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Nice meaty labia + clit hood. :OP

  • Doug
  • 3 months ago:

Warning: several comments were removed from this page by the censor(s).

Or should we just call them "well-meaning" editors?

Whatever -- I call it the beginning of a slippery slope!

Please let's not go down it, folks!

the beseecher ☠

Yea, mine, Rock's, and Magwich's are gone, too. I think when they delete a message in a comments forum, they have to take everything off past it, since they are linked like a thread in the server.

Too bad they felt that censorship was necessary. Thankfully, it doesn't happen very often. I am positive I know what it was that prompted it. I'll chalk it up to a learning experience - there are limits to what can be said here.

Doug, if you get a credit for your five thumbs, will you stop bitching about it? ;-)

  • Doug
  • 3 months ago:

Plus bibblefuzzie's -- that gloating s.o.b. :-))))

It's only because of the "p" word. And I don't mean "pussy."

But they got carried away and started slashing right and left.

That's why it's a slippery slope.

Can really say a lot about why that word is taboo -- and I have.

Sometime I'll post what Jon said to me in an email long ago about what is allowed to stand here.

I would say we've definitely lost some ground -- that is, freedom.

It's a slippery slope! Sorta the domino theory of what is acceptable. Once they start cutting, they can get a taste for it, and decide there's more and more they'd just not like to see.

Snip! ✂ ✂ ✂ Snip, snip.

I'm hoping they'll come to their senses, and not destroy this place trying to save it :-)

They have people who are urging them to censor at least me.

Hey, btw, scroll down and you may be able to see the 5-thumb comment that got deleted. Lazarus brought it back from the dead.✝
"Nice try..."
Others too ☺
Don't ya love software :-??

Lazarus couldn't bring back the thumbs up?

  • Doug
  • 3 months ago:

Nope. Just what I put in the text box...

@ Doug:

If I have to retain a copy of every comment I make, before and after I post it, I will!

I have stated in the comments section of this gallery the singular objectionable word I might have said, and have also served MET a muffin offering that they are only prudently protecting their corporate ass.

@ MET:

If the dreaded 9 or 10 letter word (singular and plural) is why my posts have been removed, you need only tell me so in the response to my email. I can readily express my opinion of small, closed, minds without using those two words.

REPEATING THE OBVIOUS: Individuals categorized by the 9 or 10 letter words are vermin! I have fought for well over 10 years to identify such vermin @ other adult sites where doing so was what I considered my most valuable contribution!

  • Doug
  • 3 months ago:

There may be another word suddenly deemed taboo here, having to do with why members prefer or demand denuded pussies. I had this called to my attention rather sharply yesterday, not by MA "editors" but MA "members."
Wow, if they can't take a joke, if they turn something meant at most half-seriously to make a point into a cause célèbre for censorship, if they are that offended, something indeed is very wrong here, not I think with the commentary but with what is locked up in the hearts and heads of certain members.
Some of who can be quite shrill in their self-righteousness, while of course accusing others of the same.
In trying desperately to sweep it under the rug they in essence point the finger at themselves.
This is a classic pitfall of repression, including the desire to censor other people.
These guys really should hide Comments, since they cannot handle them. Go happily back to the old days when it was just you and the girls and email. I'm serious. Leave the commentary for the "big boys" -- the ones who can read and write without freaking out.

Doug, I don't celebrate censorship. If you want to call me self-righteous, go right ahead. I spoke my mind on what I thought was inappropriate, and I would do it again. I was not offended, my objection was in connecting shaved female genitalia with a certain perversion that is highly illegal (and highly prosecuted).

I was okay with what I said and left it at that. No, I did not go running to K and complain, so either some one else did, or Met took it upon themselves.

I wish I could save all my posts like you do, because my responses made good points about you not having to justify your preferences by insulting other members' manliness. I don't think most members here give a shit about your preference for pubic hair. BUT... Most people do not like to be told that they don't like women or are less of a man because they prefer less or no hair on women's privates. It does not augment or give credibility to your message.

