right up.

....and the crazy angles? Was a leg on his tripod busted?

Well now we have YOUR 'opinion' too. Sorry you don't agree with MINE, but it doesn't change a thing.

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