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A goddess, to be sure. Love her.

I love this set: Elle in white dress and socks set against the dark night sky. Impish smile. Dark curls falling across perky breasts. Legs beautifully spread to reveal her lovely pussy. Pert bottom with Elle glancing over her shoulder. Wonderful.

Love this girl, new favorite!

Granted, we do get some lovely shots from behind, although from far away. Then I guess I should consider myself lucky that in 119 and 120 she spreads her legs (but in 119 she is out of focus "down there").

So yes, I fault Leonardo, don't know if it's a he or she. Could be Elle is modest enough that that's all she'd allow, but I have noticed all of Leonardo's sets are pretty tame. Such a pity, because Elle is 10+++!

I like the idea... I LOVE the model!! A bit lukewarm on the presentation and execution. Not near enough "close-in" shots of Elle's gorgeous body... I don't need a LOT of "close-ups", but twenty feet away for so many shots isn't ideal either! ;o)

I believe that Elle has many beautiful physical components.

In part, I really like her superb butt cheeks, and her inner and outer labia; particularly as they appear in images such as 93 to 96.

Gorgeous woman, good location, dark background makes her stand out, a lot of good photos...my favorite #58, what a face!

It is probably a waste of time to say this (again), but I wish photographers would learn to manage the hair of the models, and get it out of the way. This is supposed to be a nude art site, not a hair style site. In this set her hair clutters most of the pictures.

You're kidding, right?

Sadly, I'm pretty sure he's not.

I'm absolutely sure he's not. He likes bald women...

More close ups, this was a very boring set......

Ignore the stu...unenlightened negative comments - this is excellent stuff.

For those who play the "she looks a bit like..." game - Aubrey Plaza.

I'll never watch "Parks and Rec" the same way again.

I've had a crush on Aubrey Plaza since season 1. ( :

i love Elle. i love every single detail of her gorgeous, hot, delicious body. this beautiful girl deserves a photographer better than Leonardo. i hate this man and wish i can give him -10

Once in awhile he comes through, but in general I find his shoots very frustrating. He gets some super hot models, like Elle, and then we get pics that are just a bit more daring than 1970's Playboy magazine.

@ kkronful:

You say, in part, " i hate this man. . .". Are you positive that this photographer is male?

I can't believe that anybody could hate any photographer because of how they photograph a beautiful woman! I doubt that Leonardo chose her / his style to make you angry. Further, it is unlikely that (s)he continues her / his style out of spite or to cause you to continue to be consumed by hatred.

Does the Maker that you recognize and worship condone, or approve of, either hatred or gazing at images of nude women?

The only Maker I recognize is Makers Mark.

@ Benjy:

Click once, you bought it once; click twice, you bought it twice.

The only Maker I recognize is Makers Mark.

@ Benjy:

Snappy repartee; do you care to hazard a guess as to the reply my original question would receive from Maker's Mark?

please give us a set by Arkisi showing this gorgeous girl

Elle looks happy and healthy in this set, this is her best set in quite some time.

But I think she looks very happy in her last set with Helen as well...
Then again...Who wouldn't?


This is an awful set. Elle is never nude. This entire set is now rendered a waste of data.

...I suppose it would be useless to remind you of "half a loaf..." ?

I suppose it would be useless to remind you that some people would rather starve than accept a 'half loaf"...;o) Their loss!!

Absolutely amazing, Elle looks sensational here, the shots where she parts the dress to reveal her beautiful naked cunt blew me away.

I am a particular fan of Leonardo's night shoots, this one becoming a favourite.

@ bobblehat:

I concur with your assessment of Leonardo's night shoots.

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