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Automatic "10" !!!

"Automatic For the People"!!! ;o)

Hmmm... No REM fans huh...

Oh, I caught that reference, Rock. Did you ever hear Michael Stipe's story behind that rather cryptic title? It's rather odd and entertaining...

A pleasant surprise this was... When I saw the cover of this set on the front page, I suspected Doreen would not appeal to me, but the farther I got into the set, the farther I got into Doreen!! Gorgeous eyes!! Gorgeous girl!! Nice debut... Let's see LOTS more!

Yeah, I'll bet you WISH you got "into" Doreen! Ha ha, we ALL wish we could get into these girls!

Yesterday was Irene, today is Doreen, maybe tomorrow we get Loreen!?? LOL

A lovely angel...what a skin, eyes, hair complexion...fascinating lady !

Very beautiful model. Excellent photography.

Doreen is elegant and beautiful, with awesome tits and gorgeous eyes. I hope to see much more of her. As to this set, the lighting is bad and there could have been more poses. So a 10 for the model, an 8 for the set.

welcome Doreen :-)

Lucky chair!

It is always a pleasure to have another fair skinned, red haired beauty on Met. One with freckles is even better! I could look at that sweet smile all day. Beautifully silken legs. When the panties came off I thought I'd died and gone to heaven. Damn, this girl looks spectacular naked!!! Love the juxtaposition of wide open and more reserved shots. And the portrait shots of that gorgeous gave are to die for.

Doreen is a stellar beauty, and this was agreat debut for her. Please, please bring get back again soon and often!


I'm not a fan of orange hair - but I am a fan of everything else about Doreen. From head to toe - lingering in several strategic spots - she's pretty damn wonderful.

"Looks a bit like..." - Mariel Hemingway

Like with Violla, the unnatural hair color can be tolerated because all else is wonderful.

  • 1 year ago:

Hi Kilroy,

I am with you, typically I do not like the girls to have such obviously unnatural hair colors. I have to admit some of the models can actually pull this off gracefully such as Violla A, Ariel Piper Fawn, etc. I think Doreen's skin tone and look allow for the red hair to be complimentary.

True, K. It's very possible that with her pale skin tone, she might be a real redhead, just not *that* red.

I agree. I like to see her get some sun so those cute freckles would show more but yes, that is a superb body.


You can say that again! lol

Beautiful debut by this awesome redhead.More of her please.

Really special new girl. Even by the standards of this site, she stands out. A very big welcome, Doreen.:)

First order of business: I would like to formally nominate this fresh-faced beauty to the PP Club. ( :
Second: wow! To me it has seemed as though Koenart's work has been hit or miss lately: either I totally love a set or I just am not inspired by it. This set is excellent.
Doreen is fresh, beautiful, sexy, cute, and very inspiring. I love her pale skin and labia (see above) and she seems to have an open attitude about posing and sharing her beauty with us. I truly hope to see this young lady again, and frequently. ( :

fer, I'll happily second both your PP Club nomination and the wish to see Doreen again.

I agree...I'll add my personal opinion is that today was a 4 PP day...

This brings up a fantasy I've thought about for a while...what girls from a single day's photo release would I want to be stranded on an island with?...today's ladies are top contenders!

OMG choices choices! LOL
An impossible choice today... ( :

Damn RJ, any one of these four would be enough for me, what would I do with four? Yes, that is a good fantasy to be thinking about.

"...If you are going to thinking anyway, might as well think big." - Donald Trump.

Gotta have "stretch" goals in life!...

It definitely would be interesting, to say the least, to be stranded with four beauties such as these ladies!

There would be some very interesting and intense negotiations going on, that's for sure!

kilroy, your solution to the impossible choice is the best ~ and only ~ solution. After all, we're talking about a fantasy here!!!
( :

Only because you're quoting Trump will I point this out...

"if you are going to 'BE' thinking......." ;o)

Rock, you are just on a roll today with corrections! Okay, you got me! I promise to do better next time, LOL ;o)

Oy, kilroy, don't encourage Rock! He WILL offend again! ( ;

You know what they say about "the best defense"... ;o)

LOL ;o)

Hi lovely angel! Welcome. You are a real stunner!

Lovely girl! the pale skin of a natural red head even if the hair color isn't quite real it really make those lovely eyes stand out. The body is great. Tight butt, nice legs, sweet little breasts and a really nice pussy but he face is her best feature.

Nice start!

What a debut!

A truly magnificent beauty, perfectly photographed...

In my eyes, it gets no better than this...

OH-MY-GOD! Those eyes! That face! Those pink nipples! I LOVE the way her red hair and the black lingerie contrast with her white body! AMAZING! :D

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