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Excellent, elegant, uninhibited duet.
Great job Leonardo.

Hey, did you see those strawberries?

Strawberries? There were strawberries ~ ?

Wow. You actually let them kiss a couple of times. How big of you. Meh.

I forgot that Elle and Helen only do girl-on -girl with each other, They also get red ears as in shots 61 to 89,specially when getting ready for a power lunch. Red ears are important, as that indicates that the girl is happy.I gave everyone a 10++++

Love it when these two get together.
Their comfort with and attraction to each other is palpable.
I look forward to many more stolen moments from these beautiful ladies!


While I'm not a big fan of most two girl sets, this one is great. I like just about everything about it from the models, the colors in the props and costumes, the playfulness that shades over into eroticism.
Great job, Elle, Helen and Leonardo!

fer - I'm with you on G-G sets, and I agree this one is actually good. There is a lot of playfulness and more mutual attraction than most. The only thing that puzzled me is that Elle seemed to be left out in showing between her legs for nearly all of the shoot.

Agreed --

I, too, do not download the "duet" sets -- not my thing.

But -- for these two -- I make an exception.

Ooops -- !

My mistake --

Changed my mind -- somehow overlooked the "tat" on the left foot.

How my, how did you miss the one across the small of Helens' back.

Never got past the foot graffiti.

No offense, but it's too bad for you if a tattoo on a foot ruins the whole set for you...

You're right -- it's sad.

But it did.

Leonardo, full body more and better poses! This could have been the best set probably of the month.

I agree, throwing in some standing shots and a few different poses would've been nice, especially when you have two lovely ladies with such awesome figures!

Two outstandingly beautiful women doing outstandingly nice things to each other - whats not to like..once again lucky Leo!

Helen does have the most beautiful breasts imaginable - more of them please

The girl-to-girl play look sexier when the girls don't look constantly to the camera! I like the illusion that they are absorbed in their play and forget the presence of a peeping-tom behind the lenses!

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