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Gorgeous girl. Two or three pics with the sunglasses would have been more than enough of those.

Oh, and three or four with the hair braided would have been plenty of those, also. You can't really see her hair much as it is.

Have a sandwich honey...you could use it....beautiful girl though...

Great pool toy.

Oh, the raft is nice, too.

An endurance for borings continues across 60 frames or more.
I can't understand why this set requires such giganstic file size.
-Tokyo Sukimono-

Maybe the "artist" thinks that "quantity" or "file size" is more important than "quality"!?

121 and 123 are quite nice. For me the rest are a bunch of pictures with a raft floating in chlorinated water.

Much better once she lost the silly shades. It's a shame to hide Elle's beautiful eyes.

Elle is one of my favorite models. When I look at a beautiful naked female I want her to look seductive and sexy, not smiling like it is a silly moment.

This set does not do Elle justice.........................

This "artist" doesn't do many of his models justice!

Would you spurn The last visit of Aza?

Of course not...

"Many".... Doesn't mean "any".... ;o)

Aza... pardon me while I slip into a dream...

Move over....;o)

Why don't we just go with a 10G file of 500 photos!!?? The size of these files and sets is getting ridiculous!! If Elle wasn't so delicious, this would be a waste of time! It comes real close as it is...

File size is influenced by the amount of detail in the image. Thousands of pool tiles, thousands of ripples and reflections in the water, hundreds of leaves make for bigger files. Beyond that, it's a question of how much compression they use. Better to give you higher quality and let you resize if necessary? I only drag-and-drop select mid-res images these days.

Even Elle, it's a waste of memories as well.

Elle got that funny look with the braid,hat,and glasses.Her body is goergeous.

She looks so lonely on that couples raft. Let me know if she'd like some company next time.

Smile Elle :) Please smile :) I love your photographic work, but oh, how much a smile would add to it's beauty!

Yes, she could smile and make her sets so much more appealing.

The porkpie hat on Elle is adorable. I see that the raft is technically a two-person one: I'd like to share it with Elle, though I doubt that it would be stable enough for what I'd like to do. I'd sure like to try though... ( :

I wouldn't even have to be ON it to do what I would do for this beauty!! ;o)

Good point, Rock! ( ;

Photoshop has not helped this set .

What would?

A different shooter! ;o)

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