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Awesome, if not for the hair.

Love a real natural woman.

Simply stated: REAL women have hair! Some have too much. Eddison is just right, although I'd rather not see furry pits; just my personal taste. There's nothing better than a nice soft furry pussy! Ok, the occasional pube stuck between teeth can be distracting, but it's well worth it!

Bottom line___MA has something for EVERYONE. While I don't find all women here attractive, I don't waste my time bashing them!!

Eddison is a refreshing change all natural pubic hair and a lovely figure all over.

I'm all for diversity, but I really hope this doesn't become a trend at MetArt. Too hairy just doesn't do it for me.

Clearly, you are NOT "all for diversity".
There are lots of shaved models, and probably will be "like forever".
Just give the hairy models and the adores hereof some space, will you?

I couldn't agree less. More of Eddison's adorable, hairy pussy. More hair in general, say I!

I love the natural look!

Pretty girl with a lovely smile. But that uncontrolled growth is not my thing. At least a bit trimming would be much more acceptable.

I'd have to agree, if you look Miela's last set "Erbacea" she has a nice thin landing strip, which I'd think would be the happy medium for the fur lovers. He's a question for the fur lovers, have any of you asked the question:
What is the purpose of pubic hair? It isn't to keep your genitals warm, and it isn't necessarily a sign of adulthood (a 13 year girl probably has it). It's to trap odors, you know that lovely fishy smell. Primitive man didn't need to check her ID, as soon as she walked by and he got a whiff of that smell he knew it was club time. As any Biologist they'll tell you the same, hello pubic hair, hello fishy smell.

Nice to see a real woman and not shaved every day, she is gorgeous and now woman are not shaving like it was the 90's, would like to see more of her.

Instant favorite. I love the non-nude shots where her abundant pubes teasingly peak out from under her panties.

Ye Gods !!!

No download here -- !!

I don't save "Saskwatch" auditions~

To which Pantheon do you plea?

This set is so incredibly personal, so shockingly intimate. I'm in love. This is truly a gift from Eddison, and I can barely handle it.

Eddison is quite so a beautiful girl with or with pubis hair. i dont care. i just want to see her many times more and a video too.

please shave everywhere

Does that include her head?

She is beautiful and I love the hair in the pubic area, I'm just not fond of all the hairy armpit part, shave the pits and you can leave the hairy pussy.

great job! again!
here a pussy with naturals colors (i hate photoshop!!)

She's perfect just the way she is.

All new girls are welcome.
Welcome Eddison.
Still a little shy and diffident.
Eddison you are among friends, we will try our sympathy for you.

I do not have a passion for hair.
But you, not shaved, express a subtle eroticism and attractive.
And I tell you, you are "Bella".

Bravo Alex you've captured the way Eddison to express themselves naked.
Perfect ambience, great lighting.
A bikini a bit ugly.

Eddison back soon! (shaved or not shaved on but not trimmed).

The hair was a major turn-off. Get a clean shave and try again.

Stop harassing the model and go to the shaved models which are so abundant anyway.

Eddison is a great new model. I'd like to see her either way.

Happy for you hair lovers but this ain't for me! I'm out of here.

She's gorgeous --

And her smile is positively delightful --

But the hair spoiled the whole thing.

You have to admit....she's very pretty. (Well you don't 'have to', but I'm sure you agree...;o)

Indeed! but that bristly midsection is a turn off for me.

Hair we go again!!! LOL The age-old hair debate... What fun!!
And of course someone has to drag religion into it...lmao!
This is a very pretty new model... I hope to see less of her in the future...;o) if you catch my drift...lol I haven't even looked at the set yet, but I hope papacito is NOT seeing what I fear he might be seeing...yet another reason to shave...

Well.... He IS correct (requires close scrutiny of hi-res image) but I was wrong...it has nothing to do with 'hair'. I'm with hipshot....RUN!!! (lol)


I just shot my coke across the room :))....and I haven't even seen the set yet.

LOL It's really not a bad set...she's a fox even with fur...lol
I think she'll shave eventually, or at least trim a bit, and I'll be happy to see it...;o)

I hope she's back again just the way she is. Don't touch the hair. You'll always have fans here and haters. Just ignore them.

And if you don't like hairy women just don't look at the set. As I said before, it's pretty obvious in the picture on the main page that she's hairy. Why do you look at the pictures then complain about them? Just pass by the set.

Landing strip, bush, fine. Hairy pits, not so much. Hairy legs, ugh no.

Eddison is very pretty,and I think she will be a good model in future sets as well. si give her s 10 for potential

Since this young lady is Ukrainian I am surprised that Sailor hasn't staked his claim and come to her defense against the conformist cabal. To use an American expression the complaints her just seem so Bush League. Look at the positive, Alex left photoshop at home today. It appears that this young lady is what she appears to be, that is comfortable with herself being au naturale. For once her "bush" doesn't seem to be a statement but rather just as she is. Not the waxed legs, undercarriage, and pits with "presentation" "maicured" bush. But simply her natural self. So now is she the new "poster" girl for natural, lets wait and see if next time alters her appearance. I hope not we have room for as the french say, la difference.


