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The word "cunt" with regard to a woman has absolutely no place if you are trying to be respectful to the woman. It is considered to be demeaning and any logic that it is appropriate, is just a weird and bizarre attempt to justify it's use.
Am I late on this argument?...........yes I am...........do I care?.....not at all. Had to put my two cents in. Eliav is gorgeous as always.

Sorry hotte I disagree intensely about the word cunt and whore being completely synonymous. I am English and went to a public school, I learnt one devil of a load of foul language and slang not only there but afterwards as well. Sorry chum but in England refering to a girl as having a beautiful cunt is Not an insult. Calling somebody a cunt whether male or female damn well is and you take the consequences. To be honest in England refering to a girl's pussy could seem effeminate but MetArt is an American site so I adhere to the norm.
Incidentally the word cunnilingus is from Latin and cunt is Germanic.

RE tags; it's a bit like sand, excessive amount of fruit and "busy" sets...Metart aren't taking any notice.

What an extraordinarily beautiful young woman! This girl was born to enchant. She is visually perfect and I would have a hard time believing that she would be anything but the gentle slightly shy vision I see in these photos. IMO this is a true Met model in every sense. She epitomizes my idea of feminine beauty.

Please K, put this lovely thing on the A list and bring us lots more. I think she and Albert are a match made in heaven!

Our photographer and model know the value of a leg up.

Eliav is VERY pretty, and albert Varin has done a great job. The only thing I see is that she needs a better haircut. It should shape her face more, Other wise she and Varin get a 10++

White panties and bra! Thank you for my favorite outfit! Eliav is spectacular, What a lovely body and getting to see her in her undies slowly removing them for us is a treat for sure. Once naked she is magnificent! I can't see growing tired of this lovely damsel for a very long time.

Thank you Albert for a wonderful set of this outstanding young thing

For a model that has only 3 sets I am very impressed and look forward to many more. Great job guys you make an outstanding team!

I was wrong the term 'whore' is available, but I have not seen it used. What's going on Met Art? Explanation needed! Have we lost our responsibility to respect; if so, see you later!

If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times...

Ignore the tags!! They're meaningless to reasonable men! (and ladies....;o)

If you insist on "dabbling" with them, you're taking yourself down to the level of the morons that are posting them and providing them the amusement they seek... Your visits here will be much more pleasant if you just pretend they don't exist...;o)

And deny myself the astonishment?

LOL It's up to you of course...;o) And that was for benefit of "hotte"... I'm pretty sure you don't "dabble in the occult" as some refer to the "tag section"...;o)

I have to agree! terms like whore, cut, slut and many more have no place in the comments or the comment box either. To use such a term in reference to one of these girls is totally unforgivable!

What is truly unforgivable is the idea that any word in the English language that refers directly to this part of the body is automatically considered vulgar or "unforgivable".

And where is it considered forgivable to refer to a group of women as "the girls"?

And how often have the words "whore" or "slut" been used on this site?

I couldn't agree more with that first sentence...lol

I'm "guilty" of calling a group of "old ladies" the girls! LOL My sisters!! I don't get the annoyance at the terms "boys" or "girls" when referring to males or females...all so silly.

And last...I haven't EVER seen either of those used here. And it's only been recently that "cunt" has showed up...that I've noticed anyway. "Word games" can be fun, more for some than others...;o)

I don't recommend walking into a court and addressing the female clerks: "hey, girls!". My Grandmother, aunts, and cousins; from them you would get a smile.

I understand it is best not to go around Germany addressing young women as "Fraulein".

I don't recommend walking into court AT ALL! ;o)

try that out when summoned.

Rock'll be "that guy" hopping out the bathroom window... LOL

Never have been...never hope to be...

I'll bite.... Just how WOULD you address the young women in Germany if not by "Fraulein"??

frau, apparently

"Frau" is "Mrs"..."Fraulein" is "Miss"...;o)

You are 40 years behind. There is a wikipedia article. I am reminded of the use of "baiser" as the first verb in books teaching French.

I'm afraid your points have escaped me, Magwich?
Wikipedia article on "Fraulein" vs. "Frau" ?
And I know "baiser" means "to kiss" ~ but it was not the first verb we were taught in my French class...

