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Being in field with Eleonora in this galery is same as being in heaven to me. Her body is the most perfect I remember seeing. Eleonora breasts, buttocks, legs, and everyhing are a 10 to my eyes. I love her lovely smile and pretty eyes and humorous attitude also. She is a special beauty I think. I wish she has more gallerys for she is truely a gorgeous lady.

There are many pleasant things about Eleonora. She has a pretty face and a big cute smile. She has a beautiful body and her breasts buttocks and legs are very pleasant to look at too. She is one of the prettiest models to me.

Eleonora has the perfect figure in my opinion. She has a fabulous body, simply incredible.
Her hips are amazing in so many photos, but especially in #100 where her "female walk/shake" can be seen somewhat....I'm certain you all know what I'm talking about.....that beautiful female hip and buttocks motion that's impossible to turn away from when a gorgeous woman walks on by.

I wish I could see Eleonora in a video because I am absolutely positive that she has a hot, sexy, mind blowing shake when she walks....and she has gorgeous breasts too, and without a bra between her buttocks, hips, and breasts I'm sure she would cause me to go into cardiac arrest....but damn, what a way to die!

Eleonora, in my opinion you possess one of the most beautiful bodies humanly possible. You have a marvelous smile and a cute face too.
You are a gorgeous woman....a definite 10 to my eyes. WOW, you are HOT!!!

Cute girl, pretty smile.....GREAT BODY!!! (seriously though, she has a fantastic body).
Eleonora is a very attractive woman. She is a looker.....beautiful from head to toe.

Lying on a blanket/towel with Eleonora (image 56) in tall grass on bright and sunny day would be like dying and going to Heaven. Incredible beauty.

This girl is SUPER CUTE and SMOKIN' HOT!!! What a body!!!

I wish there was a video of Eleonora. Everything about this girl screams sexy in my opinion. Seeing her in motion would be incredible....her beautiful hips, legs, butt, and breasts all moving fluidly, MMMMMM!!!

Oh my God! Photos 48 & 49, 57 & 58, and 60-63....WOOOOOOOWWWWWW!!!!!
Eleonora has a PERFECT BODY!!!!! Those breasts, her tummy, her butt, her legs, her mons pubis, and what a gorgeous labia!!!!! An extremely pretty face, super sweet smile, and she's a brunette/black hair too!!!!!
Exclamation, exclamation, exclamation!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I agree, Eleonora does have a perfect body....WOW!!!, what a body!....an as others have said, Eleonora is SMOKING HOT!!!
If there is only a video to she this girl in motion. Watching her walk and seeing her hips, legs, breasts, and butt all in motion would be incredible.

Nice looking woman. Beautiful face and body.

This girl Eleonora is one fine looking woman. Her body is absolutely perfect. She has magnificent legs, hips, butt, breasts, and a pretty face too! She is drop dead gorgeous. I only wish Met Art would bring her back again. I am aware that she has a couple galleries on Erotic Beauty and Goddess Nudes (I posed this on her main page), but these galleries are much smaller (I believe they were shot with the intent of being one gallery). Eleonora is one of the top models on this entire site in my opinion. To put it plainly just as others have said, ELEONORA IS SMOKING HOT!!! It is a privilege to have the opportunity to see a woman this beautiful in the nude and I am extremely grateful that she has shared her extraordinary beauty with us, but please bring her back and as often as possible.

I might add, image #28 is PERFECTION!!!!! (among others).
Eleonora is as beautiful as any woman I have ever seen. She has it all, pretty face, fabulous breasts, great legs, and an incredible butt. I find this girl to be addictive, I keep coming back for more, more, more!!! I wish Met Art would talk to Bragin (or any other photographer who will listen) and bring Eleonora back for many, many, many, more sets. She is HOT, SMOKING HOT!!!

I think Eleonora is SMOKING HOT!!!
Absolutely perfect body, butt, breasts, and legs, PLUS an adorable smile and beautiful face.

Please bring Eleonora back! She is one of my favorites.

Very pretty girl. Absolutely gorgeous smile and great body. Hope to see much more from Eleonora.

Image #56 makes a great wallpaper. Eleonora truly is a gorgeous woman.

She would be nice if she shaved.

Beautiful girl, but there need to be more angles, these are all front-facing.
Also, the images are out of focus and not very sharp.

A very beautiful model with exceptionally fine breasts.

Pretty girl! However I'd like the rename the photset "90's photo Cliches" if I may.

Decent photography, head and shoulders above the last effort.

Super cute girl. Too bad many pics are out of focus.

that face! that smile! she radiates happiness.

The whole set screams 'I am a pretty girl having lots and lots of fun.'


There are a lot of positives and negatives about this photoshoot (my biggest issue is continuity of photos, i.e. ordering), but overall it hits the mark and why... Eleonora. This girl is truly stunning and its lovely that we get to see her personality in these sets by Bragin. I would like to see another photographer handle Eleonora (leonardo, Luca), just to see the outcomes and response.

A -3 for out of focus.

