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Very nice shot of their asses near the end !

Fantastic to see delightful Luka B again after a gap of nearly two years. I hope we are going to see some more solo sets featuring this gorgeous girl.
Also, I loved the baby-doll outfits that the girls are wearing for this shoot and, of course, loved it even more when they took them off.

I wonder where they hide such gorgeous girls.
I have not ever met any !


They were hiding in the woods until I found them...;)

Well, that's what I've been doing wrong... I haven't been in the forest since I was a kid! LOL

This set inspires really long posts.

Just look ^^^^.

DG enjoys the dialogue between himself and we members, so we tend to get long-winded. ( :
I think of it as a genuine correspondence, in the old-fashioned sense, but in a new medium. It's pretty cool. ( :

I loved this set,and I am glad to know that they are friends off the set as well.

thank you 5seadog, I am glad you liked it and I can assure that they are close friends and very comfortable posing with each other. Edwige seems to behave like Luka's elder sister during the shooting, giving advices and commenting her poses, it was a cute scene.

Well deltagamma you did it again, another first class set from the talented photographer. As you already know I'm a huge Edwige fan and I really like Luka too, although she last appeared here on MA almost two years ago and that's a very long time. When I saw the girls and your name together in the updates I knew this will be a sensational set and I'm not disappointed. The young ladies are gorgeous, they're in terrific shape and I like the dress choice, these sheer nighties looks great on them. The location is very nice too and it seems like the girls really enjoyed each other's company, they are both super cute and in a good mood. It's awesome how different the two girls' skin tones are, Luka is milk white and Edwige is beautifully tanned. Overall I think this is an excellent set and I'm pretty happy I could expand my personal collection with these photos. BTW big congratulations to you, Metart published two of your sets on consecutive days, your career is definitely on the rise and that's a good thing, because you deserve it. Keep up the fine job, you're one of my favourite artist here. :)

Arthur II, it's nice to read you appreciate so many things about this set and of course very happy every time you speak in such positive terms about me and my work! I am particularly glad for the nice words about Luka, she is a very sweet girl, shy and introverted but also really beautiful inside, she had to overcome hard times and I was really pleased to know such a special girl. Edwige is a very good companion since she makes her feel happy and brings her sunny side out. We really enjoyed those days. I am pleased you appreciated these images, they may not be very erotic and I know it, but it's nice you and several others appreciated the beauty of the images themeselves without claiming too much eroticism, that's what I actually meant to do when I shot this set.
Thank you also for supporting my "career" here, as I wrote below to fer_realz I am very happy to have these two sets published consecutively and to read so many encouraging comments. And I am really proud of being one of your favourite artists! :)

Two phenomenally lovely women disrobing one another and then admiring the results... how delightful! I'm sure you remember I have a big soft spot for Edwige, but Luka is especially captivating in this set as well. Well done, to all three of you!
Oh, congratulations, deltagamma on being published two days in a row, I hope this means you are moving up in the rankings as we speak!


yes fer_realz, I remember that Edwige doesn't leave you indifferent.. ;) Not having much interaction between the models you can also admire both of them, as if they were free to move around in the nature and not tied to each other. I know that some would prefer to see more erotic attraction, but we know it's a complicated issue here and it's impossible to please everyone.
Thank you for noticing the fact of having 2 sets published in 2 days, I am really happy about it and it's nice to comment on two different sets with all of you until the next time. I see that the number of votes is increasing (although the score is decreasing.. ok), so it's still a long but not endless way before reaching the requirements to hit the top and be here more often. Thank you for your support!

You're welcome, DG, you've got my vote of course. ( :
I have noticed that with the models, as they become more popular, and more people vote on them, their scores generally decrease over time.
This is where I think Rylsky has the exact right attitude toward rankings and scores... F'em. LOL
Looking forward to the Conny sets, I hope they went well for both of you! ( :

fer_realz, that's true about scores with models. I wish I didn't have to consider them too much for myself but that's how it works.
With Conny it's going greatly, we are on a break now and we shot two vety good sets so far. She had a good rest last night and now she is very relaxed with a good mood and a fantastic smile, I am sure you will love our work. Btw, the first set was with her own, ordinary, white underwear.. ;)

Yay! Ordinary white underwear. Awesome!

Now there's something to look forward to! ( : I hope the admins at MA agree with our tastes, hipshot!

