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You are such a beauty, no one can compare. You possess an exquisite gracefulness and charm. You are warm and inviting. Can we meet?

Beautiful set! Thank you Goncharov!

Wait, I'm 100% positive Ive seen Sofi A in this indoor location also, just not on this website. Sometimes I wish there was a way of knowing which models posed or did videos in the same place. The more I see same things the more it makes me wonder things.

Oh you know, wonder things like why didn't they pose together?

so nice yummy

If she isn't in MA's Top 20 soon something is seriously wrong... she's absolute perfection!

Bead necklace was distracting.

Why Goncharov, her armpits look retuched? Thats not sexy.

A nice set, but like so many MetArt sets it would have been better without the distracting necklace getting in the way. Just ban necklaces. They serve no purpose.

not bad for a woman in her thirties. Oh, wait....

Elsa is fantastic. Her body is so shapely and tight. Her pussy is so nice and pink, yummy.

The best are her beautifuly shaped breasts! I would die to snuggle up and rest my head between those two beautiful breast! Damn she is so HOT!

I would like to see some closeups of her pussy and more shots of her on her hands and knees with those beautiful breasts in full view! They are hidden in the seris by the mirror :(

"Motorcycle" hair, set in the midst of beauty and elegance... I like it!!
And I like Elsa more and more. A true "sculpted beauty". Such gorgeous legs, even for a dancer! I like the connection to the first set...;o) Very creative and episodic. Very nice all the way around! As far as I'm concerned, Goncharov is the "current hero"...;o) And Elsa is todays "artistic masterpiece"...XO

Amazing set, Goncharov hits it BIG! Same set used with Lisi A.,

Very Clever, old fashion look, Great Photography, Retro look

Super cute Elsa A

Elsa is a natural beauty. I just can't believe that y'all paid someone to do that to her hair. Mine looks like that when I get up in the morning but it changes whenever I move my head. Hers is lacquered into place. I think the hairdresser just likes huffing the hairspray a bit too much.

Stunning model, perfect in every way, especially her face and breasts. Superb use of mirror and lighting. But....another set tainted by beads. MetArt should get rid of the jewelry, it cheapens sets where it is used.

It is difficult for me to vote an opinion for your comments. One part of your comment (before the But. . .) I entirely agree with. The other part, I have mixed feelings. Clunky, gaudy jewelery, you are spot on. Simple or classic like these pearls don't offend me. You, I, and everyone seem to agree that Elsa is very attractive.

What no one seems to acknowledge in many of the comments on the site is that "MetArt" has nothing whatsoever to do with how these sets are shot or what the model wears or doesn't wear. The only thing 'they' COULD do is photoshop stuff out, and they tell us that they don't do that here... And that's fine with me. Jewelry doesn't bother me unless the photographer directs the model to block the view of her body, and parts thereof, with it...which happens a lot unfortunately. This set was fine...no such issue.

Adagio? She could make a lame man allegro con vivo.

Gorgeous green eyes and a soft smile certainly draw you in from the first photo of this set. Then allowing your eyes to travel down Elsa's body leads you to some captivating breasts. I do so enjoy a fair skinned beauty and I am not disappointed as my eyes continue to move down her lithe figure. There is certainly nothing to be disappointed with upon discovering the treasure between her legs.

It's interesting that the dancing photos come after the removal of the ballet slippers. I do love a dancer's figure. I only wish that there were more pictures of her in action rather than the traditional model poses considering the theme of the shoot seems to be a ballerina.

Elsa is a lovely woman with amazing breasts and captivating eyes! All her other features are first-rate too.

Elsa is stunning but the set quality is not what I expect of Gonchy.
9,could have been 10.

Nice to see Elsa return so quickly after her debut, she looks amazing once again with some great poses, I can't wait to see her in something other than a tutu though.

Gorgeous and sexy woman!!! Wow, gotta luv her perfect large natural breasts!!! And the rest of her too!!!

Stunning beauty

Wow! "Swoon Lake" Some fantastic ballet moves here, Elsa. Bravo! Wish you'd make a video so we could see those amazing breasts bouncing.

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