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She would be nice if she shaved.

Dont Shave. She works the bush wonderfully...

"GORGEOUS" Just plain gorgeous!

Photography is about choices, trade-offs. Anyone who knows anything about it knows that. You want those warm tones? Well, you only get them very early and very late in the day, when the light is low. As the water is presumably to the East, and as the Sun usually sets in the West, in order to get that low lumens but warm, red-saturated sunlight on the model, the photographer had to be positioned between the Sun and the model. You want photos without the photographer's shadow in them, worse yet, partially obscuring the model? And you want the model still to appear closer than a football field away? Then you get a telephoto lens.

Under the given circumstances, you either get hard light shots, without the natural red and warmth, and the banality of that, or you get the warmth and a less-than-gynecological level of detail. The choices were the photographer's, and he quite admirably produced the result he was trying to create. Even without regard for the abundant and obvious other merits of the shoot, I find the photographer's choices and the result excellent, far better than the other potential choices available, pursuant to the laws of physics. Great set, and, btw, of a stunningly beautiful model too, who also did her job admirably, especially given the difficulties for her involved in the shoot. Edwige is on my top-ten list too. Great model, great photography, great set. And great photographer.

wood chuck, I have to thank you once again for highlighting in such a clear and convincing way the importance of choices instead of leaving it all to a matter of gynecological detail and sharpness (which seems to be the mainstream, when not the only option, sometimes). As you perfectly explain there are situations when you decide to focus on other issues - such as the unique natural lighting, the dynamism, the naturalness, the complicity with the model - rather than image perfection (which of course has to be always pursued, when possible) . It's always so encouraging and reassuring to read comments like yours, which testifies that out there someone appreciates what's on a "so called photographer"'s mind.. Looking forward to your next comments on my work!

What a shame this so called Photographer can't get even 1 shot in FOCUS!

Beautiful Girl, Beautiful Body, Large Labia-Clit, Round Ass, Pretty Face,

Perfect sun, time of day, nice natural glow.

ok, at least I chose a good model and the right time of the day... ;)

i love this set of one of my all time fave models, she just looks so at home amongst the waves and so inviting; her skin just glows so beautifully. fabulous.

thank you rufusredneck, I am glad you appreciate Edwige's mood, she was actually having fun and enjoying the warmth of an Italian september on the beach ;)

Sounds life a rough job you have Delta! :)

Somebody likes playing with their new telephoto lense. Was this shot from 'International waters'?? Great model, awful set!

actually just a 24-105mm, not such a great telephoto. the reason why I was shooting from a certain distance is because we were at sunset, therefore with the sun low on the horizon, so if I wanted to shoot the model in a good frontal light I could not stay too close to avoid obscuring her with my shadow, and also I had to stay away from the waves breaking to avoid drops on the lense

I'd be interested to know what ISO you were using. It's wonderful golden light and you caught some magic moments. I love the sweet soft focus smile and sharper butterfly lips in #92, and there are many other pics that are really gorgeous. Thanks to both you and Edwige for tolerating grit and salt in your ... er ... equipment :)

Myshkin, I was using ISO 200 to keep the image quality, I have set the proper white balance in order to catch that golden light which last a few minutes across sunset. I am so glad to hear you liked our effort and... toleration... ;)

I agree that beach sets are generally overrated. Sand cannot be comfortable to have in certain places and the shots themselves are generally at a greater distance than I prefer to be from such beautiful girls.

I join the skip the beach and sand in the crotch crowd. Soft focus, closed eyes, and several shots where her ass is full of sand are not erotic.

I made love on the beach once, and only once. Sand is abrasive! Ouch! :)

soft focus was mainly due to the digital stabilizer as model was moving, but closed eyes pics were not a mistake, I chose to keep those where she was doing it on the purpose, not blinking. sand... is unavoidable...;)

There are two givens with beach scenes. Rock hard nipples which is a good thing. Sand in every crevice and uncomfortable models which is not good!

Just not a beach set guy. There have been some, but very few. She on the other hand is wonderful!

Stunning Edwige,beautiful light and well photographed.It falls on technicality as the set is not sharp and focus is soft.Great shame.

you are right, but unfortunately at that time of the day (sunset) the light - although nice and warm - was quite weak and the model was moving often while playing with waves, so in order to avoid motion blur I had to use the digital stabilizer which makes the focus look not sharp in several photos

deltagamma can you use flash in this situation, or does it screw up the light tone?

I would have used it if I shot in a backlight situation, but it this case the flash would have actually changed the light tone, making it colder and less natural, risking also that in pics shot at greater distances it would have been not as effective

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