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Things I like about this set:

1. Edwige
2. Variety of poses
3. Getting the whole model in, in the vast majority of shots
4. Setting
5. Shots from a distance (this is important for those with 16:9 screen resolutions so that the pics can be edited to fit the screen without chopping the poor girl up).

Things I don't like about this set:

1. Hair tied up for the whole set rather than down for at least part of the time.
2. Took the heels off too soon.

With this set, after reaching 200 votes, I am finally in the top MA photographers. Thank you all! It's a great honor to be featured in the top 60 artists list together with other legendary photographers who made the history of this website.
I could not hope for a better start of the year!

Keep working with models as lovely as Edwige (my favorite) and you'll stay at the top. Congratulations for your accomplishments. When are we going to see that beautiful redhead, Sally A. again?

Thank you C6C791, I will keep working qith lovely models and try to stay at the top, that's the hardest part but it's worth working hard.
Right today I was thinking to submit another set with Sally later this month, and since you are looking forward to seeing her I will definitely do it ;)

DG, I almost let the day go by without telling you how much I loved this set of Edwige. I can't believe it is one of your first for MA. The setting in this "concrete ruins" is absolutely suberb, great lighting and perfect for an intimate shoot with the very sexy Edwige. I have always admired her athletic legs and all-around good looks. I like her with her hair down, but I think having it up seems appropriate for the theme of the set.

From all the praise here, you have gained a lot of fans at MA because of quality work like this, and the background information you share with us. "K" must be taking notice.

Hi K! last but not least..;) You know I am always happy to find your icing on the cake of a very rewarding series of comments, I was almost sure you would like the set but it's always great to read your own words. If I shot this set in the last year you would all have enjoyed a greater connection of the model with the viewer, but since it was shot at the start of my story at MA you don't see yet her mood and personality really coming out except for some shots. Anyway, Edwige is a special model and has unique features, like her legs and her overall look, and with her hair up like you say it was more appropriate for this set (it was actually her who suggested to try that, she has quite a good taste for styling).
As I am reading your comment this morning i just got the 200th vote as photographer here, so maybe that's the start of something wishful for this year. I am really looking forward to starting 2014 with new ideas, new models and more published sets. Thank you for support!

Congratulations on the 200th vote, DG!

Thanks fer_realz!

I loved this set! The ancient ruins were fabulous; we don't have many ancient ruins in America. I feel there is a story here: perhaps Edwige has been drawn to this place for some reason, maybe she saw it in a dream. The necklace has special powers, and was probably left to her by a mysterious wealthy relative who dabbled in the Occult. There, among the aged stone walls, she awakens some ancient power and dances nude in a ritualistic manner while under the influence of some long forgotten earthly Goddess. If she ever became a vampire or a zombie I wouldn't have the heart to do away with her, I would have to let her suck my blood or eat my brain. Perhaps I've seen to many movies. Anyway great set!

Ouchstopit, your story was nice, but I especially loved the postscript. Imagine falling in love with a Zombie and letting her eat your brains... ( :
Talk about the ultimate Romeo and Juliet story! LOL

Wow Ouchstopit, that's a great plot for a Metart movie soon... maybe.. ;) Anyway, the uniqueness of the ruins and most of all of the model contributed to put together a not too bad set. I am really glad you are among those who loved it, I am seriously thinking of shooting again soon with Edwige, why not.

Edwige is a favorite model, she is so beautiful and such a good poser. I do wish more photogs would use the Crimean ruins specially the graeco-Roman and Tatar ruins. the Tatar palace at Badahcheri(sp?) is a specially beautiful palace, and the graeco-Roman ruins of the trading cities, and the uncut stone tatar and mongol ruins are interesting too. Edwidge and Mia Solis would be perfect for posing.

