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Guys are so turned on with girls that wear short jeans, not cut off's Jeans. Short jeans were there is enough gap were you can see pussy lips.
I wish there were more models that wore shorts! Models are to quick to take off there cloths. Just real good shots of daisy duke type shorts.
I have seen this for real.....in real life and masterbated for months! I I saw a girl wearing shorts with no under pants on. Her pussy lips
were showing when she was sitting on the grass at a park. I masterbated
several times that night.......anyway to pass this on to the guys that take such good pictures for MET?

I like it, i want it more, give her more, please. Super model. Body, eyes, super!

Please show all of this stunning model on the next shoot for the ten she deserves.

As the people of the kingdom of the good Shepard gathered in the village square the clouds gathered and it blocked out the warming rays of the sun. The Knights of the Dark Watch had return from the grave yard with the bones of the dead creatures. The Knights used their swords to break the bones up so the princesses could weave them into wind chimes. The eerie and haunting sounds of the bones of the dead with the pieces of metal hammered out on the roaring fires of the village blacksmith. They listened to the lonely music that came from castle Headlopper as they hurried to complete the chimes before the darkness encroached into their lives. As the twilight of the medieval sun set, Count Headlopper walked among the knights and the princesses and all the believers of the good Shepard. His words of calm reassurance and strength helped steady the knights and warmed the princesses hearts. The dark of the knight was also the time of the dark one. He too tried to ruled the night and the dreams of the people of the good Shepard. His dark force of evil and the spell of the words, his shinning trinkets of silver and gold to lure the faithful princesses into the lair of the dark one. His evil would turn the hearts of man and women into and unto each other. they would fight amongst themselves and argue for no reason at all. The constant lust and greed for the trinkets of gold, silver, and the jewels to decorate the bellies and the ears of the princesses. Only the most wise and brave princesses like Princess Elle would turn their heads and laugh at the dark one emissaries of evil when enticed by the dark ones offers. The wicked women of the kingdom of the good Shepard would spin webs of entrapment to lure the unsuspecting men and boys into their webs of deceit. When ever one of these webs of entrapment was found the knights would be dispatched to cut thru the webs and try to turn the hearts of the wicked women back the light and comfort of the good shepherds fire of the truth that burned within them. As Count Headlopper walked amongst the people they too were a little afraid of the count. His eye's seemed to instilled faith and fear. The brave knights of the Dark Watch wanted to go to the castle of the Dark Prince and arrest him and bring him before the peoples court. But the Dark Prince's grip of power over the spell of the words was almost complete. He was trying to knot together a spell of words over the people and turn them upon themselves. Live the good life, don't worry about tomorrow, think about your future, and other words of the spell. His voice seemed to encompass the planet of the good Shepard, carried by the electric signals of the stars that orbited the planet. His towers of confusion were everywhere in the cities and villages. He would sit in his castle of Darkness and gorge himself with fine foods and the company of the evil ones. He would call upon the victims of his web of entrapment to do his bidding and to do harm to the people of the good Shepard. Count Headlopper and the Knights of the Dark Watch wanted to storm the Dark Castle of corruption and greed and dispatch the evil ones into the underworld. But the living laws of the land of the good Shepard prevented this. So Count Headlopper and the people waited until the time of change was upon them. The Dark Prince's messages and reports of the battle between good and evil were daily and nightly events. His voice of reason was everywhere. The Dark Prince and his followers would stand between good and evil and flow with the tide of victory. If one side gained the advantage the evil would go to the other side and speak of the reason of need. The Dark Prince's veins flowed with greed and deception. But Count Headlopper and the Knights also knew their veins flowed with the poison on the coward. They used the speakers of riddles and the spell of the words to deceive the people and tie up the courts of the land with the reason for the purpose. And so the good Count Headlopper and the Knights of the Dark Watch wait and listen at their posts. The beautiful eye's of Princess Elle and the other beautiful princess and maidens of the kingdom of the good Shepard watched and waited. The Dark Prince is one a schedule of destruction and enslavement to the magic potions. Count Headlopper waits for you Dark Prince, he has thrown down the glove many times for you and you fail to appear. Your castle of power can no longer protect you from the truth. Count Headlopper has also thrown down the glove for the princess and the maidens. And so the gathering begins and the line has been drawn. The ships of the line are sailing closer to each other, the lead ships will not wait, the other captains must close the distance that separates the fleet. The beautiful Princess Elle and the other ships of the beautiful fleet of Met-Art are looking great.
Heed the words of Count Headlopper my dear princesses

My gawd, Elle D, you are incredible.

Feminine, fit, polished, and powerfully sexy.

Sincere thanks for sharing your feminine perfection with us.

ps - LOVE your hair and nails!

I felt that the lighting for this shoot was overly harsh. It might have looked better if the lighting was diffused a little. Especially for the first part, there was a strong shadow just behind the model - something that an amateur might do, but a professional ???

Image 60...those eyes, those lips, that exquisite body...Elle, you are a goddess..

No emotion. A cloning affair. Poor Elle. Her beauty is masked by some artistic attempt by Leonardo. :(

Elle is one of my favorite models.

100% YES


I have to take the time to share with you. For the most part I see your name attached to a photo set, I think to myself this is going to be a great set. When I see Elle's name with yours, I think this is going to be an outstanding photo set. You have her starting off in a chair sitting. Following this you have her move to the window where she is sitting. Lastly you have her on the floor where she is sitting. If you took photoshop. you could over lay the photos and they are exactly the same. Elle is one of the top MetArt models, and you have made her almost boring. However, we can never say Elle is boring, but you are almost there for me!

Elle is a beautiful woman. I do not think her rating is adequate. Thanks Leonardo for not photoshopping her enchanting downy hair.

Elle, you are a beautiful, desirable woman. You're the only food group I need.

I had a flashback to the film 'California Man', dairy group, fruit group or meat group?? :)

Meat, definitely meat.

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