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Like the sexy outfit.

The only thing I didn't like about this set was the ugly shoes, that didn't go away at some point.

I love Edwige A, but lately it looks as though she could stand to lose about 5 lbs.

No. Met-Art needs more girls with fuller figures. Most are underweight. Her BMI is likely spot-on where it should be for her build and age.

Yes, it's better to look these photos in low quality...in high quality you can see a not very nice jungle of black hairs in Edwige's cute nostrils...especially on photo 8...but otherwise she is very nice girl...as usual :)

LOL:-) I had to check it out, and you're right.

There is an image on this site that I've seen but can't remember the model or date. It was a similar pose with her legs wide. In the previous long shots her pussy is wide open, demanding closer inspection, but in this shot you couldn't define her pussy from the rest of her hip area and the most prominent 3rd of the image were her nostrils.
It formed my opinion that there is nothing less glamorous, or erotic than inspecting a woman's nostrils under a microscope. (You do that when you enlarge this image).


METART please do us the favor and stop the comment function. Better delete
the previous.

I think the photographer was more in love artistically with those knickers than the lovely Edwige, this being the reasoning behind the very few shots of her delightful cunt, rather than any reticence on her behalf. Edwige usually rocks that beautiful masterpiece with merry abandon.

Edwige is a very beautiful woman but she is a little pussy shy in this photo shoot. She shouldn't be shy about showing her pussy because it is very beautiful. She has stunning breasts and pretty sexy eyes and a perfect sexy ass. She is a complete package but she needs to show that gorgeous pussy more.

I really enjoyed this romantic, erotic and very well executed set. It's not just like all the rest, and I'm happy to add it to my collection. This more artistic departure from the Met-Art norm happily stretches the imagination, while definitely remaining comfortably within the site's wide range of varying takes on female sensuality and erotic self expression.

In particular, this set bought back memories of some of the most explosive sexual experiences of my life, which involved extended and almost torturous foreplay, seemingly endless moments of "not yet" teasing, all deliriously capped off by luscious and intense indulgences in sheer "perfection in the flesh". Such a "Ravel's Bolero" for the senses results in utterly mind-blowing and volcanic physical and psychic release, but does requires patience and self-control not all can muster. It's wonderful to view a photo-set that so perfectly captures such experiences, a true feast for the eyes.

My profound thanks to both the photographer and model for creating this deliciously arousing set. It will be a favorite of mine for many years to come.

It is nice to read someone so generous and easy to please.

I am a lot less generous and easy to please, but when a set gives me the images I enjoy, I'll be the first and loudest to shout it from the roof tops.

Edwidge has been a favorite of mine from her first set, but as yet can't crack the Top 100. This set was little more than a 'tits and knickers' show.

There was nothing here that was 'physically volcanic' or 'psychic releasing' for me. By golly, your terms in phraseology show me you are a very educated guy. Seriously.

For a set to be physically volcanic, in my opinion, the Mount has to erupt. I'm not talking Vesuvius or Krakatoa, I'm talking more about Mt. Ruapehu in NZ, which blows every few years, with little, but some lava making it to the cone.

The physically volcanic part, is where the model is obviously comfortable in her surroundings and with her shooter. The Psychic Release is the knowledge that this 'comfort' allows the model to tease the hell out of her viewers.

That's my idea of the 'Perfect' set.

Très jolie modèle, j' ai aimé quand elle a retiré sa petite culotte et qu'on découvre sa jolie chatte.

Waiting until picture 95 to see pussy, when there are only 120 pictures all in anyway, is just plain stupid.

Added to that, there were only 5 'real' pussy shots - you can't count 103, or anything from 115 as 'pussy shots'. Adding insult to injury, one of those 5 had her pussy out of focus.
When are these photogs going to get the message that an unfocused image is dumb, stupid and damaging to their claim of professionality. (Credibility as professionals).

Edwige is a firm favorite of mine here on Met and still is, but this is not a very good set of this beauty. Since the break fron Koenart the sets have not been great

Edwige and gorgeous and hot, but the set doesn't do a good job of bringing to life the fantasy of playing pool (and other games in the billiards room) with a hot girl! Start her out in a dress, get more shots of her bending over the table like 24 and 25, some better shots of her laying on the table, and a few more like 117 and 119. My favorite shots were 83 and 88! Gorgeous, cute girl!!!

Edwige A is a remarquable model with a very nice body. This set, although nice, is not her best set. I love her smile.

Page 3 again! 2 token semi closeups in 6 pages. To top it off those are the ugliest panties I have ever seen and she goes clear to page 5 before she removes them! 33 nude shots out of 120? Why waste the bandwidth?

No doubt Mike G was trying for that "stripper look" from the 1940's. An interesting concept that, with better interpretation, could have turned out better. And -- she should have lost the panties around shot 30.

LOL hipshot, I'm not sure if that's supposed to be a girdle, or if they're just great-grandma panties, but like you, I don't like them!

Little more than a "titty show"... And on a pool table again!! Are these guys NUTS!! At least cover the damn thing!!

I have to agree on the titty show part. This is like a 50's porn shoot. Don't show anything below the waist and never take the bottoms off. I have to call them bottoms since there doesn't seem to be an appropriate name for this fashion mistake. Pool table? wonder if any of these guys have ever tried to do it on a pool table? Believe me when I say there is nothing good about a pool table when you are in the mood for hot sex!



Yes -- cover the table. I greatly enjoy the hours spent with a que in my hand -- the "green field" is sacred.

Edwige has the face of an angel and wonderful boobs. She sure did take her sweet time taking those panties off, but worth the wait.

Yes -- and -- No !

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