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Edwige dirty of sand and trimmed.
The maximum of the minimum.

She would be very nice if she lost the brillo pad.

Gorgeous from head to toe. Cannot get enough of this girl.

Edwige is the cutest model on the entire website.

I think Edwidge looks really pretty when she rinses her hair to a lighter shade, it makes her pretty face stand out. And she has a really hot figure as well. I think Mr Helios could have picked a better beach,this one just looks ugly. I don't mind sand on an athletic girl.

That pattern of shaving the pubic hair, leaving the top and removing the bottom, is unnatural looking and a turn-off. I suggest leaving it all on. Shaping the sides and trimming the length is ok.

I think it is up to the model to deside what she thinks looks best for her. When I first joined Rylskyart and later MetArt, I was looking for unshaven women like the women of my youth. But it did not take long for me to realize that these young women are beautiful, with or without hair. It takes a would of courage to pose nude. Whatever helps the model feel confident of her own beauty, works for me. That confidence is the quintessence of feminine sensual beauty, the framework upon all else is biult. If her choice about her intimate grooming helps her be confident, so be it.

Gary - Realistically, doing any trimming down there looks unnatural. It is the current trend with younger women, removing some or all of their pubic hair. Many of them think hair there is gross, or else their boyfriend does or likes the bald look. No matter if it is hygiene or appearance, the vast majority of them do some degree of trimming and shaving these days, some since it first started growing in. I won't get into how I know this, but it comes from good sources.

I think Edwige might be trying to hide that beauty mark. I don't think I have seen her without her top triangle hair.

Gary-the girls don't have much choice. As my model friend in Philly pointed out boyfriends don't care if you look like a bomb went off down there as long as you're not actually diseased. Erotic photographers want action known as waxing the undercarriage. Girls who want to look like adult women have to wax down there and only shave patterns on the groin area.

Edwige. Always wonderful. Genuine, card carrying hot babe.

The proper term is, "goddess."
But, I repeat myself.
( :

I am sorry, but I have used the term goddess repeatedly during the past few weeks. I agree, Edwige is a preeminent beauty. I will redouble my effort to find new and innovative superlatives.

She is a goddess for sure! I love her pretty face and curvy body but her amazing pussy and perfect bush really gets my blood pumping !! wow....

Ok Sailor, you see yesterday lanbof attacked the "sand" even harder than you on a set posted. So the site manager picked this set just for you and lanborf so you both would have something to complain about. Just Kidding.
I made a comment yesterday raising this question. Do we want reality or do we want enhancement i.e. photoshop, etc.? Deltagamma may jump in here but my feeling is that if the model is comfortable or at least OK with sitting in the sand or on a log bare ass, wherever the photographer put her, then we should not bitch. Edwige's smile doesn't seem faked, so I guess she was OK with it. Some models are starting to post here so maybe Edwige or another "sandy" model might give us an answer.
She also gave us some "no sand" explicit shots so you didn't "miss" anything. And who knows maybe while it is a turn off for you and others, there may be some others with a sand fetish. Why do you think we get the isolated high heel/ foot only shots.

I don't really mind the sand so much in this one, except for the shots near the end 112-114 where it is being deliberately poured on. Edwige's set today with "incidental sand" is not like the recent one with Lilian where it was plastered to her inner labia like a kindergarten art project and left on most of the set.

Deltagamma's comments make a lot of sense to me, and I must agree that it is a well-shot set. I am very forgiving in the name of variety, certainly at any chance to see the lovely Edwige as she is portrayed here.

Thanks Deltagamma for jumping in, your perspective is always welcome.

you are welcome kilroy, I enjoy participating into this more and more.

Hi swplf2, here I jump ;)
I totally agree with you when you say that once the model is fine with the sand (or any other structural part of the setting I would add) then there is no reason to complain too much or consider the set a bad one. In practical terms, if you want to avoid the sand you would either have to: 1. never shoot on a sandy beach (so goodbye exotic locations); 2. have the model always standing or avoid the contact of her ass with the sand, limiting the range of poses (especially the most erotic ones); 3. have the model clean up from the sand every thime it sticks to her ass/vagina (I guess this is the sand that is more disturbing some viewers) and this would break the rhythm of the shooting; 4. heavily photoshop the sandy parts giving an overall unnatural look to a very natural location. It's not worth it, too much to loose if compared to some sand.
From my point of view, which is influenced by the fact of being a photographer, some "sandy shots" are acceptable because the sand is a part of the setting and this is an implied feature of outdoor sets, which are necessarily influenced by the setting itself (like water vs. wet skin, wind vs. waving hair, cold vs. goosebumps, etc.).
It's more a mental acceptance rather than an aesthetical approval (I agree that sand or whatever else interacting with the subject of the model is not always nice to see, but that's it), so if those who don't like sand on the skin can't or don't want to switch to the "mental" point of view they can't be blamed.
But still I would not consider this issue a pure "personal taste" one, it is more likely a "philosophical" issue, so it should not influence the judgement of the set too strongly (you should not say "I don't like this set because...", but rather "This set is well shot but...").
About this set in particular I would highlight how well it was shot by my "compatriot" Luca Helios (as usual) and how comfortable and naturally amused Edwige A looks (and since I know her I can say that it's all true and not set up just for the shooting).

