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Eleonora is a very pretty girl with an OUTSTANDING body!!!

There were several exceptional new models Met Art introduced to us in the year 2013....and IMO, Eleonora is the best of them.
She is one woman I wish Met Art would bring back.

Eleonora looks fantastic in both her sets....please bring us more of her Bragin!!!

I'm worried about many of you claiming hetero status... WHO the hell even noticed the car? Seriously, beautiful girl? Hello? Hottie young brunette and you old women worried about basic transportation. Which was most likely a ploy for the photog to get his car washed for free?

We need to go ahead and give the photographer some credit for multitasking, if nothing else.

Also, pretty naked girl!

My thoughts too, Eleonora looks fantastic.....hell with the car! If the girl looks beautiful, I could care less if she's wearing a garbage bag.
Eleonora is #2 or #3 on my list. She's a gorgeous young lady with an amazing smile, a pretty face, and a fabulous body.
I hope she's around for a long, long, long, time.

Revlis335, I agree completely. If the woman is beautiful, I can overlook just about anything else.

such a hottie
beautiful eyes/smile
perfect body

with Leonardo as photographer she could be in the top 3

Very pretty girl....exceptional. I hope to see more from her considering she's one of my top 2 or 3 models already.

Lovely model, lousy set, lousier car and hideous necklace.

Welcome Eleonora ! ,

Hopefully we will see more of you , you are a very nice addition to this site.

What an incredibly beautiful smile, would love to see more soon

I always anticipate a new model. This is a bit of a disappointment, certainly NOT on the model's behalf, but on the setting and poses. Please let someone else shoot her next time.

Weird. Not good weird.... just strange.

beautiful girl in a bad setting

Which setting? I see about 3 or 4 different ones....and none of them good!
Good looking girl but a terrible "set"(?)

  • Gary
  • 9 months ago:

A nice model here but the necklace is awful and so is the set. Put her in an artistic setting and get rid of the clothing sooner.

I think the exact opposite. I love these more natural, spontaneous, candid type sets. The overly stylised arty type set where the model is contorted into rediculous poses that make them look like a lunatic playing demented naked charadesare over-represented on this site. And I espeicially love the cheeky upskirt shot while she's fixing her car. More like this please!!

I bet a lot of women wash their car with a gawdy necklace on... or NOT. I concur.



Seriously cute girl but a very confusing set. first she is thumbing a ride then she takes a drive and breaks down in some flooded area so she decides to wash the car naked? Seriously strange and the photography is very amateurish.

Maybe next time?

What setting is next for this photographer?

The rendering room at a meat packing plant?

  • Zakk
  • 9 months ago:

She has, like, an incredibly cute - and apparently clean! - bottom.

What a wonderfully strange set. THIS LITTLE GIRL IS FULL OF PERSONALITY,

hot new girl! love her!

but the photography is not really top notch :/

hope to see some "better" shots of her soon

maybe Leonardo or Rylsky could take care of her?

would be great .. cheers!

Let the girl choose, not us. If she agreed on work with this photographer - it was the reason. Look at her face - she was happy with him.

Very funny set, i see no problems with scenery, is is pure fun and full of absurd of life and i see love to person with camera who shoot this set in her smile and eyes.

Great model for sure.

“I’ll take cliché adult movie themes for 30, Alex.”

“After the delivery/maintenance guy scenario, name one of the next top three adult movie themes.”

“Stalled car on a rural road, let’s get naked.”

In all seriousness, the outdoor set usually does little for me, but this one is just quirky enough to work....(well, and pic#s 46-48 are really nice, and I would love to see her do those in bed). Eleonora looks like a fun model to work with, and I'm looking forward to her next set.

  • SOLS
  • 9 months ago:

Beautiful girl, but maybe get rid of those scary fingernails.

Too much scrap...

Beautiful, cute and sexy all roles up into one. Appears to be very much at home in front of the camera. Just love her. More please.

Beautiful, cute and sexy and seems very at home in front of the camera. Lover her. More please. Next time indoors.

  • H WU
  • 9 months ago:

Reminds me of those Playboy's Wet and Wild series.Nice debut.

Not a fan of outdoor sets...is this femjoy?

If it were on a rocky shore, shot by Valery Anzilov, absolutely.

  • Zakk
  • 9 months ago:


Nice model but the car is seriously low budget.

Wanna be hired by that carwash

The seller

Very beautiful woman. Could we have an indoor set next time please.

Yikes! A variant on the old car wash theme. But a very, very sexy woman. Welcome lovely Eleonora.

  • a2m2
  • 9 months ago:


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