You can promote hair without insulting people. If you want to joke around some, that's fine. I can take a joke, even when it's on me (like the Semmi's clit thing). BUT... I don't think anyone here wants to be implicated to a criminal perversion. That's where I draw the line.

  • Doug
  • 3 months ago:

I really didn't have you in mind, kr. I understood exactly what you were reasonably saying. As I almost always do with you.
You're not "shrill", you're not self-righteous -- at least not usually :-)))
It's the people who don't have the balls to address what I am saying that I had in mind :-)
And I didn't imagine or doubted you were one who ran crying to K or Jon. I have very clear ideas of some who did.
Some of them have left little doubt. They strike me as cowards.

I actually have your big comment from yesterday, saved in a screenshot. All my comments are now saved in Lazarus, which I installed to save data in case my browser crashed. Didn't imagine using it to resurrect censored stuff.
I'm REALLY glad I installed it.
One of the horrible things about censorship is that it can forever destroy evidence, so people are left having to take the word of the censor that he/she did the right thing.
You can imagine where that leads.

Don't let my half-serious "insults" upset you too much. Often they were and are inspired by insults I am dealt. Which many people here applaud. Consider it from my point of view as well :-)
Just have a look at By man's comment.

I'm trying to get more diversity on this site and I see that quest as involving many unforeseen situations and consequences.

As far as the "p" thing goes, again, the louder the reaction, the closer to the bone it must be cutting.

Get more hair on this site and things will be better :-)

Most of the time, its harder to communicate humor in text only. Normally, when humans communicate face-to-face or even just audibly on the phone, body language and tone of voice contribute very significantly, say the experts. In text, all you have are printed words, a lot is actually lost. So if I don't pick up your "half-seriousness" right away, forgive me. It's easy to see how your humor can get lost and its literal wording become an insult. Suggestion: use the winking smiley ;-) or variation thereof, like Rock does.

I hope I never come across as preachy, but I strongly dislike insults to models and to a lesser degree, disrespect towards the photogs. Calling a set "garbage" or saying she has "dead rats under arms" will probably draw a comment from me in their defense. We have seen Luca and Patritcy on here recently, who knows how many models read comments. Least we can do is be civil and promote civility.

  • Doug
  • 3 months ago:

Hey, people complain about all the smilies I employ! :-))

I hope you don't think I've used those terms to criticize a set or a model. I have been quite tuff on photogs, as one who has done a lot of photography. But certainly intend to be more specifically informed in any disapproval I express.

This experience here has reminded me how picky I am regarding the opposite sex. I've always been that way.

I'm sure I'd go through more sets if more here had a normal amount of hair grown-out, tho :-)

Well, to each their own. We're all different, and I'd rather people here were genuinely themselves than trying to be like somebody they are not. Though even in doing that they are revealing themselves... :-)))

Especially when it comes to writing, that is what I aim to do, for better or worse :-)

I see the members of C.A.N.B. have been quite active in "baiting" the troll. I must try to get by here earlier in the day when the meat is still fresh.

Meanwhile -- well done, lads -- carry on !!

"C.A.N.B." ? Just curious... ( :

C.A.N.B == Committe Against Neanderthal Brick-heads...

You're a charter member if you didn't know.

There goes my coffee, right up my nose....

I can't see how this set isn't rated higher. This is how it should be done! Incredible! Incomparable! Downright sexual!

The "hair lovers" love to drag down the girls that choose to shave...that's how! It doesn't take too many 1's to bring that rating down.

@ rachback:

I imagine K and company are too smart for that manipulation.

They probably do something along the line of, allow 1 X 1 and toss all the rest.

If they don't, they certainly should.

  • Doug
  • 3 months ago:

For what it's worth, I gave this set a break and didn't rate it :-))))

U owe me one! :))))

The thumbs make our model's face and form seem stark and severe. The actual photos are lush and luscious. Our photographer captures all well with choice of setting, color, light, and pose. There is the small issue of pantywaste. Use them or lose them.

A somewhat rare 10 from me, I meant to add.

  • Zakk
  • 3 months ago:

Look at those big brown eyes! And that tight butt! Eliav is a joy to behold.

