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Sorry to spoil everyone's fun but I thought this was a lousy set for such a lovely model. All it needed was a bloody water melon!

Both model and photographer are superb, as usual. But Edwige is so beautiful, and her face to entrancing, her photos are not served well by such garish (IMO) makeup. She doesn't need it and it's an unpleasant distraction.

The necklace was too distracting. Don't care for sand on skin.

Nope! Not today! Not tomorrow...not ever. "S.I." this ain't!

Edwige you're a woman of a strong and gentle beauty that makes you dream.
Luca is among the artists photographers that I prefer.
But dirty of sand and "trimmed" you are not pleasant to look at.

The trimmed hair is fine with me as Edwige's personal style of choice. The sand I could do without.

I can't take it anymore. Edwige you're killing me with those eyes. Photos such as 17, 23, 35, 37, 53, 54, 61-62 are just several, but the one that knocked me out was #57 (excellent Luca).
As Little Walter and later Elvis sang, to me you are "My Babe". You look like a "sex kitten", so cuddly, so yummy...I better stop before I get in trouble.

This is a fabulous set by Edwidge and Mr. Helios, But I still don't know if the Czech Republic (where he usually operates) has a coastline or if Mr. Helios had Edwidge climb the airport perimeter fence, dash across the tarmac, and hide in the jet's wheelwell while Mr,Helios rode first class to Italy. (It looks like the coast where he did "Girlfriends"and "Namisi ") Howsome ever,I gave Edwidge and Mr. Helios both a 10+++. Even though there are not enough back and butt shots.She could have stood on her head in the water or something.

Hey Bobblehat, I'm the genius with the gritty sand, I just changed my mind. Always open to having a beautiful setting and crystal clear blue water change my mind!! Nice set!!!

She is very pretty - it just seems that she is bored inmost of the pics. 78 has a great smile

Maybe not as many smiles as you would like, personally I'd much prefer a handful of genuine smiles such as we have here, as opposed to a gallery full of forced smiles where the model appears to be on medication or training for some bizarre ballroom dancing routine.

Edwige on a Beach... Che Paradiso:-)

Brace yourself, some genius will appear shortly to inform us all that beaches are made of sand and that sand is gritty.

bobblehat-you guessed!

I believe I once read somewhere that clay or mud can provide effective UV shielding to body parts exposed to the sun... I have to suppose that beach sand could do the same thing, though of course one would have to spend much more time ensuring that the coverage was adequate. I have to assume this is the aim Edwige was trying to achieve, having run out of the kind of sunblock that comes in bottles. ( :
Be that as it may, there are some nice un-sanded shots in here, amongst the sandy ones. Those are my favorites. ( :

Good for you fer_realz, you got a whole issue of National Geographics and a short story out of this. I was just watching some soft porn.
Did you know hippos in the Nile use mud and sand exactly like that to prevent sunburn on their pink snouts?
You are right, there is enough good pictures there to wear me out. We love you Edwige

Oh, please don't get me wrong, Edwige is one of my personal favorites! I'm happy any time a set of hers is published, I just don't like sandy sets of anyone. Personal preference there. ( :
Having said so... It is obvious that the young ladies enjoy playing in the sand, since so many of them do it in beach/desert/sand dune sets. So, if it makes them happy, play away....

Another pleasing visit from beautiful Edwige!

Images similar to #14 should be included in every photographer's repertoire, especially a full length version.

I love the location and the girl. I get all kinds of fetishes and artsy sets, but I generally don't get sandy or dusty ass pictures though. There seems to quite a few of such pictures on this site ... uhm. Turns me right off.
It's up there with the poor lighting or wet fabric draped on some stool and the floor with colored lighting ... but I digress. Say no to dirty ass.

I don't get it, either. Thankfully there were plenty of unsanded pictures, as fer_realz points out. Incidental sand will happen, but intentionally plastering a fine woman with sand, mud or dirt is a turn off to me as well.

True enough, it's only the cover and a couple of shots that have sandy ass. I must have just incidently reached my dirty ass saturation level here ;-) I hope Edwige is well and sand free by now. (sand does get everywhere)

Beautiful location for a stunningly beautiful girl, I could look at Edwige in a scrapyard and be aroused, she's absolutely gorgeous and those boobs are just sheer perfection, lovely.

Such a babe...! That's the word: B A B E . . . Again I specify, pubic hair makes nude women much more sexy... God made women like this, and I must say, I much prefer the feeling of soft fine pubic hair, when touching a Woman's holiest of holy... Than a shaved scratching crutch...

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