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Great splits and awesome tits, Elsa is gorgeous, love that smooth shaven cunt too, very nice.

Perfect girl and perfect set. 10 out of 10.

Shots 66 to 70 will be the end of my wrist.

A beautiful model with a wonderful body, well shot - but I REALLY wish that she'd gotten rid of that rag she's wearing

Such flexibility....ooh the possibilities! Elsa is absolutely stunning in this set.

So 90s set !!

Nice tits!

Elsa is very athletic and very beautiful, with a great figure.

Gentlemen!! Try 35th frame under the medium resolution.
The frame reminds me of J.P.Sousa's march "Fairest of the Fair".

This uber babe is far beyond SPECTACULAR!

She is by far what dreams are made of!

I don't start paying attention until the model is fully nude. Didn't happen here.

Its probably because her pussy and tits are on display. Just a thought

There is something about the ballet theme that I enjoy. It must be the flexibility and gracefulness that adds to the model's femininity. Elsa is very attractive, and I only wish that Goncharov had taken a few shots a little closer in, especially those from the rear. That is something that he could improve on, IMO, providing a few close up views once in a while when it is appropriate.

The background is a little bright. I like the shoot location and there is the color of the leg warmers to counter that brightness.

I have long suspected that a fair subset of the models here are starving members of the corps d'ballet, looking for an extra paycheck...

It's such pure joy to see a gorgeous dancer in action, esp. sans pantalones. ( ;
Wonderful set...

Super outfit Elsa. Lovely to see your tits hang out above of your shirt and be bottomless so you expose your complete shaved pussy in full view.

She, Suzanna A, and Eugenia D are my favorite Ukrainean models


Elsa is very attractive. She has proven she is flexible and very likely has many years of dance training. I think it is time for Goncharov to showcase many more facets of the total Elsa.

A nice way to say move in a little closer!

That would always be nice. I was thinking more along the lines of "I get that she is flexible" now less sets where that flexibility is the sole reason for the set and more variety in themes, please.

Damn! Elsa is overwhelming in this set. She makes me weak in the knees. I want to lick that delectable pussy, nibble those pretty toes, and on and on. She is unbelievably beautiful and sexy. 10x10.

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