Another wonderful set of this angular beauty. Eliav has a superb slim body and a haunting,natural beauty topped with a wonderful smile.

She always looks awesome with her loins clad small white panties and is always very considerate in revealing to us her generous and beautiful female assets...

A very sexy young girl - love to see her in a tiny white g string with lots of tight rear views......love this girl

  • Doug
  • 3 months ago:

35, etc -- why pussies look better hairy ☝☹

the aesthetician :-)

Couldn't disagree more.

Maybe you are permanently damaged by too many lust encounters with overgrown waitresses from the seventies.

The clean look is where it's at these days. Sorry if you are intimidated by actually being able to see a woman's labia.

  • Doug
  • 3 months ago:

Censor, why don't you remove his comment, which prompted my response?

Is his somehow OK, and mine not, because I suggested a woman's denuded pubic area looks kinda childish from some angles?

Censorship running full force.

The freedom we had is lost.

I hope you're happy, nitwits! :-))

It's called selective insulting :-)

If we would exchange ideas ~ battle ideas, even ~ rather than calling other people names, we wouldn't be having this problem right now.

  • Doug
  • 3 months ago:

And how would you know that :-?

BTW, Doug, I just noticed...
Lately, you've been saying
"how do you know that?" a lot, as a response to an argument.
Don't you see how lazy that looks?
You disagree with someone's assertion, but rather than address their idea, you question their ability to reason something out in the first place.
This particular rhetorical tactic reminds me of something I would have done around nursery or kindergarden age...

  • Doug
  • 2 months ago:

You didn't get the point of that question :-)

I'm talking about "lazy" people who cry to Jon or K rather than talk further with me.

And let "the office" deal with me, because they are at wits end.

So your preachy moralizing gets applauded, but it only sees part of the picture.

So now we have a word officially banned -- if it is used here the person who uses it may be kicked out permanently.

Some very interesting discussion about "the 'p' word", along with incidental other stuff, got axed the other day because of the urge to sensor.

And I suspect you're one of those urging it on.

Who ever said anything about members being banned?!? You must be privy to some news that I am not.

I think you are completely unaware of the legal difficulties associated with the illegal activity associated with that particular word. You really don't understand that any site could endure quite strict scrutiny and probably be taken off the web if connected with that kind of activity.

Because otherwise, I have to assume that you are, and you wouldn't mind getting MA in trouble if they don't cater to your particular preferences.

Please tell me that I'm wrong, Doug.

I want my favorite site to continue publishing. That's what I urge on.

  • Doug
  • 2 months ago:

I think it's an overreaction to the use of that word, which is not illegal to use.
Even our fave photog has used it in a way not unlike how I have, and he's pretty legally aware of such things.
U guys don't like it 'cause it hits home.
BTW, I recall Magwich basically calling me the same, or suggesting I was, a few months back, in a Nicky-set commentary.

Yeah, I got an email from Jon the other day. That's what I'm talkin' about.

The point is, I'm here to be me, not somebody else. Why otherwise would I be here?

I appreciate you wanting to improve me, but it's too late! :-) I am who I am for a reason or two. As I've told others, I'm only here because of one girl, and because of Comments. Which I am using to press for change.
That's a very, very different reason from why you or anybody else is here.
And one reason I'm going to be me, not you, in what I say.

I haven't looked at your other reply yet...

You can still be you without throwing certain molotov cocktails around.
I'm not asking you not to be opinionated.
I'm not even asking you to give up your precious crusade. You'll note of late I haven't been objecting to that. Go on with the hair crusade to your heart's content.
Just please use a filter before throwing certain insults that are so disturbing to certain people because of the potential legal difficulties that they have to be removed anyway.
Save us all the headaches and learn to work within the system to change it. Is all I'm asking.

  • Doug
  • 2 months ago:

Would u believe molotov cocktails are in the eye of the beholder?

That said, I'm glad I'm having some impact here!

My goodness, I'm freakin' the natives out!

Itz only hair dudes!

Learn to work within the system I'm trying to change? :-))))

I'm tweakin' ya dude!

