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I had the Presenting set and only just found sets two and three. I nearly had a heart attack. You are fabulous Eliav and when you smile... More please darling I'm in love all over again!

It took me two weeks to figure out what to say and all i can come up with is "WOW".....more, please...

A woman of wantonous, this is what Eliva, presents to me, I am most glad to accept her presentation. More of her the better.... delightful woman is below her par... supreme comes to mind... Eliva, promise to come back again?

Repetitive. I agree with the comments above, but thought there were too many shots of each pose.

Stunningly beautiful, sexy creamy little pussy, angelic eyes, a dream girl.

Eliav is an incredible beauty,perfectly photographed by Albert Varin,a very good photographer. Eliav does have a few problems with gravity before the first few cups in the morning but so do I. I gave a 10++++ to everybody,this is perfect.

Just beautiful. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Great set, Eliav. You're a super sexy woman.

I especially love the poses that make it look like you crashed into the sofa at high speed.

Eliav is an alluring girl. She`s got a slender, lithe frame, but few girls spread so enticingly the legs to invite you to her lovely pussy and asshole. Please is time for a sexy video of this adorable woman. A METART TOP TEN!!!!

+ 1 on the vid suggestion!

Beautiful face and so ready to get dirty! She is absolutely irresistible. Very good set.

Magnificent!! Great follow-up to a great debut! I'm in love!!

Nice set, she looks so edible!

This is the perfect "girl next door" set.

Is soon came back the fairy of the Baltic with mediterranean look.
A sweet face, big eyes and a body of a woman drawn by a great artist.
In my opinion, Albert, this series of pictures is more beautiful than the debut.
Is more beautiful for the originality of the ambience and the clothing.
Is more beautiful for eroticism, sensuality, sex appeal.
Excellent work of model and photographer.
See you soon.

Eliav and Albert have produced a great set of pictures together. Come back soon Eliav.

Absolutely no disappointment here, This set is as good or better than her first set. Eliav is another shining star in the Metart heavens. Such a beautiful face, eyes and succulent lips followed by a flawless body and a gentle manner. #93 is the gem in this set. You couldn't pick a better personality shot. That laughter transports her to a whole new level of beauty.

Great work from Eliav and Varin also 3 wonderful brunettes today. Each with her own special magic. Thanks K awesome choices

Hear, hear!

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