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Great job! Ekaterina looks so sweet and edible!

Thank you Mr. Clemens to give us a complete view (head to toe) of this gorgeous Ekaterina.

WOW! Giovane is gorgeous and captivating. What a beautiful young woman along with great photography and excellent posing. Outstanding!

Like her armpits and the closeup on 1101.

Ekaterina is adorable, she has a very shy look to her, but thankfully it is just a look as she continues to delight with some great shots where she wantonly flaunts her lovely cunt for us.

love the leg up looking between her legs at the me shot more like that please

One of my favorite girls on metart. This set isn't all that erotic, but still nice to see her again....

Gorgeous girl with perfect everything!!!

A beautiful Russian "girl next door". Love her.

I feel just the opposite. The only thing better than Ekaterina posing nude is two Ekaterina's. I like mirror shots.

Such a sweet and natural beauty. I really like the minimal makeup and those wonderful freckles. I have always been a fool for a pretty girl with freckles. She has a great body and that pretty little flower is perfect as is just about everything else.

But ONE of the images is always fuzzy. If both images were focused, I agree, but they never are.

Although, looking this over a bit closer, these "double exposures", as I call the mirror shots, aren't so bad after all. She stays close enough to the mirror that the focus isn't as bad as a lot of what I've seen. No.13 is a great shot, but even there you can see the mirror image is a bit fuzzy. Some of the other shots, even though the reflection is out of focus a bit, are REALLY nice where we get her beautiful body from two different angles. I defer to the mirror lovers...;o) This one's nice.

One of my favorites, looking mighty yummy... This isn't bad for a bathroom set, but I've had enough of the mirrors already!! I have a hard enough time staying focused on ONE image! Nice set though. Great looking girl!

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