You'll make a good cop someday! :-)))

the bad boy ☺

  • Doug
  • 2 months ago:

....and urge to "censor" as well :-)))

I've got a better word for it: "edit." Such as, the editor in the office there looks at a page of comments and decides to edit it to his or her liking.

People realize they've been edited out and shit hits the fan! :-))

I really don't think that's where MA wants to go. But once you begin, it's a slippery slope...

Because if we were discussing ideas rather than calling names, that offensive term would never have been typed and then been removed.

Learn from this experience, stop namecalling and let the strength of your arguments carry the arguments. The only time we need to resort to namecalling is when our arguments are weak, and we know it.

  • Doug
  • 2 months ago:

So my argument is weak that this place needs diversity?

I'm usin' every trick I can to help bring more here; is it my problem that some people are vaarrry touchy about a certain word or 2?

I guess we gotta walk on eggshells!

I'm not the only one who has used that term. And frankly I think it raises a valid point to consider. We won't be able to now, because the term has been banned, with dire consequences promised for those who say it.

I hope a certain photog realizes that -- I'd better warn him -- we don't want to lose one of our best!

Carry on, Mullah! It's one crusade against another at this point!
Freedom v repression, the way I see it :-)

  • Doug
  • 3 months ago:

Just so everyone can see, here is my response to By man that was deleted by MA:

Nice try, but quite wrong.

As far as "where it's at these days", where it's at is in somebody's heart mind and soul. Some people prefer women complete with their natural hair. And don't rely on the crowd to tell 'em which way the wind blows.

And no, I'm not intimidated by pussies that look kinda like a 5-year-old's. But are you scared of a hairy one?
I suppose so :-)

If that's too suggestive of..... I can't use the taboo word. So I'll just say, If that's too *racy*, then this site ain't for me :-)

Again, some insults are deemed OK here, others not. At this point it all depends on the "p" word -- which will be next?

I think insults should be out. Fight an idea with an idea. Don't call people names, don't suggest or imply that they are something that you would not want to be called yourself. Would you want to be accused of being one of ....the censored word?
If you would not like one of us implying that you are one of them, then don't throw that implication at someone else.
It really is as simple as that.
I know you feel persecuted and I know you feel beat up on and I know you feel ganged up on, Doug, but honestly I think most of that is in your head.
I hope we will see no more insults after today, because this censorship is what can result, as well as hurt feelings.

  • Doug
  • 3 months ago:

Sorry to disappoint ya, but I feel neither persecuted nor beat up on or ganged up on either :-)
I will continue to be myself here, as long as I am here :-)
What else really can I do?
So keep yer guard up! :-)))
You may hear an insult again! :-)
Be strong! :-)))

the unrepentant ☺

  • Doug
  • 3 months ago:

My response that was here has been removed.

Too bad -- you're missing a good one if I do say so myself!

It also garnered 5 thumbs :-)

the aggrieved ☹

Let the censorship begin!?

Thanks for the personally directed psych analysis based on a five word comment. PhD in psychology is hereby granted along with the Title of Nobility "Arbiter of Where It's At". Masters degree in Logic granted for the thesis: "Inherency of Labial Intimidation in Subscribers to Nude Erotic Websites"

Couldn't disagree more.

Maybe you are permanently damaged by too many lust encounters with overgrown waitresses from the seventies.

The clean look is where it's at these days. Sorry if you are intimidated by actually being able to see a woman's labia.

  • Doug
  • 3 months ago:

You're pretty lucky, dude. You get to say your piece twice, while my response, which got last I looked 5 agreeing thumbs, has been deleted.
Guess the editors like you more than me!

Have fun, but be careful what you say!

the censored :-(

Don't feed the Troll

  • Doug
  • 3 months ago:

Kind of a dumb thing to say, RjinCO, but I can't say I'm disappointed in you :-))
You've earned my lowest expectations :-))

the frustrated mentor ☹

BTW, this is another deleted response I happened to have a back-up of. Thanks, Lazarus! :-)))

Interesting to me which comments were apparently allowed to stand...

