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Picture # 104 Is this girl getting prettier all the time?

The more Dominika the better. I would love to see an entire week given to Dominika updates.

I did not realize until I first saw Dominika and Altea / Antea that some women have very significant inner labia.

Both ladies are also prime examples of my entirely un-scientific theory that the Maker often blesses those he did not over overly endow in in the breast department with delightful inner labia. Dominika was so compensated and I am extremely happy with this visit.

Thanks to both Dominika and Luca for this gallery.

I agree with your theory, Baggy, and have verified it through personal experience. There are always exceptions, but I have found it holds true more often than not.

Dominika is definitely one of the reasons I joined.

After waiting so long for a new Dominika set, this beach crap is pretty disappointing...in spite of a few beautiful shots that one can only credit HER with since she is the "subject" of those shots! Three outdoor sets and a Rylsky "blue set" in one day does not a happy camper make... Oh well...there's always tomorrow! ;o)

Nice set. I agree: no sand on the body is better. Dominika has awesome labia, so there should be more pictures highlighting this erotic feature of hers.

Now that's what I'm talking about, no sand!!! Any guy ready to imagine going down and have a mouthful of sand?

Only if Dom's nickname is "Sand"... I can easily imagine a mouthful of HER!! YUMMY!!!

One-track mind much, Rock? ( ;

LOL I confess....;o)

NO SAND works for me --

But I would rather see her on satin sheets.

YES! "Sheets" of any kind really.... Just NOT on a beach!

Another incredibly lovely Czech girl modeling on the coastline of the Czech Republic. I can see why she switched to Mr. Helios and has stayed with him these last few years. He does a beautiful job when he shoots Czech girls. I gave Dominika and Luca Helios both a10+++

"...coastline of the Czech Republic..." -- ?????

Is this a healthy dose of sarcasim --?

Or -- Did I miss a really bad joke about the Czech Navy ??

Oh I highly doubt 5seadog is unaware of the geographical location of the Czech Republic. I bet he was just waiting to see how many people would catch his joke.

I'd say that's a risky bet...;o)

LMAO! Be nice.... He's old and confused...;o)

I'm a little dazed and confused after seeing Dominika myself!

I know that feeling well!

As do many of us...lol

Dominika always has that superb quality of an model.Pretty face with brown eyes on that well toned body and yes that killer labia.

Dominika is a sizzling hot dream girl! Wow! I love this set! The full body shots of her with the beautiful sea in the background are superb! I think 106 is my fav. And thank you Luca for not putting sand on her! What a great start to the day!

As far as #106, excellent choice (now my new desktop background). Dominika has always been one of my favorites; if I remember correctly she's the reason I joined MA way back when. She's definitely what sweet dream are made of...


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