There is one thing you could do to help this section. Ask some of your models to view how their sets get published and then join us in the comment section with their views of how we interpret them. Most probably don't have "member" status but you do so you could help by them posting "under" you. I am going to e-mail the powers to be to suggest all models be given access so they can do it themselves. If they choose.

That's a great idea swplf2, I totally agree with the fact that it would be very nice and I think that with some models it's really possible. I had reported to Nicole J, Sunshine A, Luce A and also Edwige A some of the comments about our last published sets and relayed some of their reaction in the comments, but it was mainly their happyness for being appreciated. We can really do it, at least I will strive to do so, hoping that more and more artists and models do the same. I will also encourage to do so the artists I know, such as Ken Tavos and Peter Guzman, maybe they will also like the idea.
And about good ideas, it's no surprise that they come out from such fruitful discussions like this one.
So, I will wait for one of my sets to be featured (most likely with Sunshine A, Luce A, Edwige A or Mia Sollis) to start involving the models too. Looking forward!

Bloody Hell!! A "not just a leery-eyed snapper", but a genuine, real-life photographer with an education beyond the naked female form:-))

And I'm not being facetious. Your articulation and grammar strongly hint at either an Oxford or Cambridge education, possibly even that of a Rhodes Scholar.

If my Country is wrong, then my hemisphere is right, with Harvard a possibility, but that's primarily Law, if my 50+year-old education serves me right, and there are highly ranked universities in the US other than Harvard. But I noticed no "Americanisms" in your writing, so I'm sticking with England!!

The point of my writing though, has more to do with 'sandy genitalia'.

I got interested in females fairly young, and from about the age of 13, was experimenting with skinny-dipping and associated activities on school holidays at the beach. The discomfort experienced by both of us taught us to go shower first.

In those days, bach's (pronounced 'batches'), cribs/holiday homes were in remote seaside locations where toilets and showers were individual units, set aside from the main living area to eliminate sandy feet. Often, the kids had a bunkroom off-site to afford parents a little privacy for personal entertainment also. I won't expand on that.

My point is, I still harbor those memories at the beach, and to this day, I am frustrated in seeing sandy pussies. You are 100% right, take the location away, and you lose a certain exotic setting.

I will tell you something though. For the beach setting may be exotic, it will NEVER beat the pure, unadulterated erotic sexuality of an aroused, nubile young miss, wearing little more than lipstick, a smile and feminine lingerie, waiting, legs enticingly spread, on clean, crisp, white sheets.

From my hazy Greek learning days, Alpha was the 'Beginning' and Omega was the 'Ending'? Delta & Gamma are lost in that distant haze - my problem at school was my 'leery-eyed study of the naked female form' - so Deltagamma is even a bigger problem.

Perhaps, in the not-too-distant future, you might grace me with the formation of your chosen nom-deplume?

Thank you for so graciously participating in the accompanying discussions.