Bragin you're awesome. It would be nice to see you do more work with this girl, with the same settings, or maybe lake. Almost every comment is to beg the artist to do nature scenes, yet the pleas go unrewarded.

I don't quite understand people's affinity to see objects locked up in wooden boxes.

A+ Bragin. Super delicious looking model also.

Well there are many ways to display beauty, and so variety makes the site better, we all have different tastes. Personally, I find it pretty hard to see a gorgeous naked woman and NOT think of sex, but that's me. Let's tolerate each other's preferences, and not put a negative label on close-up shots, like "porn". I guess to make it "art", you have a gorgeous woman spread her legs, and focus on her fingernails? Well for me that's disappointing, but for others I guess it's erotic.

I understand that everyone has different tastes and I respect that.
I certainly realize (especially as a member of this site) that my tastes are more than likely in the minority.
My comment about close up vaginal shots pertains more to a few who have on occasion expressed the desire to see "wet, gaping, pussy's" (or something to this effect).
My point is that Met Art is not the site where this will be common, but instead it would be an extreme exception (if ever). Met Art has other sites in their network that caters to those looking for this (obviously there are many other such sites too).
I understand one man's "porn" is another man's "art".
On another note, I've never had any fetishes and I'm not a fan of hardcore (I can't comprehend how a guy enjoys seeing another man have sex with a woman....I have no desire to see another man without clothes in any scenario).
Lastly, I respect all women and I never look at (nor speak of) any woman as an object.

I couldn't agree more. I think Bragin has found a wonderful way to show off Elenora's girl-next-door looks - and for all we know the car has a meaning?
It's great to see photographers experimenting with falling water or dramatic sunsets as backgrounds, and that MetArt does not confine them to a a particular scenario or studio.
I would like to see much more of these 'spontaneous' feeling sets (and videos) and as many outdoor shots as the good weather allows.

Such a beautiful smile

Very adorable,young,and tempting.

I hope the "artist" isn't braggin' about this set... :o|

In image #56 Eleonora's a doll baby....cute and adorable.
Some have stated they dislike outdoor sets.
Many also want close up vaginal shots.
IMO a good set consists of;
Photos in focus
Photos of the woman from multiple angles
Several photos showing the woman from head to toe
Several facial photos
Several photos displaying the woman's personality/emotion

A few things I like to see that make a good set, "better";
Start with clothing so I can visualize her as she'd appear in public
I like to see a woman's smile
Nature scenes are my favorite

Met Art is an Erotic Art site, not a porn site....I'd rather see nice facial close up photos than vaginal close up's (again, I like to see a woman in her entirety....if I want porn, there are many other sites that offer that).
The female body is the most beautiful sight in all of God's creation. I don't automatically think "sex" when I see a beautiful woman in the nude.

You realize that if you just want to see clothed women from head to toe outside you could just, you know, walk down the street, right? ;)

Either you're joking or you didn't understand my point. I would like to see the MODEL with clothes, so I can visualize HER as SHE'D appear in public.
Check out Astrud A. "Oiche" or Leila A. "Anelito" (both by Rylsky).....just 2 examples of how I like a set to start.

I could have written your comment myself word for word with one exception: Nature scenes are NOT my favorite. With that one small difference negam13 I thank you for putting my thoughts into words...:)

Thanks homer413. I completely understand those who like indoor photos better because lighting/coloring can be controlled much easier.

I have to admit that any type of "background" is something I notice long after I've admired the woman.
I guess I'm just a nature lover and I like to see a beautiful woman in a natural setting/environment.

Clear photos of a gorgeous woman can make up for any "secondary" shortcoming......especially if she's flashing a big smile:)

Really? FDAU shots and all we get to see is from the front? Come on... Stop waisting silly shots and give us the goods. Could care less about water bottle shots.

This girl is stunningly pretty, and has a great body tom back the pretty face up. I'd love to see her in a better setting with better light, and not just in a muddy river, or random field.

Eleonora is beautiful. Bragin has staged some interesting shots: the hair in motion, the water droplets frozen in mid-air, and the exuberant, fun, leaping shots. Kudos to both.

Very attractive lady, but I'm stil waiting for an indoor set that doesn't include a car.

Eleonora is fun and adorable. In her first set (on Met) she's a naked little nymph washing a car. Now she's a, a naked little nymph romping through a field. Absolutely enchanting.

Location much better than a bleak rooftop as in previous set today. At least that is how I see it.

Lovely smile in picture #1. I like this set Eleonora is looking great.


Eleonora is definitely one of my top 5 (probably #2) and this is only her second set. She's a gorgeous young woman.....beautiful face, nice smile, great legs, and an extremely fine body (maybe the best on Met Art).
I hope we see much more from Eleonora for a long, long, time.
Nice set Bragin.

Yet another sweet-faced young goddess from Ukraine. We obviously live in a golden age. Once I'm through fantasizing about Eleonora, I'm moving to Kiev. The rest of you guys please stay put.

Delicious poses. Athletic, too! Thanks, angel.

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