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Great set! Eliav is sooo sexy!

Rule of thong here not broken, that counts for a lot.
Lovely limbs not so lucky, cut cut and chop chop.


layers of lines and, curve upon curve
best not be driving, surely to swerve.

Eliav is gorgeous! Need a lot more please.

It is said, "A picture is worth a thousand words." Lovely Eliav, with Mr. Varin, has displayed a manuscript that contains volumes of pages to digest, in this short photo essay.
Let us hope that the subject will return to the pictorial and the recorder will capture with the essance of the first presentation!

Wow what a stunning young beauty - physical perfection...

Can't wait for Eliav's next set

Please more sets of this amazing girl such a wonderful vagina come on guys let's ask for more

super sweet

Now how to I get her out of my dreams!! Absolutely a goddess on MetArt. Please give me more photos....One of the few girls to totally shoot up to a perfect TEN, or maybe an ELEVEN or even TWELVE....What a discovety!!

Her tight slender body is sexual dynamite. Her beautiful juicy pussy looks so inviting and delicious! The sequence of rear views at the end were incredibly erotic and arousing. This is the perfect set. Hot girl naked in a bed in very sexual positions.

Beautiful, petite, feminine and a science degree?!?!

Eliav, you are incredible!

Thank you so much for sharing of us!

Eliav you are beautiful. I wish you, and us, a long and successful career and many galleries published in met-art.

Thank you Albert for bringing this lovely Latvian by to visit. Kudos to you both.

Vēl viens tiny pārī ta TAS un nozīmīgu kaunuma lūpu!

Wow! Hottie alert! Everybody opening this set should wear protective equipment. eliav is very beautiful and she doesn't shave she waxes. At least she knows that much,and with a little more courage in posing, so she can smile she should do very well. I gave her a 10+

Eliav is an absolute doll. Love her looks (sultry) and her body (deliciously petite). Hope to see much more of her.

Absolutely breathtaking!! Thank you K, thank you Albert and thank you and bless you Eliav! Latvian girls are just amazing! Hoping to see a lot more of this beautiful girl. 10/10/10!!

What a great debut for the beautiful Eliav. You will do well here, my dear! Please come back!

Once again it is Albert Varin bringing in this wonderful new talent. I'm starting to like this guy and apparently "K" is too. Not only is he introducing us to new beauty, but he can work a camera well to do them justice. Bravo, Albert!

Welcome Eliav! Very seductive and tantalizing debut!
You have set the bar high... I look forward to seeing more of you soon!


Welcome, Eliav. I have always had a soft spot for petite brunettes and you hit all my buttons. I hope you come back frequently!

Eliav is going to be a superstar, she is just about perfect. Great debut, come back soon beautiful Eliav.

WOW,WOW, a METART goddess, and an instant favourite. Congratulations for your debut honey. Your destiny is to become a great nude model.
METART, please more of her soon!!!!

a gorgeous model with slender body, gorgeous ass and gorgeous delicious pussy. i thank her because she gave us multiple close ups of her sweet pussy from all angles.

excellent set

Pics are too grainy in close-up. Great poses.

A lot of the absolute best poses!

10/10 for both model & photographer.

WINNER!!! Wow, What a debut! She is one of the hottest new young ladies to grace our pages in a long while. I can see this little sweetheart climbing the leader board in leaps and bounds! Not wild about the nail polish and she will need to learn to smile but that's about as negative as it gets. Fantastic body, Beautiful face and hair. Great poses, no holding back and one of the most awesome butterflies I have seen. Definite candidate for the PP club. Very polished for a debut set.

Nice set Albert, I think this one is going places!

Definitely a winner!

#62 is a heart stopper! OMG If that don't get ya nothin will. ;^)

my jaw literally dropped when i saw that pic... delicious pussy!

She get a hardy 2 thumbs up from me!

two thumbs up and something else up, too!


Young, beautiful, with a great body and tons of potential! Would like
to see her smile though. Indeed a captivating addition to the Met family!

Welcome, gorgeous!

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