Edwige is a favorite model, she is so beautiful and such a good poser. I do wish more photogs would use the Crimean ruins specially the graeco-Roman and Tatar ruins. the Tatar palace at Badahcheri(sp?) is a specially beautiful palace, and the graeco-Roman ruins of the trading cities, and the uncut stone tatar and mongol ruins are interesting too. Edwidge and Mia Solis would be perfect for posing.

5seadog, it's nice to find out that you liked the setting and what you suggest is very interesting. I am not sure I will get the chance to use the ruins you listed but surely some Greek or Roman ruins or from the Middle-age will be easy to use for me in the short term. It's nice to combine the beauty of historical architecture and that of a model. I was in Sicily in september in the valley of the Temples and there were so many incredible greek ruins that would be perfect for such types of sets. By the way, one of my sets with Mia which will be published in the future develops nearby a roman ancient fountain, so stay tuned ;)

More sets with Mia ~ fabulous news!!!!

Such great use of posing to take advantage of Edwige's beautiful hips and body!

Dutchman, glad you liked those poses, Edwige is great in showing off her beautiful body

Edwige is still my #1 Met-Art model despite the poor lighting in this set.

Glorious body and face.

What a lovely set. Edwige is sleek and beautiful. The setting is a perfect contrast to her in every way—color, texture, scale, everything. The contrasts made for some really pleasing compositions. My only cavil: I would have liked to see that 10,000-watt Edwige smile sooner. Well done as usual, DG, all the best for 2014.

Hi Sailor, good observation as usual. Thanks for appreciating, and as you can read in my first post I agree with your cavil, Edwige is not smiling here as much as she could, so that's my fault, but it's just because the set was shot before starting such a fruitful dialogue with you all almost one year ago, now you can be sure that I would not miss or waste a single watt of Edwige's smile. I wish you a great 2014 too!

Let's hope this sets rating helps get more sets by Delta posted! I known she's Czech and not Ukrainian but man is she something or what. And that smile! Maybe more inviting than her other parts, No her other parts are great also. How's the New Year treating you? Why can't you turn some of your U. girls into illegal aliens, (Oops, Not PC) so we can feast upon them here. I bet they would love Ohio at this time of year.

With the blizzards??? Just like Russia!

You got the point

They wouldn't want to shed their clothes here in the midwest now, for sure...Only boudoir shot. Ahh, to dream...

Where is Rags? It might be nice down under...

DG I loved the set. You already addressed the Edwige letting her funny side show more in newer sets. Another suggestion is to have her let her hair down. Doesn't have to be be for the whole set, but maybe the last 10 - 20 pics. Love the location for this set too. Something about Edwige just gets me going every time. Happy New Year to you and Edwige and hope to see some more sets from you soon.

Hi JB1718, thank you for the hint about the hair, I will surely consider it next time. Edwige also likes to play with her make up and hairstyle, she is very good as self-make up artist and stylist too, and I am sure she would agree with you. So let's wait till our next shooting. Happy new year to you too!

Great set, DG!
Edwige is simply gorgeous.
Happy New Year to you both!

Thanks Matt! so glad you liked the set! Can't agree more about Edwige, she is radiant.
A great new year to you too!

It's fantastic to see Edwige again, especially through the lens of my favourite photographer. I love this beautiful young lady, she's a true treasure of Metart. As always she looks magnificent on your photos and big thanks for the ponytail, I really like it. I enjoyed the location too, Edwige looks like a queen among the old ruins. And it's great you were in the shadow, because the light conditions were excellent there. So the end result is another super high quality set, I think both of you should be proud of this amazing collection. :)
I'd like to wish you and your wonderful models a very happy and prosperous new year deltagamma and please keep these excellent sets coming. You're an artist I like a lot here, hopefully we can enjoy your work more frequently in 2014.

Arthur II, if I am your favorite photographer I can really say that you are in my top fans list.. Thank you! Edwige as a queen really fits her attitude and the ambiance of the location. Yes the shadow helped having a low contrast condition in the mid afternoon, and that was fine for the shoot. Of course we are proud of the images which came out of this :) and also of such a flattering appreciation ;)
Thank you very much for the nice wishes for me and my models for this new year, you can be sure that I am looking forward to bringing many more sets to you all!