  • Doug
  • 3 months ago:

Don't feed the Censors


Yes it certainly shows the torturous after effects some models subject themselves to in order to be "in". All evidence points out that Eliav could certainly produce a bumper crop.

The choice is Eliav's and I respect that she puts food on the table by posing, so good for her!

  • Doug
  • 3 months ago:

Too bad they think they have to shave to put food on the table! :-)))

Itz a cruel world! :-)))

  • Doug
  • 3 months ago:

BTW, Baggy, do you recall I made another comment here touching on evolution?
I guess they don't go for that theory here, because it has been deleted!

It had seemed kinda innocuous to me, but apparently not to the Fundamentalists!

the blasphemer ☥

  • Doug
  • 3 months ago:

Scroll down, Baggy ☟

Too bad you do nothing but complain. You need to go to ATKhairy, and stay there......

  • Doug
  • 3 months ago:

Been there, done that.
I don't just complain. It just seems that way to you :-)))

  • Doug
  • 3 months ago:

BTW, metlover, don't worry -- with a name like yours you're safe from censorship :-)

the assurer :-)

In the entire history of mankind, there has never been a pussy that was improved by being furry

  • Doug
  • 3 months ago:

Baggy, our responses to phila were here.

Do you recall asking him if his mother had never told him "never to say never"?

I thought it was pretty funny, but the censor apparently didn't!

His loss too! :-))))

Or, the little, not to say hair-hating, minds are winning ☺

  • Doug
  • 3 months ago:

Here is my deleted response to phila's comment. I don't have what Baggy said to prompt it, unfortunately :-(

Take it away, Baggy! :-))

Think of it tho. If what he says is true, I don't think any of us would be here :-)))))

the historian ☝☺

Tuff censors here!☹

Yes I certainly did notice that. I sent an email to MET serving them a muffin that my Alzheimer's might have contributed but I was certain I had said "Thats a pretty silly thing to say. Didn't your Mother teach you to never say never?" No harm no foul that I can see.

I did say more and that must be where the red flag went up.

I closed that I did not descend into the gutter and say vulgar things to many members which earned one member a well deserved removal.

Their response will say a lot, will it not?

Replying to myself, tsk, tsk, tsk.

My selective Alzheimer's is receding.

I closed my reply to phila with words like.

"unless you are trying to win the thumb vote. I am sure that many thumbs will ensue from trolls, ordinary MET members, and the dreaded 10 letter word that starts with p and ends with es" ~ except I spelled it in full, and it was the first of my trio.

I suppose it's only due diligence to not appear to let slide that word. To do so might create the impression that MET tacitly agrees that they are attempting to appeal to said vermin. I KNOW THEY ARE NOT, but the net nazis have many tentacles, unlimited resources, and long memories.

  • Doug
  • 3 months ago:

I've foiled them to some extent with a little program called Lazarus I put in not long ago. In the event of a browser crash I'd have a backup of everything I had written here. Didn't expect to need it for this, tho :-(

Somebody is putting pressure on them to not allow certain things to be said here is what I think.

And they lost their heads.

I hope it's just accidental, but not considering what went on yesterday here.

We'll see. It would be much simpler for them to just let comments stand, instead of trying to pick and choose which are acceptable and which are not.

It's sorta like -- only applause need apply :-)

I really hope they're bigger than that :-)

@ Doug:

Is 1 what you use, or are you technically smart enough to instal and use 2?

1 = http://www.maketecheasier.com/backup-restore-forms-in-chrome-firefox/

2 = http://www.lazarus.freepascal.org/

  • Doug
  • 3 months ago:

Baggy, don't know about 1. 2 is the one I've begun to use as a Firefox add-on. I don't know how to use it very well, but I guess well enough. Think I could configure it better with some study.


what a great set!

Eliav's previous sets were good, her body is amazing, but she always had a
chilly, disconnected expression on her face that seemed to detract a little bit for me. This time around, she seems to have warmed up a bunch, and has a great rapport with the camera. This warmth really brings out the beauty of her face, and her body is, well, absolutely fantastic.

all in all, stunning stuff!!!!

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