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Gorgeous girl

Elle d is one of the most beautiful women I have seen. But, I only know that because I have seen Hegre's photography of her. Leonardo, do you know how to "focus" a camera? The fuzzy, blurred images you present do not do justice to Elle D, or the people who pay subscriptions for MetArt. The whole idea of photography is to convey an image for viewing, what happened to the crisp, clean photography generated by Alex Iskan?

#79 even better… My own taste no doubt, but Elle seems comfortable like this. A suggestively primal position. She and Anna rule here….

shots like #82: hot. With hands pulling legs back (her beautiful hands…) even better. Love seeing those fine legs n feet, pulled back as if "accepting," and drawing one "in."

gorgeous girl. Fantastic eyes, awesome butt, delicious pussy. beautiful open legs shoots

it is very strange for Leonardo to give such a good set. i usially grade him 2/10

beautiful elle keep it up you are one of the best

As Det. Headlopper drove to the west valley headquarters to renew his CDL-A (Commercial Detective License) he thought he had his papers in order. When he arrived he followed the yellow brick road to the wizard and presented the wizard with his current CDL-A Licence. Much to Det. Headlopper surprise he found out that he had forgot to bring his planet of origin certificate. Det. Headlopper was surprised but listened to the wizard and went home to find his planet of origin certificate. It was too late in the day for Headlopper to return since the wizard stopped testing at 3:00pm. When Det. Headlopper return to his humble home he checked the wizards computer system to make sure he would bring all the right papers to the wizard when he returned to walk down the yellow brick road again. As Det. Headlopper reviewed the required papers the wizard wanted he found some writing that told Headlopper his planet of origin certificate was not acceptable with the wizard. Apparently the planet Det. Headlopper had arrived to planet earth from certified abstract of birth was not acceptable for presence on planet earth. Det. Headlopper set about to appeal to the grand wizards of the planets Arizona and California that the certified abstract of birth from planet California was a valid official document. Det. Headlopper hopes his appeals to the grand wizards of the planets will solve this problem.
It seems that the planet Arizona won't Accept the planets California official document. Planet California seems to be single out as the only planet that the official documents are in question.
Det. Headlopper might have to put himself up for adoption soon Miss Elle. Any chance you might know of a planet that might want to adopt a seasoned CDL-A detective/tractor trailer operator. Headlopper knows how to cook and do other things around the house. Put the word out to the Headlopper agency girls that I might be up for adoption soon.
Thank you Miss Elle

Elle gives an elegance to her beauty that makes her seem remote, an easy easel for our projections and fantasies. But with each of her sets, I'm always looking for those moments when the "other" side of her shows through, when she seems between poses and more herself, or searching... She's got the super model beauty, and yes the Mona Lisa smile, down - which MetArt loves, and it's her stock-in-trade. I wonder at all she's capable of. Extraordinary woman. Thanks, Elle.

Elle is wonderful but the series is mostly boring. She needs a more daring photographer for non-vulgar photos.

Agree with the focus comment. Let me get this straight- a beautiful woman that every man (and some women) would give an eye tooth to have, takes off all her clothes, then spreads her legs for the camera, and the photographer chooses to focus on her eyes and leave her pussy blurry? Her face IS gorgeous, so do two shots- one focusing on her eyes and then focus on the obvious major feature of the photo. Leonardo usually does better in this regard, so while I'm taken by Elle (she is HOT), overall the photo shoot could have been a lot better.

I agree completely. I don't pretend to know the mind of the photographer, but I feel sometimes that there is a hard-wired notion (shared by the amateur camera manufacturers that program it into the hardware), that if the face is in the frame, it must be in focus. Maybe it is a carryover from portrait photography. But one can think of erotic photography as taking series of portraits of various parts of the body: a portrait of a pussy (I think this would be a nice book title), a portrait of a butt, a portrait of breasts (or would that be a group shot?).

A good point about the use of auto-focus on today's digital cameras. An interesting analogy, too!

I couldn't agree more.

Great smile in #7.


Elle a vraiment un très joli minois, mais ces très beaux yeux sont ils pour moi?


She's got a smoking hot ass

Elle is beautiful and has a really hot body!!!

Gorgeous rear shots make for the technical shortcomings of this set.

Fantastic eyes, awesome butt, nice pussy.

Agree shes so sweet

And beautiful breasts ;)

Stiffened face,stiffened posing,non sensual figures,dark atomospheres.
What happened on her?
This set may not honorable for her.

Artistically this is a great set. Technically this is a crap set.
I just can't get around the 'focus' issue. Elle looks great though...as usual.

Beautiful as always, but still looking a little too thin for my liking.

Just adorable, as always. Thanks for so many great sets, sweetie.

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