Amen, to everything you said.

One of my all-time favorite models, shot by one of my favorite photographers! I was thrilled when I saw this set's cover, and the set did not disappoint.
The setting was clever... a mini-stage just the right size to showcase Edwige's regal and yet earthy sexuality.
The costume was nice, especially the heels. I was happy with how long they stayed on; a gorgeous woman wearing nothing but her smile and a sexy pair of heels is such a treat. In fact, the only "improvement" I would have made would have been to have her wear them through the entire set. ( :
Finally, those shots where she lets her guard down and smiles ~ those shots sparkle like diamonds, and I would request of you to tell her so. ( :

fer_realz, always nice words from you.. Thank you! I was a bit concerned about the setting, not sure it would have been understood, so the satisfaction is double. About the shoes with heels.. I got it ;) You know, after realizing once again how many fans Edwige has I am starting to think to call her for another great session, focusing on her bright and funny side, with backstage images which show her personality all-round. I will surely tell her what you wrote, I think she is still out of her country for holidays but I will try to get in touch soon and let you all know if she has something to tell.

Excellent ~ another set from Edwige would be a real treat! ( : Especially one focusing on her personality ~ for many photographers I think that would sound like a difficult "assignment" but I feel like you (and the other successful MA photographers) have always specialized in evoking the personality of the models in their photos.
And I feel that the comments section has helped that process, by establishing a feedback relationship with a greater segment of the membership than the email option alone.
Oh, I forgot to wish you a happy and prosperous 2014, DG! Thank you for your wonderful work thus far... ( :

Thank you for relying on my for such a challenging assignment fee_realz, and as you write I am quite sure to have good possibilities to catch the personality of models like Edwige or the other ones I have a special tune with. Surely the comments section and the inputs and feedback from you all greatly helped the process throughout these 9-10 months, there is no doubt about it, and it is helping more and more.
Thank you for the wishes, I really appreciate them and I also wish you the best for this year just started, hopefully in company of many great images with gorgeous models ;)

I hope he is able to do as you requested... And K. lets us have it...I want Delta to get many more postings this year and I am sure you do too. Mia, Edwige, and some of his other girls just seem to "come alive" when ha shoots them. Now if we could just get Delta to team up with a good videographer just think how those movies would shine.

Amen, brother!

F, as you know we already wrote about increasing my postings and I am quite optimistic about that since I have planned to strengthen my commitment too, we will see soon, but thank you again for believing in me. Every time you and other loyal and passionate members notice that "special" something in my sets it's really rewarding and challenging, and the idea of bringing that "something" to videos is really challenging, so who knows what the new year will bring.. Should I meet my friend APF more often...? ;)

Edwige is a bit to serious in this set. I would really rather see her other side. I prefer a more relaxed and fun sort of set. A more candid feel like you get with Luce. You are right, I see a lot of difference between this and your newer work. I would really have liked to see the between sets chat and making faces and laughing and more flexible poses. Edwige has one awesome lower body. Was she a gymnast? That is the most powerful set legs and butt of any model I have seen and her feminine parts are exquisite! I just need to see her lighter side.

What catches my eye is that she is so well toned, without being overly cut on her muscles. The way she has managed her body makes it delectable as a real women. Great balance of femininity w/strength.

Yes, swplf... she is unmistakably strong (I like my women strong!) while simultaneously being powerfully feminine.
There are as many female body types as there are females... but the curvy ones are the best IMO. ( :

If I remember well Edwige did some dancing school, but I will ask to know more about her extraordinary flexibility

Dance could also account for the lower body strength and flexibility but usually dancers tend to have less mass in there thighs and lower legs than gymnasts. Of course it could just be her genes.

