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I must say I do leave for a month or 2. However an email from Met-Art of a new Dominika A , Anna AJ or Divina A will always bring me back .

The finest pussy on the planet,waiting for the set were her lips are fully spread

Just discovered this mode. Wow!! She has the most beautiful labia I have ever seen!

Dominika superstar!

Wonderfully warm light and color for the beautiful skin of our model. Choices made with a care I would like to see more often.
Too much body chopping.

Man some lips

An outstanding girl with what I consider to be the most perfect nails/mani-pedi I've seen. Colored nails have their place, but I like this natural and/or French-tip look best.

Dominika, you are incredible !

The only thing you're missing is a diamond on your finger.

Dominika is a totally hot Czech girl, demonstrating what the phrase "eyecandy supreme "means. this is a masterpiece of its kind,and she didn't have to travel to get to the perfect studio either.I gave both a 10+ infinity

Always exciting to see the amazing angel that brought me to MA. My life would be so much more dull without her. This is nice... VERY nice!

I was influenced to join MA by Dominika as well. Always a fave, always in the winner's circle in my book.

ONCE AGAIN MET ART has outdone itself, such a gorgeous model and outstanding set of photos .

Love Dominika in a little black dress. How I want to vara those silky legs and have them wrapped around my waist. Her smile could light up the darkest room and warm the coolest heart. Pussy lips that I'd love to feast upon without end. A lean, athletic body that I would worship until my last breath. T they just don't come much hotter than Dominika.


I knew she was nude under that dress. Glad she proved me right. :)

Some upskirt shots would have been awesome.

Hear, hear! I'm surprised so few MA artists take advantage of the opportunity to shoot upskirt. I wonder if they feel it is demeaning to the models? Or if the models feel that way?

Up skirts require moving the camera.

Well, that's an interesting hypothesis, thanks! ( :

Welcome. It works for many questions I ask myself here.

Fer, That's one of the things I like that they routinely do at that other site that you and I know of.

BTW, I noticed your name changed slightly here last Monday, more underscores.

Good observation, kilroy. First, I am still the same fer_realz... I had to change accounts. Sadly... I'd had the old account since 2010.
Apparently there is an upper limit of comments one can make on one account, something to do with data storage limits.

I never doubted that you were still the real fer_realz! I've had my account almost that long, wonder when I will have to change.

You'd think that they could do something where the oldest comments would be pushed out as soon as the limits are reached, called FIFO (first in, first out). But now that I think about it, if your oldest comments were pushed out, anything under your thread would also be purged, and that wouldn't be fair.

I think there is something like that for the ratings, also. I've noticed that sets I rated in 2010 or before seemed to loose my rating value as I go along. Can't say I blame them, storage costs money.

....and, to be fair, it's not that there's never any upskirt here, I just can't understand why there isn't more, given the extraordinarily beautiful models and the beautiful skirts and dresses they frequently wear to start out sets.

Agreed with all of the previous comments - If I had to choose only one model to see photos of, it would be Dominika without hesitation.

Her overall rating (at this writing) is only an 8.99. How is that possible!?

Instant download because it is Dominika.

There are few contenders, mostly pretenders; Dominika is certainly one of the original members of MY perfect pussy club.

Lest you think she is a 10 only for her perfect pussy, Dominika also has: significant eyebrows, glass cutters, an innie, superb butt cheeks, part-time downy hair and ribs, a pleasing transition from waist to hips, a great smile and dimples, love handles, a gymnasts muscular legs, puffy outer labia, and long hair.

Thanks to Dominika for posing, thanks to Luca for so many views of why Dominika has captured my heart; and I really like the inclusion of the all too seldom seen arms akimbo poses. All photographers should have this pose in their arsenal.

Add brown eyes to the list (for me), and I agree with everything else.

You wait for another Dominika set to be uploaded and there is never a disappointment. Image 19 is just perfection!

Very good set of one of the most beautiful girls on here - I give it 10, but image 19 is perfection ? With her feet chopped off ?

Its called framing a picture. You will find her feet in other images so don't worry about amputations.

It's called poorly framing a picture when we are left with half a foot.

Stilettos & LBD... mmmm mmm mmm mmmm mmmmm....
Just IMAGINE stepping out on the town with Dominika wearing that outfit. Heads would turn, and it would have nothing to do with you...

And heart-achingly warm brown eyes to go with the package. Plus, (and I may be wrong about this) but quite possibly the largest labia of any of the women posted here on M-A. Excellent total package!

Dominika probably does win the labia contest, and I've been through every set on this site back to 2005. Mila M and a few others might be the distant runners up. I'll emphasize that IMO, Dominika IS the total package.

I would be proud to have such a fine woman at my side, hanging on my arm.

superb lips - and a body to match

dominika is one Beautifull ,natural,spectacular looking girl,but then you add the eighth wonder of the world between those long long legs and you have perfection she is special.I don't now why but her labia reminds me of the Sydney Opera house.she has a great relationship with the photographer.

Her labia are indeed magnificent. It's also remarkable how her asshole and labia flow into one another. As if she has one organ between her legs and buttocks that happens to have two openings.

Before MetArt I didn't much care about close-ups, now I must admit they really add something to the experience of looking at very sexy nude girls.


Are you saying she ain't got a tain't? Arrr, arrr, arrr.

In many images it IS very hard to see.

That is what I call large lips... Huge and sexy like h... !!

It is what I call a celebration of womanhood.

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