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She would be very nice if she shaved.

Her Feet?? I don't even know if she's got carpet-burns on her knees from all the time she spends on all fours with her pert bum in the air!!:-) Edwidge has too many other, glaringly obvious attributes for me to be worried about her feet:-)

Mouth, eyes, smile, pussy and butt to die for! For some mysterious reason, also the less-than-perfectly-kept feet are a big turn-on for me.

Great setting! Delicious model. If it weren't for the 'what I call' poorly focused shots, this would be a 10 for sure. I will never be happy with photographs like #47, and there's more than a few here. As a whole, a nice set in spite of this.

In the shots where she's not smiling, her facial expression seems
to say "I just finished off a bag o' weed, and now I'm getting sleepy."

Edwige's breasts are beyond description. Lovely and a perfect body.

Nice setting and color composition. Edwige is such a pretty woman! Fantastic body! Awesome Abierto Coño! Quiero algúnos!

OMG the lady smolders this whole set... and then bursts into pure flame when she smiles!
...and what a butt!

Wholeheartedly agree, man.

Edwige is a wonderful woman, great looking and has a great figure, one of my top 5 girls here on Met. More Edwige please.

agreed. Edwige was perfectly designed for sex. i love her curvy body, lovely bush and beautiful face. this girl is a sex goddess!!

ya man

Looking sexy as a blonde! I think she looks sexy in all her various hair colors.

Looking sexy as a blonde! Actually I like her in all of her various hair colors.

Edwige is indeed a very beautiful lady and in this set she is really very pretty. I liked very much the various poses, the composition and the background. Great photography and great model. Congratulations for this beautiful set.

what background

Sorry mattdillion, I should have put the simple colorful background instead of background.



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