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I love her hair in this one. She should use a variety of styles in her upcoming sets.

Yes, she is beautiful. She appears bored. Can she smile ?

Elle D has always had a perfect body to gaze at. But the guys, who are complaining about redundancy with the poses havent seen, that the beautiful girl is turning into a ripe and fascinating woman. Not only sexy, but touching!

Elle is stunning as always. Fabulous body and beautiful eyes.

Love the panty shots - could look at this girl all day..

Elle never disapoints delicious

A braid constantly on beautiful breasts!

This girl is one of my favorites on Met. Beautiful from head to toe.

Elle D is a fabulous model from the Land Of Hot Desire, otherwise known as the Ukraine. Of course she has to carry this cross in life, as Nikita Khruschev used to say after he got to be a Special pensioner(got kicked out of being Dictator.)He always claimed he was not religious,it was a habit of speech picked up from his mother. He was from a coal mining village where his father was a draft animal in the Yuzkova mines( trained horses or mules cost money,slaves don't)

Thanks for the backgrounder to Nikita K. I read that he was ordered; in his role as a commissar, to report to Stalin after the failure of a Soviet offensive in WWII, and was expecting to be executed. Stalin did not order his execution because he believed a little paranoia was good for his underlings. Thank heavens or we may never have known how much of a beast Stalin was.

I love how Elle gazes into the camera......sultry, sensuous, and yet a hint of being demure.

You look lovely today Elle (as always).

Elle is a beautiful woman and one of my favorite models. I have the hard drive capacity and don't mind downloading a gallery of 150 pictures. If I find a corrupted picture, or an offensive one; q e d; its gone.

Elle was always one of my favorites.

yes. one of the favorites for sure. Elle is a rare and stunning beauty. I do kinda wish she would bring back her perfectly trimmed bush though. She sported that look so wonderfully! She looks great shaved too, I'll take her any way we can get her! amazing girl !!!!!!!!

First of all Elle you are beautiful girl and probably did exactly what you were told and about 50 of these shots are great of you, but 150? No! I remember Erro using a window setting like this on several occasions and some of the photos are still etched in my mind. The repetition here is boring. "Oh, she looked forward, shot. Now she looked to the left, Shot. Now she is looking right, shot." Why? One of the three is best. So... Again and again you loss the impact of the pose if you have to study it to figure out is is not the same picture. Let alone the fact of slow motion changes of body position. Move along... Dear, Elle, you deserve better...

swp - If it was anyone else but a favorite like Elle, the set might not be scoring so high as it is. There is significant repetition, but I won't go as far as to say it is a boring set. The sequence mixed them up some, but there are definitely duplicates, near-duplicates, and like you point out the same basic pose taken to the Nth variation. I would like to see Elle shoot with another photog, though.

I have the hard drive capacity and don't mind downloading a gallery of 150 pictures. If I find a corrupted picture or an offensive one; q e d, its gone.

Hi Baggy36Pants glad you liked my different style of comment on Karina O it had to be short as the sun was started to rise its ugly head for another 120F plus day tomorrow ain't going to get better speaking of hard drives mine i think is nearly going on the blink and is Alyissa also a female member as well i noticed her comment within Patsie A recent series or Sofi A's latest one and by the look at the thumbnails Elle D looks as beautiful as ever :)

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