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These two need to move it over to SexArt.

Just 7.45 for such an erotic set ?? The girls are sexy and looking at each other rather than the camera . What more do you want ? 9

One of the most boring photoset... Leonardo of course...

Cheap. Please add value with some specifics.

The blue background is perfect for the dark blue black hair. The light reflecting from the white sofa cover and stockings is harsh, however. Slightly darker colors would flatter better, and a less busy pattern on the sofa would distract less.
I liked the shadows.
Nice bite.

I enjoyed this gallery.

Both ladies are incredibly endowed with loveliness!

I applaud Leonardo for pairing these beautiful women and for leaving their beauty as is and where is with no resorting to gimmickry.

My thanks to everyone responsible for this visit.

This is as explicit as Met-art gets. Since either the girls or Leonardo don't want to take it further, this is what you are going to get, (not for example Viola Bailey nailing Beata to the matress, as she does on SA.)This is the fourth set these two have done together, so this is the type of set they prefer, lots of sexual tension without getting a room Since Halen and Elle are two very beautiful and skilled models, Leonardo is smart to listen to them about the type of shoot they want, as this is very beautiful, very worthy of a 10++++

Two beautiful models. A boring set. Pity.
Se desperdicio la belleza de las dos modelos en un set fotográfico ABURRIDO.!!!

Covering their beautiful legs with stockings for the entire set is lame.

Is Not!

Get rid of the two gal sets, they are a total waste of time.

Said the fellow surfing porn...........

Or don't as some of us quite like them.

And some more of us do, too.

"Technical" complaints about this set are just nit-picking. It's a very good example of a MA-style girl-girl shoot. And while that style doesn't do much for me, this one has its moments. #100 is full of sexual tension and will have me spending entirely too much time revisiting Elle's "greatest hits" today.

Then I won't call them technical and will say that light and color affect the beauty of the photograph. C'est l'image.

Two very exciting models (Helen's one of my all-time favorites) in a just kind of mid-to-upper-range-just so-so kind of set (for me at least).

First, I like the use to two dark-haired women against the studio background but, to me, I think the sofa/couch is a bit overly busy for the set. Their white-stockinged legs tend to get lost in the overall couch pattern.

Second, some technical problems. Most of the shots were over-lit, causing the models' skin tones to wash out a bit more than normal. Some frames later in the set show a much darker overall skin tone for both models and those seem to work a bit better (for me at least). Then one glaring problem - #88 - was ruined by lens flare from an off-camera light. Shame.

Outside of those problems, I always view Helen's sets with interest - particularly with an eye to seeing what kind of new tattoos (if any) show up or escape the editor/photographer.

Talk about a dream pairing...

Delightful, the sparse costumes and the blue backdrop enhance both girls skin tones beautifully. Some may bemoan the lack of explicit shots in this piece, but for me the raw chemistry between these two girls more than makes up for that, they're always red hot together.

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