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mmm... 2007!

harsh anorexia. very sad. she was so pretty before.

that's wrong...get her to a clinic! eating disorder 101

why don't all the girl's do set with all kind of pose's it seem that sat down and lay down and tease is all any one can do and they can do 40 set's and won't do any thing else

Elle is beautiful, and she has a really hot body...I luv her perfect pussy!!! But this is poor choice of location for a photo set. I know it's not easy to continually find new places to do photo shoots, but I'm thinking at least 2 or 3 rooms in that apartment would have been better than the balcony. And I am not a big fan of chairs as a furniture choice for photo shoots. They limit the available poses too much. Elle's beauty and hot body salvages the set!

Perfection My Friends

eat a few more pies love!!

Elle is great, Leonardo and this set not so much

Elle is gorgeous! Love her "Mona Lisa" Smile!
It always looks like she is thinking something deliciously naughty!

Gotta love skin and bone girls. Skinny rocks in my book. She is a bit on the lean side tho

I am typically a Leonardo supporter, but I can not find any words of support for this set. Elle, what a waste of a beautiful woman!

I disagree! A naked woman as beautiful as Elle and you struggle to find something nice to say..... how about this ... such a pretty face and what a body ... love it

Except for your first six words, I fully agree! However it is exactly because of numerous previous leonardo sets like this that I am NOT a Leonardo supporter.

I'm sure Elle walked away from this shoot pissed off. I don't blame her.

Misss auto-sufficient-absolute-perfection-marble-statue is as sexy as my neighbour mowing the lawn.A boring sleep-induction yawner.

If your neighbor looks like this, and poses like #116 when she mows, I want to trade houses!

I've always liked Elle, but it just seems that with each set she gets progressively leaner. There's skinny, and then there's underweight and it's just hard for me to look at her here, she looks so gaunt for her frame.

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