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Dominika A has to be one of Met-Arts beautiful models :) I simply adore her flawless tanned taunt body gorgeous brown eyes her long brown hair firm small breasts erect nipples sexy inviting smile of hers slender legs :) I really loved this series of her's within a magnificent tropical setting~~It really highlights her her body very well wearing her small stripped a pair of white shorts top and platform shoes within the the palm trees in the background just revealing her gorgeous small breast perky nipples~In some very sexy magnificent pose's -She knows how to flaunt her body in front of the camera :) I adore image #19-#20 it really shows off her taunt tanned body very well!! Just as images #23-#24 with her arms raised up high in the air her short top riding high revealing her firm small breasts,perky erect nipples priceless shots by Luca Helios :)Just as images #28-#29 showing both her firm tanned thigh and that inviting smile gorgeous facial features of hers :) I also loved Dominika A squatting spread legged in images #25-#26 with her firm inner thighs lovely labia lips her taunt abdominal muscles of her torso breasts erect nipples with a a delightful sensual smile on her beaming gorgeous face ;) There are some gorgeous serene pose's and glorious close ups of both Dominika A as well as some very explicite views of her body in some very sexy pose's but i have to state that image #40 with her laughing at the camera amongst the palms fronges shows that Dominika A both takes her work seriously and playfully She Is Truely Beautiful model and woman I simply adore her work within her series with Luca Helios :) they truelly click well together :) :)

I agree with the comments about her pussy but there are many beautiful women in the world. Dominika's pussy is one of a kind and amazingly sexy.

I feel ashamed that so many people are so fixated on her labia.


I don't understand why more people aren't amazed by her beautiful face...that's what has me mesmerized.

Beautiful labia!

sweet uncut hunks of snoodling labia!!

Dominika is fabulous and has a great attitude. And she has the world"s best pussy and labia and loves to display them and knows how.

Of all the times we've seen Dominika, you never get her to open up her lips. She has such a pretty pussy but if you would only get some shots with her lips open a bit. Mmmm

I keep hoping for the same. I've seen it elsewhere, but not here at MA.

I saw her interviewed once and (with her accent, of course) she calls it her "poosy." She said, "I have not reason to be shy for my poosy, I am happy that I have this poosy," etc. It was so hot! Every now and then nature blesses someone, and those around her, with a quality such as this.

What an outstanding outdoor set! One of her best. Dominika'a skin has a warm glow about it and she is obviously enjoying her self in this shoot. I have always loved Dominika's brown eyes, toned body and of course those majestic labia.

love those nipples !!

Oh? Oh! Ahmm, oh! Oh, nena! ¡Sí! Grandes gran, marrones, jugosos labios! ¿Qué asombroso coño labios en esta mujer! Me encantaría ver a ella abriendo! Dominika, gracias!

I enjoy seeing Dominika's trademark labia again in this beautiful set.

Dominika is an amazing force of nature, with features that speak boldly for themselves. Just plain wonderful.

Someone gave this comment a thumbs down? Do we actually want to prevent this sort of photoset from happening again? I completely agree with all of the positive comments. Dominika seems to be getting even more beautiful as time goes by.

Probably the same one who gave Caballo a neg-bang for his praise of Dominika in espanol. I never understand it, guess it takes all kinds...

This is one of Dominika's best sets imo. She looks very toned and in 38 and 40, very happy.


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