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Elle is My Mona Lisa of this site...
She is always welcome in my eyes.


Can't fault your taste. Elle is sublimely gorgeous, there's no doubt.

Bad locations, bad photographers, bad photograPHY... Elle shines through it all!!! My favorite description of Elle is "gorgeously delicious"!! This is a "ho-hum" set to be sure, but it's Elle! And she shines through, as usual!!

Good sir, and Gentleman. Surely an analysis a bit more harsh than intended. Almost as harsh as the light reflecting from the columns and rail.

122 and 107 are at least 9's, no? A fine view in 82 -and if location unliked, unseen.

Having much the same thoughts that you and hipshot do, I've got to think, what could spice up Elle's sets? I mean she is superbly beautiful in every way, so it isn't that. Do we need more emotion, more creativity, more pussy, different hairdresser, more rear poses? What would take out the "ho-hum" and leave it with "tongue hanging out"? This is the question that I would ask.

Appears to be shot on the same day as "Colonna"...2011??

Unfortunately there is no way of knowing how long this set has languished in Metart's vaults. This is a very popular location for Leonardo. It is used often and with almost every one of his models so it could have been 2 or 3 years ago or it could be brand new.

For each set shot the bio gives the age of the model at the time of the shoot. That may all we have to go on for as when this was shot. As far as changes to "spice-up" the shoot sometimes the only thing to change is the location. How do you look going to the same "job" day after day, kinda of "ho-hum"? As far as what this shoot could have had more of, it's ass shots (as far as I'm concerned there's never enough of those). But you know if you miss looking at Elle's beautiful ass, there's always past photo shoots to re-view. And unless Elle were to pack on 10-20 pounds, that ass will still look as delicious as it did 3 years ago for her 1st photo set (it does). There has been one slight change, her face, it's gets more beautiful ever day!

C6 - I don't think that the age given in the bio's are accurate to determine when the set was taken. It appears that the ages are many times incremented as to when they are posted in relation to the previous posting. A model may have shot a dozen sets three years ago, but the age is changed to reflect what she would be as they are released over time. My theory is that the bio's do not always contain 'real' info and for good reason, in no way would Met want to provide clues (such as birthday) to the models identity that could be used by some weirdo to find them. They are very protective of models' privacy here.

Oh good Lord... Elle is an absolute sex bomb! Those seductive eyes and dynamite body are incredibly ravishing. Her beautiful pussy and wonderfully sculpted bush drive me absolutely bonkers! Easily in my top 5 most arousing Met-Girl list...

Elle is VERY pretty, a very hot model both in and out of her dress. We never get enough of Elle. I had to give her a 10+++++

Amazingly hot and sexy. One of my favorites.

Now THIS is the Elle set I've been waiting for!

Fantastic!....this girl is a "12"...

Photographer - Excellent
Model - Luxurious
All is super !

Very good work of Leonardo - as usual.

But Elle needs a hairdresser.

Pretty face, nice hair, long lean body and a very nice pussy but we don't get to see much of it and the same goes for her smile which never quite made it and it never reaches her sleepy green eyes. I looks like it was pasted on. There is no sincerity there. Ho Hum, think I'll hit the sack!

Lifeless pretty much sums it up. The eyes are the window to the soul but there was no light in that window.

I saw a totally different light in Elle's eyes apparently. To me they were inviting and alluring, beckoning us to touch her... I saw the warm glow of candlelights in her eyes...

This is why god gave us each our own eyes that we see beauty where others might not. I am happy that you see a different emotion than I do. The sultry look never works for me.

Isn't Metart wonderful!

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