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Perfect! She's so yummy.

Another fantastic photo set of Edwige, my #1 model. I have more photos saved of Edwige than any other girl. A lot like #118 & 119. Thanks Edwige for posing and thanks Luca for capturing and sharing her beauty with us.

Impish smile :)

Beautiful girl in every way. Her pussy is exceptional with the accent of the hair above, scrumptious. Edwige's tits are hott as ever, one of my favorite parts of her body. I especially love the great shots of her ass, showing her pussy from behind and her asshole as well, which is breathtaking as always.

Anna, Gorgeous and Beautiful. You keep getting better. Now my favorite.

Mmm, mmm, mmm, #78 is a beautiful picture. I wish photographers would try this pose more often.

Thank you Edwige, thank you Luca.

Edwige looks so cuddly. 78-81 and 118-120 are my favorites, especially 119. Love that pose when the model looks back over her shoulder and is smiling!

I think Edwidge is always hot but looks much better with her hair lighter. I like Mr. Helios putting against the simple background.Edwidge gets a 10+++ and so does Luca Helios

Great set of photos, and she has sexy armpits!

So Edwige is blonde today? Makes no difference to me. She is always one sexy woman no matter what her hair color is. I always enjoy seeing her, especially with these full body shots which we are abundantly provided in this set. Thanks Luca, for bringing Edwige to us today.

For my taste, that is an absolutely perfect trim on a delicious and beautiful 'creme puff'. That's what I call a "carpet"... That alone got my 10! (Nice set too...)

I hope some of the other girls take a liking to that trim as well...
I'd like to see a lot more of it. I can't imagine a better compromise for the "bushmen" and the "skinheads"...;o) lol

The best of both, a nice manicured carpet on top for asthetics, yet out of the way for nutritional enrichment activities.

Edwige is sooooo beautiful. I love her smile.
Thanks. This pictorial is an excelent work of art.

Edwige is still my No. 1 Met Art model!

Mine too, my sweetheart.

I can totally see why!

By the way ...

"From the Germanic name Hadewig, derived from the Germanic elements hadu "battle, combat" and wig "war". This was the name of a 13th-century German saint, the wife of the Polish duke Henry the Bearded. It was subsequently borne by a 14th-century Polish queen (usually known by her Polish name Jadwiga) who is now also regarded as a saint."

I regard our Edwige as a saint, but it has nothing to do with battle, combat or war. She's just utterly delightful.

Dude.... that was twisted...;o) thanks...

Interesting change in hair color it has been said that variety is the spice of life- Right Edwige?

Edwige ... happy. :)

There is so much more I could say, but the bottom line is so simple ... I see Edwige, naked, I feel happy.

PS - also happy to see her in skimpy outfit. :)

all is top...and photoshop is not vivible ^^
thank you

The luscious Edwige as blonde bombshell... what can I say, she does it to me.
Absolutely scrumptious, this little lady.

Lovely bush. lovely body. lovely girl...

This set is a total contrast to Edwige's appearance with Deltagamma last month. Both sets are equally good, IMO, but they show our girl in very different lights. Luca Helios has put her in the simplest possible setting. The focus is totally on Edwige, not Edwige as part of a larger scene. It works because she is a very beautiful woman—beautiful face, beautiful body, and because her smile lights up the room.

Edwige looks beautiful of course and while I find the new blonde look interesting, I have to admit that I prefer Edwige's natural hair colour.

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