I believe that is the point.
"Fraulein" is the diminutive of "Frau" ~ the implication being, you are talking down to her.
Same with "girl" as a form of address or designation when one is speaking of a fully grown woman. Or, one who wishes to be considered such: address a high-schooler as a girl, and see how happy she is with you...

I examined some of the arguments and points on that website you suggested Rachsback, and some very interesting points are made. The origin of the semantics of the word 'cunt' being among the most interesting. I've complained on several occasions about this tag being used and specifically why Met Art includes it as an 'available' tag. (It can't be included as a comment if its not among the list, we all should know that fact by now).

I do respect your point of view, NOW, as well as the justifications made on the site; however, unfortunately the term 'cunt' in the 21st century, and recently, is associated synonomously with the term 'whore'; I don't think anyone can deny that fact. Therefore, it should not be INCLUDED as an available tag by Met Art, (as the term'whore' is not); because by today's norms and standards, both are considered highly offensive to women. None of these models, who have chosen to provide us with the GIFT of viewing their beasutiful bodies DESERVED THAT! When we're all more enlightened by similar campaigns and websites such as http:??cherishthecunt.com, then maybe yes. I also do not think it is fair to British people to suggest that it is a common acceptance; not so!

"both are considered highly offensive to women.".... I think you'll find that depends entirely on the women you're talking to. Also, I'm pretty sure the new models are told to ignore the "tags" and to read only the comments...if they read anything here at all! I'm also sure that a lot of them do not.

It might be offensive in a culture that is so uncomfortable with sexuality that women raise their sons with the word "dinger" because they can't bring themselves to say "penis". Lol. I suppose that would make that word I can't bring myself to type a "bell", wouldn't it? Then I guess we could have "Ringing the Church Bells".

Rock and Magwich, I am not sure what world y'all are living in... LOL
By the way, I'm not making this statement to be argumentative, but simply to give you my two cent's worth... and please feel perfectly free to disregard if this is not representative of your experience.
However, in the world I live in, just about any woman I used the term "cunt" with, either in conversation or as a form of address, would be quite offended (and I am not "upper class" nor are my family and friends).
In my humble judgment, the term "cunt" has almost always been used as an insulting, degrading term, not only for the woman's genitalia, but for the woman who possesses those genitalia. Just because we're in the 21st C. does not mean the term has suddenly lost its offensiveness.
....just out of curiosity, has either of you used the term in conversation with a woman, or ever called a woman that term? Were they in the least offended or annoyed, or did they react differently?

We are in the world of the comment section of an erotic photography site. If we wish to communicate at all we have no choice but to use lots of language that I, at least, wouldn't use elsewhere. I won't be commenting on the outline of any Grande Bellezza at the high school graduation party I will be attending soon.

The question presented has never been whether is it usually considered rude in general, but whether HERE, as a DESCRIPTIVE noun, it is insulting to NUDE MODELS.

There is no purpose in forming a judgement, humble or otherwise, on a topic that has been well studied. The wikipedia article is not bad (as of today). Instead of asking whether it has lost its offensiveness, I would suggest asking when, where, and why it acquired offensiveness in the first place. It seems to be considered most offensive in the US, and in particular our own Midwest. We should not assume native usage in our own small repressed neck of the woods has any relevance to the lingua franca of the entire world.

So here is my take. This is the one word in the English language that clearly applies to the entirety of female genitalia. Any acceptance or belief that the word itself is offensive to women is bizarre.

The human form is beautiful in its entirety. We ought to be able to discuss it free from weird hang ups.

"Any acceptance or belief that the word itself is offensive to women is bizarre."
...IS offensive, ....or SHOULD BE offensive?
If you are arguing the first, I must ~ respectfully ~ disagree. I maintain that ~ outside the adult/erotica and sex industries, the use of the term "cunt" is seen as highly offensive.
If I am wrong and you have actually used this term with women in various milieus and they were not offended, please do inform me.
If you want to argue the second, I would be willing to concede the point, without necessarily agreeing.
I do agree that indeed, there SHOULD be an unoffensive term for the female genitalia... in my experience the term that comes closest is "vagina." Does that not apply in your experience?

