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Nice meaty labia + clit hood. :OP

I see the members of C.A.N.B. have been quite active in "baiting" the troll. I must try to get by here earlier in the day when the meat is still fresh.

Meanwhile -- well done, lads -- carry on !!

"C.A.N.B." ? Just curious... ( :

C.A.N.B == Committe Against Neanderthal Brick-heads...

You're a charter member if you didn't know.

There goes my coffee, right up my nose....

I can't see how this set isn't rated higher. This is how it should be done! Incredible! Incomparable! Downright sexual!

The "hair lovers" love to drag down the girls that choose to shave...that's how! It doesn't take too many 1's to bring that rating down.

@ rachback:

I imagine K and company are too smart for that manipulation.

They probably do something along the line of, allow 1 X 1 and toss all the rest.

If they don't, they certainly should.

The thumbs make our model's face and form seem stark and severe. The actual photos are lush and luscious. Our photographer captures all well with choice of setting, color, light, and pose. There is the small issue of pantywaste. Use them or lose them.

A somewhat rare 10 from me, I meant to add.

Look at those big brown eyes! And that tight butt! Eliav is a joy to behold.

Another wonderful set of this angular beauty. Eliav has a superb slim body and a haunting,natural beauty topped with a wonderful smile.

She always looks awesome with her loins clad small white panties and is always very considerate in revealing to us her generous and beautiful female assets...

A very sexy young girl - love to see her in a tiny white g string with lots of tight rear views......love this girl

what a great set!

Eliav's previous sets were good, her body is amazing, but she always had a
chilly, disconnected expression on her face that seemed to detract a little bit for me. This time around, she seems to have warmed up a bunch, and has a great rapport with the camera. This warmth really brings out the beauty of her face, and her body is, well, absolutely fantastic.

all in all, stunning stuff!!!!

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