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Herrlich, sie ist ganz nackig, beim Anblick ihrer schönen Beine wird mein Spatz immer ganz steif und steht steil hoch...

Wunderschöner, absolut schamloser Nackedei, mein Spatz steht steif hoch...


i want to go to sleep. i just viewed some frames. photo 17 has perfect focus. Katya did a perfect job wit this gorgeous model.
i will download tomorrow morning and comment i detail

She ist at same time shameless and noble, an absolutely amazing combination.

She is beautiful. I just hope she gets waxed rather than shaves and maybe some sunshine. A clean wax and a tan and she is super model material.

Ack! No tan... besides smoking, tanning is the greatest single accelerant of skin aging. No girl wants to look old, and yet they all tan themselves...

What? No really great tan lines maybe dipping down to just above her areolas! And just maybe some to go with the tiny thong bikini bottoms! Sheesh! You take all the fun out of a guy's (or girl's) imagination!

Great set of erotic photos, Donatella and Varin.

I love the rear view shots the your panties on the nightstand . . . gawd, those are sexy shots.

Thanks for sharing your beauty, Donatella.

Incredible beauty, fantastic photography!

Might sound stupid/strange but I like her shoes. Suit her long, slender legs perfectly...

Shoes? What shoes? ;-)

Outstanding set and what a beautiful girl.

But why must you tease us pubic hair lovers with your stubble?

Picture three looks like a shot from a concentration camp, eat something!

The average MetArt model is, to say the least, very skinny.

"Average" might be pushing it a bit. Yes, some moreso than others but I don't think as a general rule ...

Yeah, but some are more skinny than others.

Plus, if the photographer uses a slightly wide-angle lens, you can sometimes end up with almost funhouse-mirror type proportions.

Albert, Imatellayou...GREAT new talent, this Donatella! I immediately thought of Maya Rudolph's SNL parody!!(lmao!) This girl isn't a bit shy, and quite lovely. Maybe next time you can turn up the lights just a bit more...? The shots in the sun came out ok, but without it the shadows are too dark to fully enjoy the 'details' of the sweet Donatella.. Please to present more of her soon.

On looking through the set, particularly the head shots, I see why Albert elected to use the subdued lighting scheme. along with being thin as a rail, her overall skin coloration is relatively light and she's wearing a fairly decent amount of makeup. Anything approaching electronic flash would certainly cause her to look over made-up and would have caused her face to look odd as compared to the rest of her body.

I see that she has a fair amount of arm hair (we all know what that suggests ;-) ) and, although I like her hair with the blonde highlights, I think she'd really look outstanding in her natural hair color - not to mention maybe a bit of a bush (Oh alright Doug - there - I've said it). And a few extra pounds would look good on her frame.

But altogether, it's a nice first set of a wonderful young woman who maybe has a decent future hereabouts.

On the other hand, I really like this kind of "in-between" lighting scheme. He could have used a flash to light her from the non-window side, but that certainly would have over-lightened her skin tones and made the window lit side of her turn really dark. I think it's a great balance of light.

On the other hand, Albert could have used a white or silver-surfaced reflector to bounce the ambient room light in to the non-window lit side of Donatella to lighten her up a bit.

But this whole set smell like a "grab a camera for a quick photoshoot" kind of thing to me - and I think it works really well for Donatella.

I especially like #17 where he's used the outside light to just gently kiss the tips of Donatella's nipples. Really nice!

I love her slender feminine frame, beautiful face, super sexy mouth, nice variety of poses, very hot

Absolutely gorgeous! Welcome Donatella. You're a really lovely girl and I hope to see a lot more of you.

Donatella is a hottie!

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