I am approaching the half century mark and have lived in and visited a fair number of places. I read and watch media in the English language of several cultures. I have learned an eye-popping, cheek reddening amount of slang from long association with public schools.

Not once, not ever, have I known the word "cunt" to be used synonymously with the word "whore". So I do, in fact, deny what you say is "that fact". I suppose it therefore follows from your statement that I (as well a significant proportion of Ireland, apparently) do not qualify as "anyone".

What I am hearing is that any word in the English language that refers directly to this particular part of the body is offensive to women. Unless it is slang, metaphor, euphemism, or allusion.

If this were a court applying the English Common Law, I would seek a writ of quo warranto demanding to know what authority grants the right to define "today's norms and standards" for every single one of the billion plus users of English on the planet.

I would deny that fact also! I'm well beyond that "half century mark" myself, and I haven't ever heard those words used synonymously either. And I can't imagine where that's coming from...

Eliav is very beautiful, but a little smile would be nice. She's got a bit of a 'lost lamb in the wilderness' look about her.

Eliav is gorgeous and super-hot! Yummy!

Delicious sexy slender body makes you want more of Eliav.

Pardon me for being crass; however, I need to ask why it is that almost every user tag area for Met-Art models contains the tag "cunt." Is there an area of Met-Art where feminine reproductive parts are scarce? Is the poster calling the model such a name? Is the word used as a code or marker to find favorite models? I'm at a loss.

Other than this little rant, Eliav is a hottie and I hope to see more.

So many people suck at tagging; there should be a way to vote to remove tags. Every time I see one starting with 'lickable' it annoys the hell out of me. WTF does 'lickable toes' even mean????

On a totally different note too, I find Eliav totally hot, and that's the reason I was here to even read this rant. :)

If they allow the tag "cunt" then they should allow tags such as "beautiful cunt, tasty looking cunt, yummy cunt", etc.

Can't argue with that logic...;o)

Give it a rest guys...it's the 21st Century! Maybe that poster is British and paying a great compliment to the models...??? Expand your minds with this bit of enlightenment! http://cherishthecunt.com

An opinion backed by a citation. An appeal to reason, empiricism, linguistics and logic. Winner of The Magwich Medal of Merit on Met Art for the Month of May.

Winner of today's Alliteration Award ~ Magwich!

@ fer_realz:

Agree, Magwich has been the most prolific (best?) member practitioner of this literary stylistic device.

The name of the Alliteration Award should include "Magwich".

I wonder how the research into the Theory of Thong is progressing, or have I missed its publication?

I completely agree, Baggy, Magwich's name MUST be incorporated into the alliteration award somehow... I'm at a loss as to how, not being an accomplished practitioner of that fine art, myself... ( ; We'll have to ponder on it.
Yes, Magwich, please give us an update on your study of the theory of thong? (I'm sure everyone is pretty sick and tired of hearing my ideas on the proper role of panties in erotic photography ~ LOL)

I wish you could turn off the tags like you can the comments. I have found them to be meaningless and contaminated with garbage. I ignore them as they serve no purpose to me.

@ kilroy:

I agree with you, so I went to the OPTIONS drop down choices and turned them off.

Thanks for making me think why not.

Kilroy you are so right! They should be moderated at least. We should write to support @ met-art.com and rattle k's cage If K doesn't pass on them,K knows who does.

That practice is tiresome, unclassy, offensive, and annoying... having said so, I probably just gave the @$$hole who does it a thrill just by commenting on it. Oh well...

I like also the poses of the last twenty pics - her slender soft legs and
the well definded, perfect formed pussy!

The white panties make the feeling of wonderful nakedness perfect1

What a wonderful big blue eyes.
What a wonderful mouth.
What a wonderful woman.

her eyes are brown

Not always the fashion, especially today, it gives the woman a beauty more.
Often escapes to the woman a little beauty.
Photo # 11 you think to that beautiful woman's hand with natural nails or with a bright red nail polish. You think .... You think

her nails are gray

3rdWord, I think gaetano is complaining about that: I think he said he would prefer either natural or red nails to gray.

Eliav mmm, mmm, mmm; white panties mmm, mmm, mmm, ; grey nail polish. . .nope.

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