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Amazing and feminine.....Great shoot!!!

Eat more!

i again refer to wrong tags. Eliav is a beautiful model with a very slender body.she has gorgeous small boobs and long erect delicious nipples. i do not know who is that stupid person who put the tag of inverted nipples on her profile.

she has something very attractive about her. i don't think she is too thin. She is very pretty

Of course she is very pretty. Nobody's disputing that. ( : We just hope she's healthy.

Another nice set of the brown-eyed honey Eliav. I don't think Eliav is too thin. I also like Anna AJ, who has been criticized for her weight. Some girls just have a slender build, not that they don't eat enough or are anorexic, just that their body burns more energy and stores less. Albert says she feels good about her body, so that's good enough for me. I'll enjoy her pictures all the same.

Saying that someone looks like they are dangerously or unhealthily thin is NOT ~ repeat, NOT ~ "criticizing them for their weight."

It is saying that someone we want to be healthy looks unhealthy. It has nothing to do with how pretty they are, or what kind of person for them. It is an expression of concern, not a criticism.

I think Eillav is lovely and the setting perfect. I do wish we had more back views, but she is a model I'll give a 10+++ to anytime.(maybe she needs Sofi A's diet, salad for her waistline and cheesecake for her assets. Check "Coccoon by Fenex starring Sofi.)

I'm not seeing protruding ribs here- Eliav is Eliav her weight is most likely what she's most comfortable with...............

Oh, but her hips sure do protrude. She's got no subcutaneous fat. Maybe her weight is not unhealthy, but it's certainly not ideal.

  • 1 year ago:

Like the girl next door, very nice.

In defense of skinny girls ...

a) They are easy to pin while wrestling, that's handy.

b) They eat so little that you always get half of whatever they're having anyway, that's very handy.

c) One cocktail and their tank is full, so that save money.

d) Their skinny bodies make your dick look monstrously huge, that's priceless.

e) You can pick them up and carry them to bed without busting your back.

f) More comfortable for you if she likes being on top.

g) If she likes being on top, and you're hung well enough, you got a spinner!!...;o)

Never saw that in so many different ways..! :)

The seller

Thank you guys for your discussion.
I'm glad you like this girl.
I hope I show her charm and grace gusty.

Charm and grace come through quite well, thank you.

Thanks for joining us, Albert. I am enjoying your work much lately.

To my eyes Eliav's body is perfect, so sexy and exciting. The girls here in California are supposed to be so hot, but most of them (except Asian women) are pretty heavy. So seeing someone trim and fit is great. 10+!

Wow!California!Been to California in two different occasions and didn´t want
to come back.I´d remained there for eons.Heavy girls?Oh my,let me taste one!
Don´t know how lucky you are,pilot

The seller

Northern CA is my preference. A lot different from the southern part.

Maybe,both are yummy

The Seller

Our wonderfully waifish, elegant, and tan model seems overwhelmed and slight in a sea of tan. This does not detract from how conducive her form is to giving us truly endearing close ups. That face, for example, in 100, is lovely (and has no need for lipstick to redefine the boundary of her lips). The equally lovely backside could be given a more complete exposition. I appreciate teasing, but saw no reason to hide anything behind the pillow.
I trust we will be graced with another visit again soon.

Beautiful model and set.

Picture #19 is just perfect.

I'm very amused at how Americans think that anything not within their "norm", needs to be "fixed"... So for Eliav and Anna AJ and all the other models that are "trim and fit", and have to endure all this talk of "skinny....unhealthy...anorexic...etc" I say, "go to the fat girls site!!! You'll be much happier!!" And coming from Americans, I'd bet most of this talk is coming from a place of envy!! I'm reminded of an Adam Sandler song... Corduroy Blues...check it out!!

Nice set of a beautiful girl Albert! "Nothing" needs fixing here!! Put away the pies and cakes and potatoes, or when she's 40 and weighs 100k she will blame you! ;o)

10 kgs????????????????? I am american i think she is perfect. So take your comments and stick those up your 10 kgs you know-----

Never meant to understimate skinny girls,I actually like all kinds of girls,
speccially americans.

