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Beautiful women. My personal tastes would have more 2 pussy pics.

I love these two together.

Elle D and Helen H are very beautiful, but that's all. Its very hard to take bad pictures of either, but Leonardo has done it.They do not work together well,not like Nastya K and Susanna C do, for instance. This gets a razzie

I must have been having a total loony fit that day. I love Elle and Helen. specially as they only do girl on girl with each other and get red ears doing it. Everyone can now have fun at my admission.

Also, come to think of it, I must not have checked shot 98, where they assume the position

When you do scenes with two girls, it would be hot if you had a few pics where they appreciate each other's feet and then rub their feet all over each other's bodies.

Shot #13 made my heart a-flutter!

Can we please evolve past this stuff??

Another superb "grab ass" set starring Helen & amigo!

Boy, I wish I could have seen what happened between shots 97 and 98... and after... ( :

These two are obviously a couple. Lots of chemistry in all their sets. I was amused by the face on the pillow that appeared to be watching with great interest.

Bad photography! Flash lights reflecting. The girls have mostly
eyes only for the photographer!

All I can say is, Yes yes yes oh yes!

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