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I will never, ever be able to watch ballet in quite the same way, ever again... and it is going to be hard to explain the stiffy to my spouse...

Beautiful model, good photography, infuriating tutu.

The combo of fish net, tutu, and big boobs completely destroys the dancer image. Ballerina's should appear long and lean and elegant which is never achieved in this set. This outfit on this girl makes her look long in body, short of leg and definitely not elegant or graceful. It comes off as a gag costume rather than a dancer performing.

A very poor choice for a premier.

I never had a woman who wore a tutu all the time and I hope I never do! Elsa looks like she has a pretty good ass, from what I could see of it! Maybe next gallery I'll find out for sure!

If this is how ballerina's look like, I would go watch ballet every week ;)

Glad to see that I'm not the only one who finds some of these sets more comic than erotic.

Comic for sure!

Lovely, Classic features, very much a woman's build. Nice.

Gorgeous girl with a very hot body!!! A well done set with some great poses, although I think it would have been even better if she was fully nude for the last 20 to 30 shots.

A lovely girl with a beautiful body and perfect breasts! I hope to see many more series from her, but in a more attractive setting,

Beautiful new model, sad the set is not the same quality.

Very attractive lady. The black tutu is so 2000.

Seriously regimented set.Evry shot precise geometrical.Not for me.
Elsa is stunning and I look forward to next relaxed set.

Another lovely new girl courtesy of Goncharov, Elsa is a real beauty with a perfect body, of which I hope we will get to see a whole lot more in the future.

Wow, what a beauty. I've never considered myself a 'breast man' but she could certainly change my mind. Her body is simply perfect. Now put her in a big bed with some sexy lace lingerie and I'll be a happy man.

Pretty girl with a yummy 'bottom end', but a bit on the breasty side for my taste.... Kinda lame set to start her out, but hopefully they'll get her in a decent setting where she can 'shine' for future sets. Welcome Elsa, you're very lovely.

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