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sexy armpits!

Ekaterina you are abeautiful woman. Ekaterina reminds me ever so slightly of Emma Stone.

One of my favorite girls... I wonder if she likes sucking cock?

One of my favorite girls... I wonder if she likes sucking cock?

freckles are cute & sexy.

But she should spend some of the money she made on a pedicure. Just saying...

I always enjoy seeing Kat, but she needs to find a nude beach and even out that tan... Or stay in my bed until it ALL fades...;o)

EKATERINA is lovely but this whole set seems sort of blah. It was to relaxed and comfortable. Sort of like she just wasn't into it and was just going thru the motions. No real smiles, no enthusiasm, no spark.

Add to that the the photography too seemed rather flat and lifeless.

A lovely model and excellent photographer but neither showed much inspiration this time. sort of like sleepwalking.

I have to agree about the freckles. Freckles are like nature's tatoos.

Generally high quality...!

Ella no hace mucho para mí.

Also thank you for beutiful up close armpit shots

Definitely stubble and thank you Alex for having her pose how I like.

Look pussy stubble Too. She must have been posed especially for me.....

Gorgeous, sexy woman!!! I luv her perfect body!!!

This is a model who is so beautiful she entertains every natural thought you could have towards a woman's body.

Yes indeed. Luscious. I want to count and kiss each freckle.

Love this girl, Ekaterina is very cute and always willing to spread those lovely legs wide and display her gorgeous cunt.

Yes! And what a shame that the photographer didn't capture more "gorgeous" close-ups of that gorgeous cunt!

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