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Elle rocks awesome beauty perfect

Elle D is soo scrumptious!

The Elle-d range of subtle emotion is legendary; a thesis on smiles would be incomplete without a thorough study of this gorgeous woman, who looks in perfect health to me.

Some very good (and some not so much) pics of the gorgeous Elle, but I'll never understand this fascination with bathrooms that so many of the 'artists' here seem to have...

Elle D is totally lovely, but bathroom pictures don't knock me out.I really do wish the K our content manage, would start cutting down on the number accepted. Elle gets a 10++ from me despite Leonardo, his tired ideas are really getting me down . Elle carried this whole set as far as I'm concerned.

Elle doesn't look well in this set. Besides having lost a lot of weight that she didn't have to lose in the first place, her eyes look dull.
Does MetArt have any arrangement with the models to provide healthcare for them, or are they just independently contracted and on their own? I realize that Ukraine probably has a national health system, but it seems to me that such a beautiful and (presumably) valuable model would be worth special protection.
Sorry if I'm wrecking the mood or intruding in your business arrangements, but these pictures were disturbing to look at. I would have thought that an artist with Leonardo's incredible perception would have seen this...and surely he has an editor.
On the other hand, I hope this isn't the newest in erotica, like pre-necrophilia.

CBR, to me she doesn't look so much underweight or unhealthy as just plain unhappy, like posing this particular day was the last thing she wanted to do, but felt she had to.
It's too bad because she's such a lovely woman. But her heart clearly wasn't in posing the day this set was shot.

You're no doubt overweight and think that everyone else is "unhealthy" without several extra pounds on their body. Rest easy....Elle is just fine.
In fact she's EXTRA FINE!! Your concern is touching but misplaced.

You speak as though you have personal information about the model--but then you speak as though you have personal information about me, and you don't.
Extra pounds don't mean much to me: my concern is her health. I hope you are correct about her.

Great set from Elle! Very sexy to pose without underwear with a complete shaved pussy. And Elle knows to expose her shaved pussy in all close ups. Gorgeous shots from behind with shows all the datails of Elle's pussy! Perfect!

She is so beautiful, dreamy eyes, sexy mouth, and the most perfect rear end

she does very nice webcam shows...

I really hope this beautiful lady has a good man who licks that gorgeous butthole every night for her...Very erotic set of photos by a confident woman! Kudos to Leonardo for capturing this Goddess!


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