A very interesting set with absolutely two stunning beauties. One could easily have made two individual sets out of this .There is no chemistry between them .They are looking at the camera most of the time and there are very few shots when they actually get around to gazing at each other .Just posing for the camera. This is a pretty set but not erotic .
Technically superb with gorgeous girls but somehow essential element is missing. a generous 8

ergo, I have to agree with your analysis. As I wrote at the bottom in reply to hipshot131 this set was meant to focus more on the aesthetic side, with very soft reference to eroticism, as you perfectly noticed. Sets with two models are always complicated on Metart, since you can't represent a real sexual chemistry without risking to have something incomplete or even fake, on the other hand if you focus only on the balance of poses and the composition you risk to have something almost flavorless, like in this case. Anyway this was not a recent set, now I would probably do something different with two models, probably more towards the erotic side.

Great summation I agree totally. Basically what I said just a different way of saying it. These sets always seem clumsy like the girls are trying not to step on each others toes or trip over each other. And when two girls are supposed to be turning each other on they should not be looking at the camera or striking poses. It is not your fault it is the rules you are tasked to follow.

Edwige and Luka are real friends in life, they come from the same region in the Czech Republic, where girls are considered more friendly and open. They came to this shooting travelling together to Italy, enjoying a few days in september a couple of years ago, with perfect warm weather which made the work really close to a short vacation. They have been very easy to work with, with Edwige giving advices to Luka since she had already a significant experience in posing. The breaks during the shooting were very fun, with Edwige playing and joking all the time, dancing and singing and making Luka laugh. The general mood was great, we all have nice memories about this set and a few more we shot those days.
I chose this location which is the same I used for Luce A's set Espaziora, it's a big natural area with many options to use as settings. This wood and the stones inspired me for some natural and bucolic setting, where Edwige and Luka were kind of nymphs enjoying nature and let the viewers admire their natural beauty. I also liked the contrast between the tanned skin of Edwige and the pale one of Luka, which also reflects their characters somehow: more sunny and extrovert the first, more introverted and shy the latter.
I hope that you also enjoy these images and want to see more of them together.

DG, The contrast is indeed very pronounced in their skin tones, and now as you explain, it is revealed how they are contrasted in other ways. I must reiterate how much more I get out of the set after reading your narrative. I have learned to find and read it first since it creates more insightful and inspiring viewing of the images. No other photographer here is doing this regularly and to the extent that you do. It truly is "The DG Difference!"

Yes, two days in a row for you to have sets posted is a very good! I have been telling "K" how much I appreciate your work and that you should be published more on this site. Perhaps others are saying the same, for I think "K" is listening. Many thanks for another outstanding set.

Kilroy, I should be thanking you and the others who appreciate my narrative, if i had no feedback auch as your i would probably not put this effort ;)
And thank you also for supporting me in such a rewarding and effective way!
I am looking forward to showing you all more of my work and adding the "DG difference" ;)

It's great to get some background information on these lovely ladies and to understand your inspiration in the creation of this set. I also liked the contrast between the tanned skin of Edwige and the pale skin of Luka. Thanks for the information DG.

I really like the comments on the sets and the girls it adds so much depth to a set to get the feel and where and why of these sets. I wish all artists would do this. there are many interesting sites in the Metart sets but we never know anything about them or what the girls are like. Edwig does show more fun and spice and Luka much more reserved.

Sadly I don't like duos in the Metart format. They have never made since to me. it's sort of like two photo shoots going on at the same time with no real purpose. More like a competition rather than two women having erotic fun together. Just distracting not sensual.

hipshot131 it's nice to read you like these info too, I will keep adding something to each one of my sets.
I know that duo sets in Metart are a complicated issue and most of the times they don't work well. I wrote about it some time ago joining an interesting discussion among a few frequent commentators. This kind of sets look incomplete somehow, halfway between two solo sets mechanically merged together and some prelude to a possible erotic interaction. It's not easy anyway. In my case I meant this set to show the beauty of two friends in the nature without including any sexual implications, just some tender erotic poses with a very light interaction. I know it wouldn't hit the viewer for the eroticism since I focused more on the aesthetic side and the contrast between the two models.

Thank you, The comments I think will add depth and interest to your sets and help us to see what your intent was when shooting the set. Having the girls add comments is an excellent idea. Knowing that they see our comments and respond favorably to our complements should not only add interest but also tend to moderate some of the course comments as well.

No offense meant in my comments. I know it is a fine line you are asked to walk and this is the reason I almost never view these sets. I feel they serve no purpose. I far prefer solo work where the artist can concentrate on one woman and presenting her to us in the best way possible. Your work with Luce is awesome.

I hope very much that your status on the network continues to rise so we can see more of your fine work.

monkeryma, I am glad you found these info useful and liked the set!

Edwige and Luka, yummy!

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