Yes... "French" is what I call this look...;o)

Exactly why I don't like french women!

Right. There IS the occasional exception, but they're few and far between.

VERY far between !

Well at the least this one looks clean!

There is nothing unclean about either hairiness or shavedness - that is simply an idea.
In fact, shaving scratches a very thin layer of skin off, leaving the skin more exposed for surface infections (minor irritated skin).
This does not necessarily happen of course, and there are also means to preventing this, but the risk is greater though than when not shaving.

That haven't stopped people from claiming otherwise though.

With that little exception that papacito mentioned...

What a glorious woman. Beautiful natural pussy. Gorgeous set all around. AHH, the memories it brings back.

Love her, love the hair! Great photo set. Great way to start the day.

Eddison is a stunning natural beauty - lets have lots more sets of her please.


Great first set Eddison. I like that you kept everything natural, including your legs. I think my bush loving brethren are trying to convert me. Lol. Is it me or have we had more natural models lately? Maybe K is finally listening to Bush lovers. Thank you Eddison and Alex.

It does seem that MA has been running more sets of women with hair lately. Could be several things:
1) MA is responding to the positive feedback they get when they run a "natural" set
2) More women are growing lately/fewer are shaving, so MA is getting more sets with natural hair
I have heard several photographers explain that they leave it up to their models whether or not to shave. It could be that the fad is dying out.

  • 2 years ago:

Please! ENOUGH with the hair already! Get your models to shave or let them go to some other website.


Stop the hate, and go find the shaved models - it should not difficult.

LMAO!! Did somebody tell you that this is a "hairless" site??

Not a fan of poop in the anus

Either clean your glasses or your computer screen.

Sorry arkie, Papacito is exactly right. Look again.

  • 2 years ago:

Hello All,

I think what you are seeing is a naturally unbleached anus. This may come as a surprise but just like female genitals, everyone has a different tint. More modern ladies prefer to get their anus bleached while others think its silly. I can promise you models (especially a brand new one) will be tip top hygienically before photographing nude. I hope this helps!

Bleaching is not unknown, at least to most of us, but "skin tone and/or freckles" is entirely different from "extraneous debris" which is barely visible here, but which is clearly present. As I said before, close scrutiny (of image no.55) will reveal the truth.
I personally don't look 'this' close at the photos, I'm simply defending a comment that brought up the subject of hygiene and that I personally confirmed. This is not the first time this has come up either. A very similar conversation took place on Irina J's last set... Sometimes a model will show up 'not entirely clean' and someone will notice, and some will be more noticeable than others. "It goes with the territory".

K, you should know by now that some of the members appear to live to find "flaws". And once they think they have, they never let it go. As I posted earlier not only is the model naturale but the photo themselves appear to be "as shot" no photoshop "enhabcement". Thus even the skin tone is actual based on the lighting used. I do commend you for jumping in for this young lady and trying to make sense to these dullards. I hope we see more of literally ALL of this beautiful girl. Thanks.

"Dullards"? I commend YOU for starting the name calling...
And I would use your eyes before you use your mouth.

Fur burger...YUMMO!!!

Eddison is ultra hot especially with her unshaven body! This set is super erotic as well as beautiful, and she has a great attitude. Well done by model and photographer! More unshaven models and sets please.

Not a fan of the bush.

I think this is a decent set of an attractive young woman. Eddison has a nice figure and shows it well. I hope she comes back again.

Her bio says "not trimmed" but it is trimmed in length only and not extents. I don't mind her body hair as it is kept neat, not unruly and visually obscuring. Actually, it looks good on her and nice to see some variety in that department.

Frankly, do not care who dislikes this natural model. Maybe it is just something different for a while. If they were all the same it would be very boring. For me she is GREAT. Thank you.

Agreed! two thumbs up

Good to see an attractive new model, not afraid to let her hair grow, the pits, legs, bush all very attractive on this fine young lady. In the few shots where she smile, her whole face lights up and greatly changes the dynamics of the picture. Keep the sets coming, stay natural Eddison not only because it looks great on you, but because it sets you apart from the 98% shaved models. Love it.


You can tell by her profile pic that she's natural, why even open the set to look if you don't like it?

Thank goodness God designed razors as well. Just my opinion. Subtle opinion.

YEAH...! A all natural woman... This is how God designed women,- Great artist he is... More of this please..!

I find Eddison to be a very attractive young lady.

Thank you to Eddison, Alex, and K for this very nice first of many visits (I hope).

I love the full on womanly bush, a little trimming may be in order and I offer my services)). Welcome and great debut. More please.


there's a certain delicious innocence in a girl with natural pubic hair


O so this what a natural women looks like....I do like them this! I've been seeing them all fully shaved so much i was starting to think thats how they are made now...

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