Hi Rich, I feel honored to hear such rewarding and flattering compliments! I am not sure if I deserve them..!
Firstly, like swplf2 wrote DG are my initials, and I can add that the Greek alphabet I used to turn them into my chosen name here is a reference to Classical beauty and its perfection which inspires my works as a visual artist (painter, designer and photographer). I never studied Greek, but I did study Latin at the Lyceum, and started learning English at a primary school which was ran by nuns. That was in Italy, so I am not from England or the US, neither have I ever studied there or in high-level universities such the ones you mentioned, so I am really flattered by your deductions! I also have to thank a school-mate in that primary school if I started following my passion for art: she was attending an art school in a near town twice a week, in the afternoons, and since the nun who was teaching in my class noticed my skills in drawing she suggested I attended the art school. I was only 9 or 10 when I applied and I ended up attending that school for 5 years throughout my primary and secondary school years. There I learnt the basics of art - drawing, oil-painting, anatomy, scenography, perspective and several other things - but most of all the approach to art as a subjective interpretation of my own concepts and views related to forms, always looking for inspiration and being open to ideas and experiments. Those "forms" in my high-school years gradually turned into "female forms", with women becoming my main subject and artistic interest, thanks also to my discover of Playboy magazine (August 1990, Erika Eleniak of Baywatch on the cover; I was 16). Year after year my interest and curiosity about female nudes became stronger and more engaging, so when I started exploring photography about 12 years ago it didn't take long to combine the two things, and the discover of Metart in the early 2000's was the spark which set fire to my passion for erotic art nudes. And here I am today, honored to have had the great opportunity to contribute to Metart itself and recently to participate in such interesting and useful discussions with you all. As an autodidact in photography that's even more gratifying, since I had the proof that those simple rules learnt in my younger years at the art school drove me all this time. And now I found out that exchanging all these interesting and stimulating comments with you broaden my views, help me improve, challenge me to explore new ways. So thank you all!
P.S. swlpf2, I think that it's hard to choose who has been more long winded this time.. ;)

I think he made a comment that the delta was his first initial and gamma was his second. Thus he is DG. Thanks Rich someone is finally more long winded than me.LOL Want to try and decipher my swplf? In all seriousness, Thank you. Your post exactly is what I have been pushing for. Intelligent posts explaining our preferences and constructive comments about what we see. This last part goes for "DG" also. By the way I got my "Greek" from my Jesuit education (Latin, Too.) not my frat years in college.

swplf2, that's all correct, my initials are DG. I guess you read my comments on the Metart blog about my set Voile with Mia Sollis ;)

Yep. I enjoy everything you have added here. Your Models, Your Work, Your taking an active part in the comment section. Thanks!

Deltagamma, I have to agree that Edwige truly appears to be having fun and even rolling in the sand somewhat. Her smiles and expressions do not seem forced in the least, IMO.

I still don't like sand on such delicious bodies but hey, four stunning and gorgeous sets in one day . That certainly has cheered up my Friday the 13th !!

Edwige is as fantastic as ever, what a gorgeous beauty she is and those lovely tits are absolutely fabulous!.

Good to see you back commenting, today. Have you been away or just hadn't had anything to say for awhile. Or did I just miss your comments. Glad you jumped in.

I have been somewhat detained due to a protracted and overly elaborate sword fight.

I see that the boo birds are up at this hour already. Hey get that thump out of your a__ and tell us why you give a thumbs down.

"SW", I really think you give too much attention to the boo birds. If they can't qualify it with comments, who really cares? I like that you say what you feel.

Notice how most of the comments with a thumbs down have one only so far? I think you boo bird is a solitary, measly creature who slithers through giving everyone who dares comment a thumb down automatically.
It doesn't require any thought or effort whatsoever.
Poor lil' feller, your boo bird.

The object is also a low-life, spineless coward, hiding as they are behind the favorable comments made by others. They haven't the guts they were born with to put a name in print.

A lot of good can be garnered from scum-bred individuals such as this.

The foremost is they are jealous of the model, be-it because of Edwidge's natural beauty, ability to pose, naked, with utter confidence and enthusiasm. Or they could also wanna-be a Beautiful, Naked, Model snapper, with no courage to face a woman and ask her to sit. That most likely stems from an aura exuded by pricks of their kind, who ooze slime, and even the most novice of models will pick up on this and turn them down flat.

Most likely, though, they're just perverts like those who get off on sniffing bicycle seats.

The best thing Edwidge, and her working crews can do is laugh in the face of this arsehole, male OR female and get on with what they enjoy doing.

And we can do much the same. But here's a thought - just occurred to me - perhaps we have a male/wanna be/female who's caught in a time-warp?? Now There's a laugh. Because pricks like this are NOT to be pitied. But scorned?? Absolutely!!

Agreed, I wonder what the objective of the 'boo bird' is when giving a thumbs down to a complimentary comment, but I think Rich sums it up quite well in my opinion.

Oh Edwige, your photoset here on Met makes my day. You are looking so beautiful in these pictures. Luca, you are a lucky man having such a beautiful model at your disposal.

Edwige is such a pretty thing—lovely smile, beautiful breasts, tasty-looking pussy—and this is a good set. But once again a model is photographed on the sand, and once again I have to worry about getting the grit out of my teeth. If I had any sense, I'd be irate. But I don't, so what the hell?

Edwige is a goddess. She has cast her spell on you as well.
( :

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