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Beautiful model, nice poses, a bit heavy on the oil.

Very nice to see Edwige in an oily look.

Luca Helios never ceases to amaze me within this latest series of his of Edwidge A is simply stunningly within all of her within the 120 flawless images within this lastest sexy series of Edwige A all oiled up with some very sexy sensual poses capturing the her refection of her body as she lays spread legged upon the slippery surface in some very sexy poses :( Images #75-#76 are simply stunning images of firm round derrier of hers protruding labia lip ~~ Those lovely close ups of her uplifted oiled breasts nipples sexy sweet smile of hers.Edwidges nicely trimmed pussy pink labia lips her firm adbomile muscle per those lovely close up images #89-#90. As a Female i totaly have to agree with guys :) Edwidge A is a sweet sexy model ! I gave i a nice slippery 10 for this latest series Thank You Luca Helios and Edwige A for a lovely new series :( :(

"a nice slippery 10" ~ well put, rags! ( ;

Best set of the day, thank-you Luka and Edwige!

Edwige is "yummy". What a cutie. Love her pretty face (sexy mouth) and cuddly looking body. Just enough bush and what a yummy butt. As previously noted, all 120 photos are beautiful, but photo #75 is awesome. Thanks for the "slippery looking" photo set.

#75 IS an awesome picture!

Hold the oil please. Just like a beautiful salad I prefer my oil on the side please.

I love these oiled sets! No distractions. Just naked shiny oiled skin. Great set.

I don't get why there has to be a necklace ... distracting more than anything else.

Cutest model on the website! I ❤ Edwige!!!

Edwige is a real sweetheart. I like her eyes, brilliant smile, puffy outer labia and protruding inner labia. Thanks to Edwige and Luca for a very nice visit.

I'm not a big fan of the oiled down look... but Edwige pulls it off beautifully. And the minimalist approach suits her as well as the oiled look.
A very impressive set of one of my all-time favorite models.

Stunning. I wish I could offer my services as an oil applicator.

I'd volunteer myself but I'd get fired the first day... LOL

120 perfect photos of 100% solid gold, high octane, perfect feminine beauty. Excellent!

Crisp, clean photography, excellent poses, wonderful gallery. Great job, thanks Mr. Helios and sweet Edwige. This girl is an absolute beauty.

Mind-blowingly sexy set!

I love the reflections caused by oil on skin, it is very sexy. Seeing her glistening smooth skin is so delightful. Almost as delightful as her sweet smile!

Almost! ( ;

Beautiful smile, flawless body and the prettiest tush in town. It's hard not to love Edwige, and even harder not to smile when she returns with a set as delectable as this one.

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