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Fishnet pantyhose are made to be ripped off, not taken off carefully!


Awesome job! Edwige looks so sweet, juicy and playful! Need a lot more like it please.

shes so hot love that great body

Inspite of a hint of cellulite on her thighs Edwige remains very tasty and delectable.

Holy sweet Mother of the Gods...Edwige is absolutely stunning! She could be wearing basketball nets for all I care...it wouldn't matter. Edwige is breath-taking, regardless of her costume.

Sexy girl with a sensuous mouth & a look that suggests 'anything is possible'!

Lovely body with full breasts, an open pussy and the most beautiful tight anus imaginable. Particularly like the view of it through the pantyhose when she parts her buttocks for us. Gorgeous

The photography is poor. The model is beautiful and sexy. Bad lighting and bad photo color. Net time get rid of the outfit.

At times I thought this was possibly an advertisement for those god-awful shoes!! Not a "bad" set, but not a great set either. I agree that both model and photographer have done better. Looking forward to her next set.

And btw...I thought the outfit was GREAT! I love fishnet of ANY kind!

Edwige is such a gorgeous girl, but Slastyonoff has completely failed to bring that out in this set. There are much better sets of her here and by comparison this one rates an 8 at the best.

The photographer really needs to understand his subject better and see what aspects of her that capture that "erotic essence" that we all want to see.

Suffice to say, Slasty isn't one of my favourites and this is just another wasted set for a beautiful model.

Edwige is my favorite girl on Met, she is always beautiful and has a nice smile (although not so much in this set). I hope to see more Edwige.

The beautiful Edwige thrills once again with some stunning shots, not just showing her beautiful vagina but blatantly thrusting her lovely cunt straight toward us, mesmerising and highly sexual.

Totally agree

Love pic #89!

The shoes are a bit of a distraction, but Edwige makes up for it with some smoulderingly sexy looks on that gorgeous face and plenty of views of her amazing pussy. A really hot set.

The set would have very little impact without the shoes. High heels were invented because they enhance the shape of the leg. WE NEED MORE SHOES -- NOT LESS !!

I HATE FISHNET STOCKINGS!!!! there is nothing sexy about them in any way. To me they cheapen my image of the girl wearing them.

Wow Having got that off my chest I feel better :)

Edwig is lovely and has a great body but she looks very tired in this set like maybe the morning after?

Tights in this set. I would agree though that a big mesh size like the one in this set is a bit of a put off. A smaller mesh, and stockings rather than tights, is a turn on for me.

Edwige is a very hot model who keeps in shape

Another great set from Edwige. Lots of spread leg shots showing her gorgeous shaved pussy. She is so athletic. The last half of the set looks like a workout, especially 89-90-91.

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