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Mr.Leonardo, why waste so much film on blurred vagina's? The object of photography is capturing a vision, to allow someone else to SEE the photo.

Obviously Leonardo is such a great photographer, with great clarity to his images, but it is SOOOOOOOOOOOOO frustrating how he just sometimes REFUSES to change his depth of field. So many shots of the face in focus but not the rest of the body. SO VERY FRUSTRATING!!

Elle D has never been one of my all time favourite MetArt girls, not that she isn't very pretty, just so many beautiful girls on this site, but this set has certainly made me have to reconsider her, really loved her cute little pussy stubble and stockings. Thought the shots of her leaning back with her legs fully parted were absolutely awesome. Well done Elle D. Thank you very much.

Ho can one describe the absolute perfection of this woman. Her skin tone and shadow of tanning is just perfect. Flawless!

Very nice girl. Way to go Elle. Hope to see her more often.

"Decent" set, with Elle looking as enticing as ever, and great stockings!
But as usual, too many good pussy shots ruined by 'misguided" focus.

Rockhard: EXACTLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! See my comment, which is pretty much exactly what you're saying.

Love this set!
Elle has a beautiful "Mona Lisa" smile and an exquisite body to go with it.
Would love to see her open up on SexArt, possibly with her friend Helen.
Just a thought.......

A thought shared by quite a few I'd wager.

Gorgeous model with an absolutely flawless anus, would love to taste it...

Elle D has all the qualities that make women beautiful, which Leonardo typically captures in his sets. This is outstanding example of his talent and God's perfection of beauty.


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