The seller

Begging pardon, but I think your tiny categorical box you label "American" is a bit too small to stuff me into it.

Ok, I have now read the comments and apparently some are indeed small enough to fit in a small box.

Anorexic, jeez, go grab a shake and a burger, NOW!!

  • 1 year ago:


I think this is a bit extreme. I was also quite petite when I was her age and it was always annoying when people would make this comment to me. Of course those who knew me and all the crap I ate would just say "where does it go??". Some girls are just thin and don't start filling out until their mid 20's or so. That's around the time I finally broke 105 pounds, of course I'm well over that now :P I think Eliav is perfect the way she is but if you are patient I am sure you will see a slightly curvier figure emerge.

Maybe it's just me, but she seems to have been losing weight since her first (published) set. That's why I feel concerned.

OK, she is slender, but her body is delicious.i love her ass and would love to hug her hips and stay kissing her ass cheeks for hours. she is slender, but she has a wonderful delicious sexy body well formed. i love her and want her back

i am commenting again after i saw Eliav for many times. i want to reply to all who said negative comments on her body. i wish she had some 10 Kgs more. but her body is delicious and sexy. perfect, delicious, erect, long nipples. long beautiful legs and gorgeous pussy that is in no way undersized. what do you want more in a girl?

Nobody's being negative about Eliav, we are simply agreeing with you that she would look more healthy and sexy with another 10kg.

Simply remarking that a model looks almost gaunt is not the same thing as criticizing her. We're just concerned for her welfare and think she would look more beautiful if she weren't so rail thin.

There is nothing she could do to make her appear healthier or sexier from my perspective.

These five sets are enough, I think!

Enough to wish for 5 more.

Elav got that delicious bottom in that slim body.

Too thin a girl.She´s of course nice,but her potos today make me feel sad somehow.
SAD....Standard American Diet would help a lot.But don´t overdo it!

The seller

Oh YEAH! Give her some of that "standard American diet" so she can have that "standard American diabetes" and look like a beached whale!!! PERFECT!!

Overreact much?
Oh no, you're Rock. You never take anything out of proportion. ( : ( : ( :

After all,Rock is right.SAD is a big problem.Lots of fatty chicks

The seller

No, the problem isn't "fatty chicks" it's fatty people.

(Such as myself: you should see the potbelly I've gained over the last decade... I kid myself that I can still "suck it up" when a pretty girl walks by, but that's probably delusional...

Don't worry,my dear friend,I'm a BIT overweight too,but paradoxically,girls can see through me like I,m made of

The invisible Seller

You and me both! LOL

the open book

It's always difficult to tell what is too thin, but a rule of thumb I have is when a person's face looks thin and caved in around the eye sockets and the cheeks is a giveaway that they're too thin.
Given, Eliav's cheeks aren't as round as I'd like, but her eyes don't look sunken and neither do her cheeks. I wouldn't want her to lose any more weight than she already has, but hopefully she's OK.
And hopefully she'll gain a little weight in the year to come. If she comes to stay with me for a year, I can guarantee she'll gain some weight. ( : ( : ( :

if she gets pregnant she will be better and sexier.

So would YOU!

I talked to her about her weight, she is always so thin and feels very good in her body.
Ayla-moving and graceful, sometimes very playful, I can not imagine it with another.

Thank you for the comment, Albert.

She needs to go to a buffet like Golden Corral.

Yeah! Let's get some of that "healthy" American, fat and chemical infused food in her!! That'll do her a LOT of good!! Might as well eat from a real "corral"!

Ok,my bad again.Please don't get piss.She'll have to get some kgs from a real corral where you eat.lol.

When I was her age I could, and did, eat all the food I wanted and still looked way too skinny. She doesn't look unhealthy, just beautiful, sweet and graceful.

In between photo shots we drank coffee. I has treated Eilav cakes and pies with potatoes(:

with that beautiful body, she might be loosing her her energy in too much sex. i envy her BF.

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