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Dominika A never ceases to amaze me with her well toned tanned body legs her lovely long brown hair lovely brown eyes small breasts perky nipples and that sexy smile of hers and this latest series is no exception !!! I simply love the seaside setting Luca Helios chose for Dominika - It truely highlights her beauty very well wearing her stripped small bikini and her colourful see-thu serong as she stands upon the decking of the wharf's decking with both some lovely close ups of her well tanned body and facial features in some very strikingly sensual poses :) I love the way she slowly peels off her bikini top off revealing those gorgeous small tanned body perky erect nipples of hers in some magnificent pose's and close ups of Dominika A~~One has to simply adore the way she pose's totaly naked in some very sensual and explicite views and angles of her tanned body breasts her nipples fully erected slender legs inner thighs and her lovely labia lips upon the wooden decking :) The sunlight highltighting her body very well !! not to forget those lovely goregeous images of Dominika's long slender body as she lays along the wooden decking her curvaceous derrier arched up high in Image #88-#90 ;) there are too many favourite images that i love about Dominika A with these love gorgeous 120 images but i have to state that mine have to be #105-#120 with Dominika A's magnificent statuequest tanned body lovely facial feautures small breasts erect nipples slender legs of her standing on the shore of the ocean with both some glorious close ups of her with the sun setting setting in the background are totaly great images :) Thank You Luca Helios for a stunning remarkable set and Welcome Back Dominika A with your stunning beautifull body :) :)

In my MA winner's circle, there is a permanent spot reserved just for Dominika. Actually, she is one of the reasons I joined. What a very sexy woman! Excellent location and photography on today's offering.

She's one of the girls that led me here by the nose too!! lol I prefer her indoor sets, but have some of these outdoor ones too..she's gorgeous..

I like this set! Nice setting, excellent use of natural light, good crisp clear photos and a great sequence. I really like the fact that it started with her fully dressed, not just a sarong and top. I like bikini shots especially when the model is tan and lovely and shot in a great location like this.

The model has a very pretty face and great hair plus a great bikini body. The perfect island girl. Her smiles seem genuine and her poses are well done and nice variety despite the confined space. My only negative is those large labia. Otherwise she is perfect.

Incredible beauty. I just love her labia.

Dominka's labia minora is a Czech national treasure. I normally do not comment on the model's specific body parts, butI bet Dominika is aware of her most amazing feature. There is no truth to the rumor that the Czech Republic is planning to put a picture of her labia on postage stamps.

Remember when you used to have to lick postage stamps? Now wouldn't that be most fitting in this case?

Just imagine the sweet minty taste on your tongue. Such a postage stamp would bring back the refined art of letter writing.

Dominika in this OK set is like first-growth Bordeaux: delicious even in off years.

It is an obvious challenge to keep finding “newness” in photosets of a model so repeatedly (and deservedly) photographed as Dominca. Luca does this with mastery here, with great poses and the model’s character allowed to shine. The difficult lighting situation is beautifully managed and the result is rich and lustrous images that manage to score the double – artistic AND erotic.

A small criticism; I'm one of those who find the "sailing to windward" angle shots rarely achieve anything other giving me a pain in the neck.

The "BEST" Met Art has. By a mile. Have to love that pussy. Amazingly Stupendous Woman!!!

Dear s999784 as a female member one would'nt think that dominka A 1st shoot was at the age of 28 according to MetArt's Bio of her ~~~ She still has that very lovely toned tanned body,firm small breasts erect nipples firm round ass :) I sinply admired her beauty from her 1st series and movies from when she 1st started posing with MetArt and this lovely series is just simply stunning too..

Hi rags25, Nice to read your comment. You are correct. Dominika did this set at the age of 28. But, if you check her profile page, the page that lists all her sets, you find AGE WHEN FIRST SHOT 24. She has been posing for amazing shoots for four years since 2009. She is a beautiful woman and a very experienced model. I am afraid that one of these days, she will retire and move on to other interests, but until then we are very fortunate to enjoy her beauty.

Dominika was introduced to us by Erro and has stuck with Luca since he first shot her. With ony a couple of exceptions she always appears in outdoor sets. I agree she just simply stunning, and has been from the beginning and maintains her figure, beauty, etc. wonderfully. She is one the models, that until I realized the problems involved, I had several months ago pushed for a Hall of Fame. Dominika would have been one of my nominees. So rags and neil I concur 100%. By the way she is also in my collection from several sets in my "Shoes from Met" edits. Before it appears its a fetish of mine, I also have a "Best Dressed" edit section I use as screen savers and wallpaper since my wife and my grandson don't have to see explicit shots as they flash on the screen. But I can picture them, from either. Probably TMI, sorry.

I say "instant download" for other models also; but lovely Dominika is quite likely the first model (or maybe it was Antea / Altea) with whom I started. Some galleries are better than others but usually I find some shots that showcase Dominika's special attributes. Thanks to Dominika and Luca for this very pleasant visit.

DOMINIKA IS gorgeous. beautiful body

Nice... Great finale.

Dominika is the quintessential erotic model. Perfectly amazing.


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