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A yawn

I love her.

You want "gyno" shots of her? Look at her 2nd set from March 2011. At that point she was shaved, not waxed. (The stubble shows.) But that set was not by Leanardo...


In my tiny opinion,Elle D in MetArt is less cute,atractive or charmful than Kiki,Siva or Malvina. My comment about her previous set was attacked,but my impression of Elle D in MetArt would not change this time too.

What is this...the goddamn food network!!?

A more appropriate title would be "Redundo"... And I have to agree that Elle's expression scarcely changes from one set to another.

Elle is a beautiful woman and was a favorite of mine for awhile. Until I realized most of her galleries are redundant and once you have seen one you have seen them all. I don't know who to blame for this maybe it's Elle's lack of expression or the photographers's lack of ambition. It's probably a combination of both. I would like to see a gallery of hers which is completely different instead of the same old same old.

Actually, there is only one set by Elle D,they only change some details and reléase hundreds.

The seller

Amazing eyes and a very hot bottom, but redundant photography, too many similar pictures

She is made of alabaster.

The seller

Picture 52 from presenting Elle. Shows she has nice teeth. 2011

Maybe she has a nice thyroid too.

The seller

Gorgeous from Leonardo and Elle, as always.
Kudos on location, costuming and use of props (the fruit bowl). Lighting was natural, though I would like to see what an edited version of this set looks like.

My only complaint(s):
Can we please see Elle smile (with her teeth)?
If Elle is open to the idea, can we please see some explicit shots? If she is not, that's fine, I understand.

Actually,Elle is not able to smile,because she is a statue.Is for decorative
purposes only.Put her in your living room.

The seller

WIth many models here, I keep thinking about the huge difference between a woman who is thinking: "Look at me, I'm beautiful.", and those who seem to be thinking: "Make love to me, I'm sensual."

I'll take more of the latter, please.


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