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Man, Leonardo, I am amazed at the amount of film you waste! Elle D is beautiful. But the fuzzy, blurred images such as 116,117,139,140, and I could go on and on, just do not make sense! Just when I expect to see Elle in her full glory, you fuzz the image. Really fucked up chief. Any reason I should expect improvement on the photography?

Elley D simply stunning beautifull

Often as long as you see her pussy all is good.

Despite the beauty of Elle the set is very, very poor.
Furnishings in B & W, Elle in black lingerie, even the vase of flowers black.
It 'a setting almost monochromatic, if slightly desaturate the skin color of Elle gets in B & W.
Elle looks like a wax doll, expressionless stare, lost in the void, stereotype smile.
At the end a set soporific.
In my opinion one of the least pleasant of Leonardo.

Elle is so beautiful it is almost painful to watch...!

More of this stunning woman please..

Elle is one of my all-time favorites, but there's something I don't understand in general about Leonardo's technique, which I have often noted: he gets the model to show her yummy bits, but focuses on her face! Is it just me, or WTF??

No, not only you noticed that. Too much depth of focus and no variety in focussing.

162 pictures, and I select only 8 ... the rest is boring, like what usually makes this photographer...

WOW! Simply astonishing! I love the relationship Elle & Leonardo have. Every single set keeps getting better and better, and as for Elle, she's simply a goddess and it shows in every single picture!!

Beautiful set, a little too much makeup for me as I like her natural beauty. BTW - so her sister is Anna AJ?

In 133 pictures out of 162, the model is wearing things. She is not nude. That's not what I came here for.

Incredible set.

The shots on the warm, white sheets are simply heaven.

Great work, Elle and Leonardo.

What a day on Met-Art!

What a day!

Same expression in almost every shot ... wake up

Classic Beauty!
Simply Gorgeous, Too much is Never enough of you Elle!


Elle is beautiful from head to toe and the pictures here show that beauty well. I can't eat for the next Elle set.

Gorgeous as always. Not to get too anatomical, but that is areally cute anus, a perfect pucker :)

Elle is a beautiful woman. Her eyebrows draw me right to her lovely grey-blue eyes. She has shapely breasts, downy hair, a bubble butt, great inner and outer labia, and wonderful long legs. Nice set; thanks Elle and Leonardo.

Elle is a lovely creature with a gorgeous pussy and a beautiful tush. This is an excellent set, on the whole, though she could have lost that damn bodice 100 photos sooner.

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