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Beautiful...but would have been better without the pubic hair.

I love a real natural woman. Let us see many more posts of this lovely woman.

I would like to see Videos of Eddison, would be great!!!!!!

It's about time girls with more hair maybe not number 10 but I voted number 10 tired of seeing girls who look under age and always smooth.


I could eat you up devechko.

Neanderthals of the word, UNITE !

The decadent, Capitalist, running dogs must be overcome !!

If we continue to preach our "hairy-line" dogma long enough and loud enough, they will be brain-washed !!

It is all just opinion. Expressing your opinion is all fine and dandy, but arguing about opinion is just fucking stupid.

OMG !!!!

FINALLY -- !!!

I thought I was the only one here with a grasp on reality!

Thank you, Sir. You have restored my faith in humanity. I was beginning to think I was the only one here that would not stick my d--- in a pencil sharpener just because someone else said I shouldn't.


I am confused.

Will this be done live, or on News @ 10:00?

CNN is going to carry it.

I've even got them talked into giving Doug five minutes on air to cough up a hairball!


Eddison is just as great in this set as her first. Not sure I'd call her blonde, more light brown. She has long legs and a nice figure, with brown eyes to boot. Just an all around beauty in my book. I hope she keeps coming back.

She keeps her body hair and I'm fine with it, although I wouldn't call it natural. There is a good deal of trimming being done, but it's in the length and not the extents. I like shaved, too, but it is refreshing to see a lady with hair, uncommon as it is but nice for a change. Occasionally.

And after you enjoy Eddison's beauty, you can be entertained in the comments section with Doug and Rock's bantering. I certainly was ;-)

I should not have to say that the following statements are in my opinion. Yet, I suspect that other commentators will try to overlay mine with theirs, or even change mine.

There are so few ladies who participate in series that feature hair (here, there, and everywhere) that I have to voice my pleasure when they do. When those ladies are so very attractive as is Eddison, the list of stellar features can get quite long.

In no particular order, just as I saw them, I list these of Eddison's physical features as making me a happy man.

Significant eyebrows, freckles, brilliant smile, rigid nipples, downy hair, quite ample pubes, lovely inner labia, puffy outer labia, passion juice, superb butt cheeks, the ability to partially hide her thong, long and shapely legs, suppleness to make me very envious.

Plus she is obviously and deservedly proud of her appearance.

Thank you and 10s across the board to both Eddison and Alex.


My sentiments exactly. Add brown eyes to the list.

"That she's a full-fledged human being" requires no one's approval. Suggesting otherwise is simply a reflection of character.

Our artist knows how to stick with a visual theme. Perhaps the most thematically cohesive photoset on site.

Now THIS is erotic art! This is why I pay the money. Eddison is gorgeous with a great attitude, natural and unshaven, and fortunately endowed with thick, dark body hair. She is beautifully captured by Alex. More like this please!

I knew this set was a 10 before I even opened it.

What a beautiful woman. Just a perfect example of what a woman should look like.

"Just a perfect example of what a woman should look like."

To you...

She should at least trim that bush up a little.

Wouldn't hurt anything to take off the spillover to the upper thighs, just for Doug's sake ;-)

Fur everywhere...❤ it!!!

Some women make the natural look totally sexy. She does!!

I don't think hairy legs are "sexy" on women... Eddison IS very sexy, but for me it has nothing to do with hair...ANYWHERE!

Eddison is a smart girl who has figured out that if you don't want to wax the undercarriage, leave it alone. I'm not against grooming if that's what the girl wants, it's totally up to her in my book. I am against shaving as it puts hundreds of girls a year in the hospital from razor accidents, per the CDC (they also track preventable injuries) I gave a 10+++ to both

"hundreds of girls a year in the hospital from razor accidents, per the CDC..."

Horsefeathers!! No such statistics at the CDC. They only track "general cut/pierce" injuries. No way of knowing if ANY are from shaving genitals, or how MANY may be from that activity. I've been shaving for years and cut myself ONCE and it was hardly worth a hospital visit. You sound like you may work at Fox News...


I quit bathing after I slipped in the shower. Quit trimming my nails after I made a hangnail bleed. Quit driving to the doctor's office after someone ran into the back of my car. After that last bout of food poisoning, I'm considering giving up food.

One aspect that isn't often talked about with Eddison - that face. My god, what a beauty! Please, Alex and Eddison, continue to do many, many sets together here on MA. She is my current number one, and I can't wait to see her in future sets.

You hit the nail on the head greg...Eddison has a very beautiful face. You fall in love with the face first and the "rest" just comes along naturally. And I think the "rest" is perfect! She rocks my world.

It's nice to see someone focusing on Eddison and not their ego. I was drawn quickly to Eddison's face. My immediate thought was this reminds me of the girl I went with in high school. What a doll and what a beauty!

WOW! Awesome!! Beautiful girl!! Can't hardly wait for her to "clean-up" that magnificent vulva! Absolutely beautiful face and Gorgeous body!! Looking forward to her next...trimmed or NOT! ;o)

I'd forgotten how much "fun" we had at her first set...LOL

Super cute girl with a fantastic body.

Don't be afraid to step away from The Dark Side, Eddison. Many more modeling opportunities await.

Gotta admit those FD/AU poses looked mighty inviting. And I'd like to play with her silky soft hair... this is a very nice set of a very pretty lady. Thank you for sharing your natural charms with us, Eddison!

...when you break out that smile, it is spectacular, Eddison! ( :

Wonderful set of this athletic beauty - what a body

The hairy bits on such a feminine beauty as Eddison is a real turn on...more panty shots next time please

Agreed, bikeman4, plentiful panty shots at the beginning of a set are never contraindicated. ( :

A truly beautiful young lady with a beautifully womanly body. I for one love her hair, all of it precisely where Mother Nature put it.

Nature, to me equals true beauty. End of story. I love the secrets of a woman... If all shaved it becomes too much the same look, and less variation... More of this please... She is perfect and exactly: WOMANLY...! (Well said)

I'm gonna love where her razor puts it...;o)

...so I imagine you're also a big fan of shaggy shins, hairy pits, and a slight shadow on her upper lip, too.

Lovely athletic body, and if this set doesn't keep our resident hirsute aficionado Doug happy, I don't know what will :-)

"What will" make doug happy is changing the name, and direction, of the site to "HairArt", and not allowing ANY shaving of the models...;o) And who knows...THAT might not do it! I'm sure he'll let us know LOL

Good point Droog, if it's anything like her first set Doug will be very busy today.

I think I'll just sit back, keep quiet, and enjoy the fireworks show:-)

LOL That first set certainly WAS a hoot!!

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