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I agree with an earlier post. This young goddess needs to have regular posts. She is perfection personified. She has perfect proportions, perhaps the cutest feet on the net, and a winsome smile that melts hearts. More Edwige...Please!

If I had my way...we would have weekly set updates of Edwidge. She is a goddess to be worshiped from head to toe. Thanks for a very enjoyable set.

Edwige never fails to make an impression with me. She has a terrific figure, and a set like this with plenty of full body shots to show it off is definitely appreciated.

...and along came Edwige and saved me from mind boggling boredom.

Got my 10 --

Of course, it's more of a "Van Dyke" -- rather than a full beard. As beards go, I always thought George V looked better than Von Tirpitz.

I love the topless in jeans look. Edwige is much prettier when she smiles - for her it makes a huge difference. Her breasts are glorious.

Edwige is my #1 fave Met-Art model...welcome back, babe!

Edwidge embodies perfection here,as does luca Helios's photography. How do you comment on perfection? I gave a 10+ infiniry

Thanks Luca. Beautiful, absolutely breathtaking beautiful!

Nothing says "summer" more than a bra top and cut-off shorts.

And the removal of both. :)

There is a major flaw with this set. It wasn't long enough !!!!!

I could barely make it through the first 29 and then came #30 and I hit my face on the damn screen. If this set was any longer I would have gone into cardiac arrest! Edwige, I swear one of these days...someone said Prague, I'm there.

A nice sommer Set by Luca:-) Stunning ♥Edwige♥!!! I like to much Girls wearing shorts and ♥Edwige♥ is a Dream Doll with this shorts ♥ What for a Body!!! What for a Smile!!! She's absolutely lovely ♥ Thank You Edwige for Your amazing Beauty and come back soon, please ♥ ♥ ♥

Very nice set.It is refleshing to find Edwige like that on a hot summer day.

I don't like Daisy Dukes, but damn if Edwige don't make 'em look almost good. ( :
Edwige herself looks fantastic, as usual. I like her attitude. ( :

You wouldn't say "No" to those Daisy Dukes if you bumped into her on a hiking trail above Obersalzburg -- would you ?

Always perfect Edwige. All of her photos are solid gold. And this set is no exception. Edwige is another of those models that seem to be the face of MetArt, what MetArt is all about. Makes me want to visit Prague.

Absolutely stunning, especially with her hair wet, oh yes!. That's how to look sultry, compared with some of the "you ate the last biscuit!"pouts some of the girls possess.

Nice set.

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