I agree hipshot131, I will surely include more funny shots in my next work, I am already doing it in my most recent sets but unfortunately my older sets are more focused on the poses rather than the facial expressions. Btw I am glad that you noticed the difference between the older and the newer sets.

The difference is easy to see for me. It really helps to see the real side of the models. This is erotic photography and there is nothing erotic about watching a stone faced model going through here poses like a robot. Not saying this is true of this set but in general I like to feel something from the model. If she is enjoying the work I will be enjoying viewing it. Luce is very good at drawing me in and making me smile as are the other models that I like.

One of the best sets ever!

10/10 for Edwige.
10/10 for the photographer.

Would like to see much more sets of this kind!

uuusssee, you can be sure I will create more sets like this after having such great feedback so far!

My fourth set with Edwige. This is actually one of my first sets shot for Metart, although I submitted it only last year. I must say that there is a difference between my shooting style back then and the current one, which has been increasingly affected by the viewers' comments and expectations in the last year, as it can be noticed in my latest sets.
These images were shot in the same period of the previously published sets, in a warm and sweet september 2011 in Italy, when Edwige spent some days together with her friend Luka B (featured in the set Sonen) for our shooting.
The location of this set is the one I have already used in "Sonen" and with Luce in "Gronne" and "Espaziora", a very nice natural and historical area with plenty of different places in the nature, where you can shoot while enjoying the place (I often go there with models and have a pic nic on the grass for lunch). This setting in particular is the ruin of a roman building with the view on a beautiful green valley (the one visible also in the set "Espaziora").
As I already wrote before Edwige is a really extrovert and funny girl, and - although in these images she was quite concentrated and you don't see her smiling - she really enjoyed the session and had fun in the pauses, chatting and laughing with Luka and making funny faces all the time. She also enjoyed assuming several flexible poses, alternated with some more classical ones. As for the other sets, she did her own make up, since she is very good at it and enjoys doing it.
After completing this set we shot a few more sets and portraits until the sunrise, taking advantage of a great natural light and then finally got back downtown for a good dinner as a reward for the work of the day.
It's really been a pleasure to spend a few days with Edwige, we know each other since 2010 and the first time we met it was the same day I also met Mia Sollis for one of their first nude sets. I could never imagine they would both become two of my favorite models and I am very glad to keep bringing Edwige (and Mia as well) here, hopefully for some more time.

Great background information, thanks DG.

If Mia and her are still friends try and get a set with them both here. I would love a Sexart set but Mia might not want to do that so just let them "play" here. Bring Luce if they want and have a threesome. Will Phi allow that?

Yes, Mia and Edwige are still friends, they also travel together shooting abroad. I actually shoot them in a soft girl/girl set for The Life Erotic, you may check it out. Unfortunately Mia does not shoot in Sexart style and Edwige never did, but a duo for Metart could be possible, and a trio with Luce would be possible too, they are all good friends of Phi as well.

I think a duo or trio with Edwige, Mia and Luce (or any combination thereof) would be wonderful! Please ask them very nicely for all of us... ( : ( : ( :

I will see, why not? they are all very nice persons and they may do it for the pleasure of many ;)

Best set of the day by far!

I second that!!!

Too kind..

1st of the year and a real winner. Keep.it.up,bro.

Happy new year "F"! I could not hope for a better start of the year, and I am also one of those who are happy overall. Btw, HAPPY NEW YEAR! And I hope that my resolutions will make you all happy again soon ;)

Her last picture says it all. She's happy, were happy! One of her best ever. Great Work.

What an interesting setting. A concrete ruin provides such a good background for your sleek, sophisticated perfection, you cool, remote goddess -- until the sun breaks through with that radiant smiles at the end!

Hi Myshkin, Edwige will be happy to read how much you like her in this set, you got the word right, she is a real goddess!

Great set! Please give her love from all of us.

Edwige is back and looking beautiful. All hail Edwige and DG for a great set of pictures.

Thank you monkeryma! not by chance Edwige is one of my favorite models, I am happy you liked this set.

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