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My God, I would marry this girl, pamper her all her life and make her every wish and desire a reality.

totally gorgeous!

Elle is just gorgeous, and I luv her perfect body!!! This set was definitely worth the wait!!!

This girl defines "class."

beautiful & sexy with some feisty poses :) me likee a lot!

Wish I had a Fairy like this at the bottom of my garden.

Wow one of the best so beautiful

I'm reminded of a popular old Randy Newman song...."You can keep your hat on". Nice set.

Although Randy Newman wrote and sang the song, it was made popular by Joe Cocker. Just for the record. And yes, Elle is gorgeous. Always love seeing pictures of her.

"Just for the record", I didn't say who "made it popular". I said it's a Randy Newman song. We ALL know Joe "made it popular"...at least us old men do!! And I didn't mention that Elle is gorgeous. But thanks for stoppin by... ;o)

Beg your pardon...."You can LEAVE your hat on"...;o) Catchy tune...

Your correct on the lyrics, but it IS a funny hat, though. ;)!

"Funny" is very subjective. I call it a "floppy hat"...;o) But then I'm accustomed to large hats on women...

How is it possible that this beautiful brunette woman is not a Top Ten model yet several dime a dozen blondes are?

Highly underrated model.

"Dime-a-dozen blondes"!!? The 'Top Ten' consists of 3 blondes and the rest brunette or redhead. Get YOUR head out of your ass!

And the blondes that ARE on the top ten list, in MY opinion are hardly 'a dime a dozen'!! Each is unique in her own way.

Over react much?

All the time... Especially when 'thoughts' are presented as 'fact'. It only takes a minute to check the model list and see who's on top and who isn't. And calling the blondes here "a dime a dozen" is very insulting. Not only to them, but to their fans too. The "head out of your ass" crack was a bit over the top I admit, but I WAS "fired up". Get the facts before you speak! (or in this case...b4 you type)

Yes, Mother.

I do Luuuuuv this woman --

Makes me want to take a stroll in the garden !


Gorgeous Elle!
Love this set!

Elle is great! Leonardo has made a perfect set.

Elle is great! Leonardo has made a perfect set.

I really think this is Ellie's best solo. otherwise she does her best when she's loving her buddy Helen H.

Very nice, Elle looks as gorgeous as ever and opens up beautifully for some great spread shots, fantastic.

Stupid pamela ruining the set


Be careful about opening THIS can of worms! lol

Beautiful Elle, I loved the set, you are looking great and posing well.

I just enjoy admiring this woman's beauty

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